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A Misconception

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The Clevelaod He ald of yeslerday h:is t ti e followiiig : "Sre.kmtC of Dean Richinonr] and Ijis eii.phatio wuy of expptNftiug hrruaeii, remindn us of in incident tht oecui wl in Englahd, ürid f'or tlie happening ot WüioU wo have iii,(jiirstiont;d a-uthoriiy. A dtstinguished prelate of thi coiuitir was abroud about tlie timo of the Deini ci;i; o l'residontial nomimitioii, and was in very iolimate rolatinoe with die tinguinEed cSuiuls of Cliurch of Eiigkind Attention Vvas diroeted ot fchnt time iothi! approaohiog iXftiociatio Naitiooul ('(wivention, Hnd ut an interview with sume ef the Church of Enland dignitar:es, the iHestiutn was-nkeii of the Amor iean fiiiesi, 'cWfio will the Dcmoerats uomioate fbr President ?" The itepty was, " (ren. M(:('lellan, in uil probaliility." " [udeeJ," wis the response ef the Euglisb quostioiier, ' then is there uo cha-ov; t' r thti Di-anV' " Wbat Dc;iii?" replied the American prelate. "-Why.,, ij, in Richiquiid, ' w;i8 the reply The aoliuifuiie in Cliuruh circles for the sucoces 'i the Dean was thas readily explained. A Dean, we belieTe, is sacond orirv in rank tro a Bifhop, bilt Dean Uichmood's juriridictVin extenda only to the politie! pnrish of New York, and ui that, t oald appear by the last !. ■nocraf.ic ConventLou, be ' eoadtietyd the services r Öpesking of pre-laius snd' profanity, remitido na of a little story, said to have occurred in thi.i city not Loog ago A icvereud ienllmnaa huving called upon Mr. Riohmond for material aid, and his putition having been liberally responded to, as usual, he feit cuiled upoii to espostnlatü w'uh tiie donor npon hia prolauity. " Oh, that's nothing," whs the i-eply, " you pray a great deal, and I w aar a great deal, but ue:therofus


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