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Thorsday, Ootober 19th, 18G5. Ai'TEHNOON SEPHÍON. Board mei at 1 1-2 o'clock, P. M., pursuant to adjournment, und was called to oidor by the Chairmnn, Roll salled, Present a quorum. Absent without leave, Messrs, Batchelder, Cole, and Gilbert, Mr. McColi, from the Comnutteo to which was referred the resolution of Mr. Uhilds, ralative to a mistake which occurred in the settlemeut of the late County Treasurer with the Township Troasurer of Augusta, reported in writing. The report sfit forth that the Townsliip of Augusta, by oversight of the Ditch Ooiuiïiissjoners, had boen overcharged vith $97, whieh bad also been eharged to and paid by Ypsiianti, and that the late County Treasurer, Mr. Oarpenter, had drawn his check for the amount in favor of the present Treasurer, and the mistake had been reciified on tbo books of the Treasnrer's office. Mr. Cook,from the Committee on Civil Claims, reported, recom monding the allowance ot the iollowing claims, at sums stated .: dalmol AllowetJ 125 J. W. Hartwell, sup. for jail 4 50 4 gÓ )2( T. J. Hoakins, att. on Coiut, 22 50 22 60 127 Seainau & Cole,priiniig, 8 50 8 50 128 Julio Bluni, repairs on Con'rt House, 22 70 22 70 120 E B Pond, arlv, election, a 00 2 00 130 E. 15 . Pond, Record Buok for Register, 25 00 25 00 131 Seaiaan & Cole, Blanks &c.for Treasurer, 15 75 15 75 132 Wm. A. ïhroop & Co., Blank Books, 81 00 81 00 133 Seaman & Cole, Blanks, 6 00 6 00 134 E. Hall, Med ntt. small-pox cases, 116 00 116 00 135 L. H. Haynes.sup. " 27 23 27 23 t86 L. Haight, " " 24 Gl 24 61 137 G.B. Gillett. cash and services, small-pox cases, 9 10 5 35 138 J. E. Mitchell, paid small-pox nurse 5 85 5 85 S39 W. H. Davenport, supplies in small-pox cases, 54 00 54 00 140 W. H. Diivenport lo 33 06 33 M 141 Jolin Hoffstetler, cleaning Court House, &c, 12 50 12 50 Which report was, on motion,accepted and adopted, and the claims so allovvedMr. LeBaron, from the Committec to which was referred the commuuication from the County Tpaaaurer, requesting an examioation of his account of Bounty 13ouds, issued to the severa] eitjes and Townsliips, reported in writing. Which report was acaepted and, on motion of Mr. LeBaron, laid on the tablo. On motion, the Board ndjouroed to 9 1-2 o'clock, to-morrow morning. Fkibay, Oct. 20ih, 18G5. Board set at 9 L o'oloek, A. M., pursuant to adjourument, and was called to order by the Uhairmaa. Roll called. Present a quorum - Absent without !eave, none. Journal of jesterday real and approved. On motion, Messrs. Batcheldcr, Cole and Gilbert were exeused for yesterday's absence. Air. Jones, fron) the Committee on Criminal Claims, reported, rocommended the allownnce of the follovving claims at sums stated : 142 Jorün Forbes, Dep. Sher. 24P48 2!8 32 143 N. H. Pierce.Conbtablei'eesH 89 4(j 3U 144 S. W. Schaffer, do 10 69 10 58 145 C. Boylan, do. 7 20 7 20 146 N. II, Pierce, do 24 td 23 92 On motion, the report was accepted and adopted, and the claims so allowed Mr. Sheldon oflered the following resol utiou : Rcsofeed, That eaeh member of this Board is bereby requiredto fiunish to the Committee on the Voluötcer Kelief iund, the ainnuut of orders drawn by hiin sinee the lirst day of Ootober, 1864, to this data. Dated, Ootober 20th, 1805. Which resolution was adopted. Mr. LeBaron