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The Invention Of The Steam Engine

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A youog mati wanting to sel! spectaolen O Loados, petition tlie corporamoii to allow him to opeu a little shup without paying the tees uf freedom, and íie is refused. He goes to Glasgow, ad the oorporatioo reíuses him there. He makes the acquaiotance of some oi the members of the Uiiiversity, who fiud him intelligent, and who pertnit him to pen bis shop within their vvalls. He di8 not nuil spectacles 'and magic lanterns línough to occupy hII his time ; he occupies himsolf at intervals in talriug at=under aud remodeling all the machines he Oiin come at. He tinds thero are books im mechanica wi-itten in íoreif n languages. He borraws a diotionary, and learns t liosa languagos, fco read these books. The University people vvouder at him, and ttiey are tond of dropping into his littlu room iu the evoniugs, to teil hun wbat they are doing, and to look at the quttor inatruments ho construct. A machine in the University ccllection wants rupniring, and he ineaiployed. He :nakes it a uew machine. The stearu entrint! is oonstruoced, and the giant miud of James Watt stands out be fore the woJ'ld the horald of a nevr foroo of civilization. VVas Watt educated ? At bis own workshop, and in the best nianuer VYatt learned Latin vyhea he w mtod 6 for hs buninas.4. lie learnod French and Germán ; but these ihiugs were tools, and not end. He used tbein to promote his eogiüeering plans, as lie used lathes and levers - Finchen' TYades' Review. Geauga county, Ohio, is probably tbe greatest cheese emporium in the world. The Chardon Tiemocraí ísjw tbat tho iaotory of Messrs. Budlong & Stokes, at that plaoe, recaives the milk ot one thuusaud cow8, aud manuiautuies frotn iv a toa of cheese per day.


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