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The Southern People

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The Mobile News describes in thie strikuig marnier tbecoiidilion of the people of the Soutliern States at tbe end of the war : - " The Souih ia not only overeóme, bilt has overeóme itself in its own gitrantic effnrts ; it hiiS not ouly becu conquered, hut it is exhausterl, attunuated., and pauting for life's broath. lts spirit is gone and i;s strength ia wasted ; it kwL not even nourish the rancorous and vindiuiivu feeliogs which usually iioonmpany defeet, for it is hardly the consciousnoss oi defeut. Like Greece, it may be uid of it. ' Euougti, no foreign foe coukl quell Thy soul. till of itself t feil." It is impossible for any Southerner to trace .the precise time when h-e wms conquered No Wa'.eiloo, no Pulluw fnsirks hih ('all ; no. A few i nsiinficari ! skiiiniwhe, tlie oonvulwive md ipasmodic efforts of a hopeless confliof, the thr's of a dyintf giant, !ind the lviil whicll hiis go Iouí; vaeilla'ed uid H)i;kered sank baek into durkness, lenving the enediy hiniseli in ulter surprise at his easj' victory It is this almost gentle desith which coulributed so much to the prompt re conciliation beiween tho two seetion, - The gieat and fii'fce contiiets at, Sharpburg, Ge'. tvfibiirg nnd Shdoh had long been forgotten, ani the Simt-licrn warrior wtood sullenly pTepared for the worst, rtady to die, hut knowing his deüth would not save the oauso. Tlien, when by Hn intelügent policy the great leader ot this mitio') reopened to thein the fold of the Union, they stopped in without regret; as well as without exultation of joy - they bad loog expected it.


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