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On niolion, the report was accepted kdap...

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On niolion, the report was accepted kdaptcd. On uuiioii, tLe Board udjourned tü 0 oYlouk, A. M., on Mouduy uext. Mondaï, Oot. 23d, 1865. Board mei at 10 o'clock,? A. M., ' uaut tü adjournment, and was called to ! order by the Chasrmai. Roll called. Present a ojporura. Absent without leave, Messrs. Ghilds, Crittenden, Lay, LeBaron, Sheldon, auxl i WJieeler. Jourosi Of S'aturday read and" approved. Mr. Thompson moved that the i tion of the report of tho Superinteadetits of the Poor, bo made the special order for 2 (i'cloek, P. M., to-day. Which moiion prevsiüed. On niotion, the several members absent ot. Saturday were exensed. Mr. McColl moved that the two mili school tax be assessed by each Supervisor on theequalized valuation deteriaiaed by the Board of Supervisor.-', Whioh motion.prevniled. Mr. Jones offered the following resollltini w : Resolved, That, in the opinión of this Board of Supervisors, the ''Laws for the Assessment and Collectio of Taxes" ► hould be amended, so that air taxes which are levied upon the entire property cif tbc tovvnship should be assessed togel her, in one column of the roll. Rfsoheii, That the Clerk be and is liercby instructed to requestour Senators and Kepresentatives to use their influence to have the law po amended. Which resolutions were adopted. On motion, the Board adjourued to 1 1-2 o'clock, P M. AÏTEKNOON BEPSION. Board met at 1 1-2 o'clock, P. M., pursuant to adjonrnmeut, and was called to order by tho Chainnan. Roll cHlled Present a quorum. Absent without leave, Messrs. Cbilds, Lay, LeBaron, acd Shcldon. A coir muuication wa9 received from the Pro.oecuting Attorney, in response to the resoJution of Mr. Gilbert adopted on Wednesday last. On motion of Mr. Gilbert, the cominnuiciition was referred back to the Proseeuting Attorney for additional in. formation. Mr. Jone? offercd the following resolution : Resolved, Thnt the Ommittee on Per diem Allownnce bo instructed to report the compensation of metnbers of this Board at $2.50 per day. The yeas and nays being called for, the resolution was lost. yeas - Messrs. Batchelder, Feldknrap, Gilbert, Joneg, Krapl, Parson?, Pray, Srr.ith, Tuomy, Young, and Chairman, - 11. Nays - Messrs. Cole, Cook, Crittenden, Dorr, MeC"H, Thompson, Treadwell. and Wheeler, - 8. Absent, 5. Mr. McColl in the Chair, Mr. McMnhon moved a reconsideration of the last vote. The motion prevailed. Mr. McMahon moved thnt the resolution be referred to the Oommittee of the Whole, and made the special order for 2 o'clock, P. M., tomorrow. Which motion provailed. The hour for the special order - the reception o? the report of the Superin tendents of Poor - hoving arrived, on motion, the sarae was postponed for 20 minutes. Mr. McColl moved that the Prosecuting Attorney be requested to give tlm Board, in writing, his opinión as to the lightof this Board to fix the per diem compensation of its members. Which. raotion prevailed. The special order was ealled for, when Mr. Win. R. Martin, in behalf of the Superintendents-of; the Poor, presented their muuul report, as follows : To the Uon. Board of for the Cuunty of Washtenaw : We, tlie undersigned. Superintendnts of County Poor, for said County, ia compliancewitli the statute, respectfully report : The whole amount of expendituies incured dming the fiscal year, to-wit : from October 17th, Í864, to Oolober 17i, 1865, is $3,700 32 Which SLim is composed of the following items, to-wit : For Supplies, $5,791 75 " Temporary Relief, 2,534 84 " Supervisui'g. service including Superintendent services, otherwise than at Gounly H., 263 08 " Printing, 9 00 " Medical services at CoHnty H., 52 00 " Transportation, 52 00 '; Burial services, 177 25 " Keeper and Assistants, b20 40 ,700 32 For Tenipoaary Belief,. " Aan. Arliar City, 949 41 ' Y psilauti" GHy, 827 02 " Scio, 25 95 " Ann Arbor Town, 15 " Saline, G9"uO " Augusta, 17 00 " Northöeld, 8800 " Bridgewater, 25 00 11 York, 18 00 " todi, 7 00 " Lyndou., 28 00 " SylvttD 93 45 " Sharon, 26 00 " Lima, 17 üü " Pexter, 9 11 11 Jfiustipld, 28 00 " Ypsiluuti Towd, 8 75 ri . 