offered the foüowing resolution : Resolved, That at the expiratin of t.ho time for which Messrs. Mclntyre and Vfin Clove have paid or contractcd for rooms in tho Cuurt House, that said rooms be vacated and kept for the express use of the county and its officer.s. Which resolutiou was laid oo the ta' ble. The honr assigned for the special order having arrived, the Board, on mo tion, went into Committee of tho Whole, Mr. Jones in the ehair. After soma tuno spent therein, the Committee rose, and the Chairruan reported that the Committee had had urr der cousideration the report of the Com. inittee on Equalization, had made. progresa in the cnnsiduratioD of the samo, ani) nsked loavo to sit again. Which leave was granted. Mr. Gilbert moved to take from the table the ri'solution o( Mr. LoBaron, relativ'e to vacating the County offices. Wliich reíüluüon prevailed. The yeaa and naya were cilluil, and the resolution was lost- yeas 5, nayB 18. Mr. Gilbert moved tbat at the tiou of tbe leaae of Mr. Mcltityre, the office oocupied by hira be leased by the Connty Clerk, for any propor pnrpoe, at the highest rent wliich can be obtained. Which moliou preyailed, Mr. Crittenden moved that the Clerk be authorized to loase to C. II. Van Cleve the room he riow oeoupics, for tbe terra of oneyear, fof the sum of Lwoiityfive dollars, reerving the right to the eounty to ase the same for jury purposos and also tbat the Proseeuting Attorney, Circuit Couxt Commissiouer, aud Sberifi, have the rjght and privilege to et a desk or table therein; and the P ose cuting Attorney to havo the exclusivo uae of BhifJ room at tiines-fif it shouM becomo necessary for official purpi3.s] during the terras of the Circuit Court forsatd County. Which motion prevailed Mr. Crittenden moved that the report of tho Committee on County Voluntoer Bonds be taken from the talie. Whioh motion plevailed On motion of Mr. Jones, the report was adopted as follows : The OommiUee appointed to ascertain and determiue the amouut of' iimuey t'i be raised by tux from eioh lownship and city in this couiüy, for 'lie paymuril of county bonds issued for th páj-iséiit óf bounties to voluiitccrs report: Said bonds wero.of tho denoraimttiou of $100 each, and were drawat refurued. and stand charged in the Treasurer's office is folio wb : Towu8 & Cities, Boiids Bonds Ain't to be raisel, 11drawn. return'J. ducliiu; iin. lo Feb. lt, 1800. Ann Arbor city lat & 2d wd, 34 $3üJ7 95 Aun Albor city, 3il,4tli&5th, 26 2771 31 " ïown, 20 'Jl.4 08 Augusta, 10 10..7 05 Bricigewater, 8 85j 63 Dexter, 23 23 Lodi, 22 10 610 23 Lima, 10 1 960 34 Lyndon, l(j 17u7 27 Manchester, 27 2 2(ü7 01 Northfield, 20 2134 08 Siilem, 14 2 1280 45 Saline, 42 3841 :-;ö Scio, 8 8:3 tí:( Sharon, 15 4 J173 74 Sylvan, 21 U Iu67 0ö Webster, 19 1 l!)20 C8 York, 13 1387 10 Vpsiliinti town, 11 1173 74 Ypsilanti city, 35 4 337 Bi Total 38S 64 ?34,57á 19 And we recommeud the aooye ana-.nint to be raised in ac(:ordauoe with the l;iw; and request tbat the County Treasnrer endorse upoo the bond of each agent the atnount of orders draws, and tbe arnount accounted ior. D. LeBauon, E. MoCgll. Mr. LeBaron moved that the rolls of the several Supervisors be handed to the Clerk for the attachment of certificaten in blank. Which 'ïB.otion preailed. Mr. Krapf moved that aeomrnittee