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Publinhedvery Friday mor ni ng, in tbetUird story of the brick ulock , corner oí Main and Hurón Stx.. ANN A IHÏOÜ, Micli. Kntranceon Hurón títreet .opposittthe fc'ranlcliu. ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Tcrins, S'4 OO a Yenr In Adrance. A.dvei'tl3lMg- One square (1.2 lines or less), one wek, 75cents; three weeks $l.ñO;and '25 cent.for TJry insertion there ftor ,less than three montbs. .me quare 3 moe $4.00 I Quarter col. 1 year $20 One gnuarelimoi 6.00 Half column 6 mos 20 One square 1 year 9.00 Halfcolumn 1 year 35 Twoiq'res 6 mos 8 00 One column 6 mos. 36 Two q'res 1 year 12.00 1 Oue cohimn 1 year 00 Cnnls in Directory , not to exceedfour lina, $4.00 Advórtiser to the extent of a quarter column, reguMirr Shiingh the ytar, willbe eutitled to have tbtir tard8 in Directory without extr charge. ;-3F vlvertiseraents unaccomitaDie'l by written or Tsrbat Urectiona willbe publislied until ordered out, %tgalXe:uie"Sy;.r9t inSertion, "0 cent.per t}UrS5ceatRBerfoUofor eacli Rubsequent icsertum. iVlieoa postnenement isaclded to an a.ivertiseir.enl the whole willbe charjeil theme as for firstinsertion. Jah PrliitliiB-Pamphlets, Hand nilIs.Circulars ards Ball Ticket, Labels, Bl.inka, Bill Hei.ds, and t hor varietiea of l'Uun .nl Fanuy .lob I'rinting,execud irith proraplnes-i, and in the beat style. Wc have a Rulles Rotary ',;r.l Press an.l Ursevariotv of t%c latt Myles of Car,i type wl,,ch nabfenusto plint fcrda OPwll klnd m the noatest IMe.tyleandoheaper than any other housrin the cHt Hiin..-arrlsformenofaUavocationsandprofe.üion, Ball. WfMint and Visiting Ca'rds, printed on short notice. Callandsee samyl. BOOK P15ÍDTWO- Connecedwitn the Office is a Ttook Rindervin.harge oftwo mlZ"Bo County Record, J.edger,.Iurnal, and allRlkRooU m, de to order, and of the best toefc. Pamphletsaml Pffiodicaisboundina neat anddurablemannor at mf Ík prices . Kntranee to Bindery througb the Argus Jffice.'


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