2,534 84 For Supervisor-'s Services;: " Scio, ■ 5 29 " York, 2 25 " Saline, 6 00 " Ypsilanti City, 4 00 " Svlvan, ë. 50 " a'ihi Arbor City, 102 14 11 dupenniendi'ni'd services otharise iliau at County House, J37 90 For Pritiling, gn no Por Medical services at County H., f5a 00 For Transportatiuii, " S.vlvan, ju (K) '■ Sal iu, 2 00 " LyiMlon,, 6 (X) " Scio, o f0 u Ann Arbor City, 13 50 " ïpsilantl City, 8 (10 ' Aun Albor iuwn, 5 00 $2 00 ! For liurml Service, " Au Albor City, 72(5 " i'psilanü City, 84 75 ' Sylvan, ti 00 '■' ïpsilanti Towuv 8 75. '' Soio„ 6 00 $177 25 For Keeper and Assistants, $820 40 No of paupers receiv'd Uur'g the year, 157 " in C.'unty House Oct. 17th, 180-i, 64 do Oet. 17th, 1865, 50 " of Deaths. 7 " of insane pers's, 4 male and 5 feinalea, 9 Averaae Number Supported ü6 % Cost of supporting each per week exclusive of producís of farm, $1 07 The Farm contains 120 acres, 100 improvod. The producís of tlie farm for the y&ar, are : 290 Bnshels Wheat. Cl du Kars Corn. 150 do Oats. 250 do Potatoes. 200 do Apples. 20 Tons Hay. 370 fts Wool. A large quantity of Garden Vegetables. The Stock on the Farm consists of ; 1 Span Horses. 1 Yoke Oxw, C Co s. 1 Heifer. 21 Hoge. 40 Shee-;i. Amount brought forward, $9,700 32 Less Contingent Fuud, 2,00 00 The amount to be provided for is $7,700 32 Balance in hands of Co. Treasurer, $19 06 The estimated expense for the coming yeari is nine thousaiid duilars. All of wliich is repectfully submittfd. I'ARMEïilO DAVIS, J Superintende'U of the Wm. R. MARTIN, L Poor, County of Waslr BKNJ. W. WAITE, ) tenavv, Michigan. Oounty Pooi House, Oct. Silst; 1865. Ou motion, iLo report was acoepted and adopted. M Gilbert moved that the Superin" teudents be requested to make any suggestiona to the Board, with reference to li.'Senitig the expenses of supporting the poor of the County. Which motion prevailed. Messrs. Wait and Davis responded to the rcquest. Thereupon, Mr. Gilbert offered the follovving resolution : Resolved, That the amount of estimated expense of aupporting the County poor, for the. ensuiug year, be raised on County Bonds, to be used au requireJ by snid Suiieriutendents, payablo the tirst d;iy ot February, 1867, dniwing iu terest at tiie rate of 7 per ceut. from the time of issuirig the same. Mr. MoOoll moved to lay the resolu. tion on tl. e table. Which motion prevalled. Mr Gilbert oflered the following res olution : Resolved, That Supervisors authoriz ing phywiciana to attend any person chargeable to the Couuty, be instructed to do so in writing, limïtin ■ them to five dollars in nny one case, said order to accompany the bilis laid before thu Superintendents of the Pior. Which rtsolutioa was adopted. Mr. MoColl moved that the election of a County Superintendent of the Poor be made the speuial order for 2 o'clocV P M., on Wednesday. Whieh motion was agreect to. On motion, the Board adjourned to 9 o'cloek, A. M. toniorrow. Tubsdat, Oct. 24tb, 1865 Board mot at 9J o'cloek, A. M ., pureuant to adjournment, and was called to order by the Chairman. Roll called. Present a (jiiorurrj. Absent without leuve, Mr. LeBaron. Mr Sheldon was excuseJ for absence yestcrday, on account of sickness. On motion of Mr. Thompson, the other members absent yesterday were exeused. Mr. Krapf offered the following reso" lution : Rtsohed, That a committee of three be appointed by the Chair, to receive propo-als for binding the several Assessment Rolls of the eeveral towns and cities, which are kept in the County TreuBurer'.s offioe, up to and iucluding the year 1865. Which resolution was adopted. The Chairman announced as such committee, Messrs. Krapf, Jones, and Dorr. Mr. Thompson from the Oommittee on Civil Claims, reported, recommending allowance of the the followiüg claims, at Miins stated. 