of threebe appointed, to reseive propos ils for pïinting and binding, in paniohlc! form, one hundred copies of the proceed[ngA of this Board. Which motion prevaiied. The Cnairman appointed as such com. mittee, Messrs. Krapf, Gilboit, and SiniVi. On motion, the Board adjourned to IJ o'clock, Pi M. AFTERNOON SESSION. Board met at l4 o'flock, P. M.., ar,d was called to order by the 'Cl.'airman. lioll called. Present a quorum. Absent without leave - none. Mr. Shuldoii, from the Committee on Volunleens' Belief Fund, rcporled as foliows : The Committee on tho Volunteers' Family Relief Fund would ropectfully report - That the aniount of Bonds is siitid by the County Treasuror on snvi Fund, exclusive of the six thousaod do)-' hrs ordeiod by this Board at its prosnn ession, is seventeen thousand dollars, $l7,0(io(lfl Interest on the above, ■' &41 88 Interest 011 $7,000, cliip Feb. 1, 1867, 490 01) Oidered by this Uoard at the present ' session, 6,000 00 Interest on the saine to Feb. 1, 186fi, 124 83 Making a total of $24,450 71 Which your committee would recommeud bo raised upónuthe [iresent tux rolls of thig eounty. MOK KIS THOMPHON,-) J) ANIEL LeBAKON, Com. N. SHËLDON, ) On motion, the r.jport of tho eom n ttee was accepted and adoptod. On motion, the Koiird went nlo Com tnittee of the Whole on the report of the Committee on Equalizaliou, Mr. Jones in llie Chair. After ome tim ppeot tberein, the Committee rose, and the Chuirman re. ported that the Commi'tee of the whole bad had under considcr.Vion tho report of tho Coicmittee on Ecjiiiilizntion, aod liad instructed him to report tho eamo back, rtcouimend its adoption, and ask to bo diecharged. The report was accoptud, and the committee diacharged. t Mr. Krapf moved that the report be' adopted. Mr. Pray moved tbat the report ba amended by taking $2,000 from the Equalization of tlie Township of North field, and addiug the same amount to tb Township of Webster. Wliich motion was lost. Tho yeas nud nays being called for the roport of the Committee on Equliïation was adopted, yeaa 19, uaya 4, ai foliowa : Ann Akbor, Oct. 18th, 1865. Your Committee, to whom was ' red the Assesstnent Rolle of the several Supervisors of the County, have had tho saine under considerador), aud would beg leave to report the following as their Equalization for the present vear : U ! l.l I I : i 3 í M 111 Illll j Aun" tu a, US.U11 SI 734 180,6f,." lf,7 000 ai. Tona, 379,015 64,575 4.190 41r'00 "C.li8wJa 53:,67r, 1-5,815 718,990 648 'ouO ", 4, 5-' S90,oUl) 127,011) 517,340 44.0OO Bridgewater, 31R,U83 01,735 3.07-iO 32'oC0 Dexu-r, !il6.8l" 251,11'.)-) 3s,lS0 230 'oOO F reciura, '2U ,0-i0 4j,lj6ö 25 ,,73.1 250'dOO Urna, 27,340 57,270 Bar, filo 802 000 Lodi, Síü.lüO! W,695 416,845 41B003 Lvndon, J3pao] 29,6 183,410 lül'ooO MaLohcster, :0).li'J3 U&jw 454,760 358 000 NorthflaM, 284,676 S?,17," 3ar, f 50 3:9 000 Pittsfield, 4-27,210 05.9.!ö! 493,200 44('oOO Salem, 3Ji ,67S 69,226 400,904 402000 Scio, 429,9 HK.fifiíi 04S.0 623'nOO feuparior, íf.í.iV) 01, ISO 433,5'JO 409009 Saiine, 44-2, Í5O 12-J.l lo 5Ü4.660 5UO0Q Sylvuu, UJS.7U0 74,2-20 312,920 280 'oOO Sharon, 874,150 Í8.óo 341,000 30- 00o Webster, 3'JS,:;,iO ;;5,440 343,800 lailiüQ York, JM.1-20 so,;3o! 433,330 37200o YpsilaotiT'n, 406,'2.10 S4,:;-.'j 490,655 43a'ooo "C,123 3f)S,695 157,13 r25,7?0 465000 "C,46wds 2J,jpj .'