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U1K 1.ÍO0TS AND THE LEAVES X WI1.L be tor the lUalii.g o I llie Nations Mble. i'HK GRBAT AND CEI.EBRAÏED PHTSICIAK of th niKiMl.LUXUS, HKAB'X.IJVfca AND THE ULOOD, Known llover th ecouutry aa the CBL8BKATHD INDIAN HEIEtB DOCTOR ! O f 282 riuperior Street, Cíe Tela nd, Ohio. Will visit the follovring places, viz Al'i'OlNTMKNTSFOR 18t5, 1866and 1867. 'roí' R. J. Lyons can be consulted at the fnllowing very inonth, víz: Detroit, at Oass Houae, opposite Michigan Central ■!■[),)!, each munth, Sfflod aml !2ord. Kalamazoo, Burhck Hoüse, tach 01011 IStii and 9th iacksoa, ll'. itiril House, each month,20. Aun Arb" t Monitor líuuse, each montli, Slfli. aldiou ílouse, each mou'b}24th. Toledo, Sumniit Strct't House, .each montli, '25th and 2Bt CLEVELAND, OHIO. RESIOENOE AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET, '.ast ot Ue public sálale, upposite the Postotlice jíücc Jay seach xuutfc, Xa%. od,4;h,5tb, 6th, lúth. - aiUu Uuurs t'rivHi S A. M. tol'iM.auü fwiu 3 '. M to U'. M Uuunday from 9 to 10 A. tf.,and 1 to 2 P M tí-M.iNHiis.slrictly ulherfcd to-I gíre aucb balraas hare no strife, With imUiie or th lns of !if, WUHblo(MÍ my hautUI tieverstainj Nor pol 8011 ineii toease theirpain. lie is a ph y&iviaii indeed , ivho Cures. The I lidian 11er. Doctor, H. 3. LYUNrStcure thefol iüvíuí cuinpiaiiitbiii the most obstinate stagen of their oxistence, viz: Diseasesof the TUroat , Lungs, Heart, Ijl Ter, Ötom .K ii. Drops; intheCbest, Uhcmnatism, Neuralgia, Fits tí FallÍujickii(!.s;ainlaUotUitinerTtu; lerangenienti ku ull'iiseasesoi tbc bloud(snc!i as Scrofula , Eryaip ;laa, Cancera, Fevur áores, Lèprosy, andallothercoui plicated chroniccomplaints. All forma of fenjate diflituUies attended to with the bappiest resulta. It is lioped that no one wüHespair of a cure unti they havf t;iven the hidian Herí Doctor's MedicineB a faiianafaithfuUrial. aulïuring the Doctor'f trav .■Is in l'.uiopc, WeHt Imlie!, tiouth America. nd the United StaU's, he has been the instrument in God bami. t o rept ore to balth and Y$gor tlioaunda who wen given u an1 pronounced incurable by the mos minen t o ld Hooi phyaiciaiiK; nay, morr , thouuand who wert; en the rerge of the graTe. are now Ltrlnj to the ladian Herb'i Doctor jk skill an "BIh sed betbflay when iirst e saw and jtartook of the gndian U#rbÜootor'R medicine. M 'atisfjictorv ifl'eyenycsol Oiir will be gladly anc jheerfullj -ivV henever required. Thictor pledges bis wird and honor, that he wil in no wie lireetly orindirectly. induce or canse any invalid to takfl hls modieinewithout Ihe Btrongest prob ubllityof a curo. jy Modeolxamnatlo,whehi enHrely.liíTren from tho faculty Dr. I.yon professes to discern di qeaftvftby the eye. II+; uhUh noquestionR.noi joeBhrqu!Tftpatieatsto expíalo symptoron. Cal! one in'l all, m havo thoiymptonm and location of your ÍíBOftsexpÍaínedfreeof charge. pryThe pooriháll bellberaUy oonsidered. -Po.tofflceaddr!.,bo, 28W. Cleveland,OIiio,Nnv.55.1862 Iy889 j REAT CL.OSIÍÍGÍ OUT 8-A-L-E ! A Sl'I.EHDID STOCK OF DRESS GOODS! FURNISHING GOODS. CASSIMERES, CJloth", Satinets, &c, DOMESTICS, áHOSS. HATS 4 CAPS, OrockeryGHOCERÏES, &c, Are to be aold at prlces that willguarate tUeir sale N. H.- Tlie largoBt Stock of Calicó and BrownCotton n thti City at less than Manufacturar 'h prtct-JB. The higbest pricc paid inTiade or cash for all kinds ot' I'roduee. MACK & SCHMID.


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