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Had Heard Of Him

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I had not been long in New Oileans hen I was one evening invited by a mutual lïieod to cali on a young lady belonging to one of the best families - On my way to her residence I was prepared by my friend to rneet a paragon of female lovelinees and culture. I was pleased nith the visit, and her real loveline:s of marnier and sparkling vivacity enabled me to submiL patieotly and pleasantly to a hoinily on the resources of the South, not only as regards the producís of her soil but of her intellect, and her independence of the North in that respect. Of course the little fceaufy was fasïiionably ' secesh.' and spoke of the greatnes8 of the South with all a woinan's ardor. After a time the young lady chatjged her conversation to the Rubjeet of muic, and seatiug horself at the piano, played and sung exquisitely sinnesnatehes from Italian opera. Then sung a bailad or two. Fiually turning to me she said : : Have you any favorite yoa would like me to sing ?' ' Yes I replied, and named a song. She replied ;hat she never heard of ir, and wi-hed to know wh; wrote il. ' William Cullen Bryant, of New York, the great American poet - of courne you have heard of him ?' ' Oh, yos, she replied; ' I have heard kis ministréis sing !' Hoiv would that venerable, gray-bearded Thauatopsis srnile to be tíikeñ for the manager of Dan Iiryaiit's minstreJs ! A sub committee of a school board were oxamining a clans in a primary school. One of' tho committee, to sliarpen up theirwits, propounded the follow ing question : If I had a uiinue pie, and sh"iild give two-twidf'hs to Jolin, twotwelfths to Isaac, two-ttvelftlis to ilarry, and would eat half the pie mysolf, what would there be left ?" ïhera wae a pro toutid study nrriong the scohirs, but fi nally one lad hsld up bis hand as a signal that. he was ruady to ansvver. " Well, sir, what would there be left? Speuk up loud, eo that all can lieur," said the committee man. " The plate !" shouted the hopeful fellow. Th committee man turtied red in the füöb, while the other members roarod aloud. The boy was excused from answeriug any more CjuestioDS.


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