í,ii7í' 30,535 23i',000 S7,7i4,lY.llMJ,41Wi47,6128.70O,U0O r.(ii:v;;.T HoCOLL, Clitirmaníjf Committee. Mr. Parshull, leave being granted, submitteil the Aiinunl Report " of the Drainage Comniissioners, accouipanied by exhibits. Mr Cliilds moved that t'ne report be accepted and referred to a committee of tliree, to examine íhe sume and report to the .Board. Whieh motion prevniled. The Chairman appninted as su oh cominittee, Meegrs. Childs, Thompson, snd She'don. Mr. (iilbert moved that the motiou adoptad this foronoon, ordering the room now occupied by Mr. Mclutyre laasad anew at the expiration of thu preseat lease, be reeonsidered. Which motion was lost. On motion, tiie Board adjourned to 9J o'clook A. SI to-morrow. Satuhdat, Oot. 21, 1865. Board met at 9 1-2 o'clook, A. M., pursoant to adjourninent. Koll ealled. Present a quorum. Absent without leuvo, Messrs. Bíitohelder, Coló, Cook, Crittenden, Fuldkamp, Gilbert, Lay, McColl, and Thompson. Journul of yesterday read aod approvcJ. Mr. ieBaron stated that an error oenurred in the report of the Committee oq County Yolunteer Bounty Bonds, the County Treasurer having oniitted to charge eixbonds to the Tonnship of Sline, and moved that the report ba oorrected, by adding to the Townsbip ol Saiine six bonds, $600 00 Interest on sama, 40 14 $640 14 Making total bonds and interest, $4,481 40 Whieh motion prevailed. Mr. Krapf.fromCommittee on Criminil Claims, reportad, recommendiog the allowance of the fol'owing claims, at suni stated : 147 J. N. Howland, paid officer and witness fees, g23 52 11 1Í l -IS Jolm Howland, witness fees in .T s: ice Court 1 12 1 19 149 D. K. Sullivan do 2 86 2 88 lüO J. IJ. Crowl iio 1 36 3 36 151 J. R. Bowers justice fees 13 99 12 (9 152 1). C. U'iuegar Dep. Slier. 39 ()0 39 09 On motion, the report was acsepted and adopted, and the claims so alloived. Mr Dorr, frorn the oommittee to settle with the County ofBcerg, reportad setUomcnt with the late Couaty Clurk, as follows : Yonr oommit!ee to settle with tha County ottioern, report that tbey hav# examined the books and accounts in th office of' the County Clerk, and find thera correct, as folio 's : Tracy W. Root, lato Clerk, to Wugh. Cc. I)r. To 20 enuy fees, $40 00 To rent rec'd from D Mclntjr, 47 (K) CrrÜ By payment of Gas bilis', Freilit bilis. c ïarses.Te'gianis, Electioa cauvass. recordiiii; lio same, and statemrats to Lansing, &c., ?64 13 Balance due the County, 29 88 Balanoe eharged to E. B. Pond present Clerk. DatedOct.20th.lS65. GEORGE DR' ) E. M. COr,E, } Com. I). LkBARON', ) On motion, the report was aocapted and adopted. Also settlement with tho prasent Clerk, as follows : Your committee to settle with the County officera, report thut they hava exfimined the booka and accounts io the offiáe of the County Olerk, and Bod them uorreot, as follows : E. B. Pond, to Washtenaw Co., Dr. ■J'o entry feps froni Jan. Ist, 1355, $i;l 01 To rent rec'd fioia D Molntyre, 39 00 To Jury fees, 45 00 $774 00 Or. Br pament of Gas bilis, Preight bill, Telegratns, 4.C., $6T 51 Bnlance due theCountv, $116 49 Balance from old Clark, 22 8S 8139 87 Whioh we reoommend bo d-ducted from bis salary for tho current year. GrBORGR DoRR., i E. M. Cole, Com. Í),. LeBaüox, )


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