153 Dr. P. Davis, attending smailpox cases, 30 00 30 00 154 N. B.Nye, livery, 4 00 4 00 155 E F. Polhemus, boots & shoes for prisoners, 8 75 8 75 156 Stebbins & Wilson.suppliesfor jsil 19 36 11 36 157 J. H. Maynard. do 23 00 23 60 158 Widenmann & Schuh fixtures forjail, 6 40 6 40 153 W.R Martin, Supt of Poor, 60 18 60 18 100 P. Davis, do 67 32 67 32 161 Benj W. Waite, do 53 16 53 10 162 D. C . Wiuegar, supplies for jail, 105 04 102 14 163 E.B. Pond, Blank books, Blanks, &c, 146 50 146 50 Which report was aceepted and adopted, and the claims so allowed. Mr. Jones frora the Committee on Criminal Claims, reported, recommending the allowance of tito following claims, at sums stated : 164 C. H. VauCleve, Circuit Court Oommissioner, 10 89 10 89 Ifi5 C.H. VanCleve, Juet. feea, 69 85 71 13 16G C. II. VanCleve, do 94 64 96 01 Which report wasaocepted and adopted, and the o'aims so allowed. Mr. Jones moved that wbenthe Board adfourna, it adjouin to meet at Firemen'a Hall at IJ o'cloek P. M. Which motion prevailed. Ou motion, the Board adjournud to 1L ! oVlok i li. AFTKUNÜOX SESSION. Board met at Firemen's Hal!, at IJ oV-lück, P. M., pursuant to udjournment, autl as culled to order by the Chairman. Iloli eatled. Present a full Board. Mr. Blodget, Prosecuting Attorney, submitted a eommunication, in response to a resolution aiiopted yesterday On motioi), the eatne was accepted and raid oh tbe table. Mr. Gilbert, from the committee to whieh was referred the severa! communications from the Superintendent of the Insaue Asylum, reported as follows : Your committee to whom was referred the accounts of the Michigan Ásjliim for the Insane, having examined the pame, would respect fuüy report as folIowb : We find doe from the County of Washtenaw to said Aeylum, on bilis renilered and interest nu same to Aug. lst, 1865, tbe s-iira of $532.41. We would recoiumend an order be draw n for that amount, nnd the Counly Treasurer be instructed to fcrWard the money by Express to tbe Treasurer of said Asylum, together with all such bilis in bis hands, to be receiptod in proper form and returned to him. Joun Gilbeut, 1 Calvin Wheelbr, Com. , Danikl LkBakon, ) On motion of Mr. McColl, the report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Batcbelder, from tbe Comroittoe on Compensation o{ Members reported as follows : The Committee on Compensation of Members would respectfully report the follovving sums due the different Supervisors berein staied, tor disburshig the Vohniteer Relief Fund, from Nov. lst, 1864 to pril, 1665, inclusive : 167 Augusta, J. W. Childs, 20 days, 30 00 168 A. A. Town, Joliri Geddes, 6 do 9 00 109 Lodi, V, Bluui, G do 9 00 170 Pittsfleld, A. Crittenden, 12 do 18 00 171 Sylvan, H. A. Smith, 28 do 42 00 172 Ypsilanti City, 1,2 &3vds H. Batchelder,30 do 45 00 173 Ypsilanti City, 4 &S Wa'ds J. Gilbert, 30 do 45 00 And your Committee would recommend that the above amouiits be allowed and paid from the Volunteer Relief Fund. H.BATCHELDER.) -, C. WHEELER, OomOn motion of Mr. Gilbert, the report was accepted and adopted, and the several sums so allowed. Mr. Crittenden, from tho Comrnittee on Rejected Tases, reported as follows: Your committee on Rejeeted Taxes make the followirg report : Your Committee find by examining the report of the Auditor General, that there is the sum of $61)3.48 returned as rejected for the taxes of 1&61. And that it belongs to the following Towns and Citie Ann Arbor City, 3d,4th & öth Wards, $99 54 Ann Arbor Town, 12 59 Augusta, 23 71 liiidgewatei-, 6 8 Lima, 24 05 Manchester, 68 54 Saline, 21 15 Sylvan, 27 90 Slinron. . 23 19 York, 22 38 Ypsilanti City, 114 53 Ypsilanti Towq, 1 23 Webster, 2 72 Norihfield, 2 lö Salem 163 49 Lodi, 1 80 Superior, 43 22 Freedoui, 33 73 ALLEN CRITTENDEtf ) n JOSEPH PKAV, $ 0On motion, the report was accepted and adnptüd, and the amounts so namod ordered awsessed back upon the severa! Towns and Cities, in accordance with the descriptivo lists received from the Auditor General. Mr. Jones ofiered the following resolution : Resolved, That we believe that the interests of tbis Oounty would be subsorved, and ils expenses diminished, by the enactment by the Lejiislature of a law creating a Board of County Auditors, and we request our Clerk to requust onr Senators and Ilepresentati-ves in the next Legislature to uae tbeir besl endeavors to prooure the passage of such a law. The yeas and nays being called for, the resolution was lost, as follows : Yeas - Messrs. Batcbelder, Crittenden, Gilbert, Jones, Krapf, Lay, LeBaron, Pray, Smith, and Young - 10. Nays - Messrs. Case, Cbilds, Cole, Cook, Dorr, Feldkamp, McColl, Parsons, Sheldon, Thompson, Treadwell, Tuomy, Wheeler, and Cbairman - 14. Mr. Thompson, from the Committee on Civil Claims, reported, recommending the allowance of the following claims, at sums stated : 174 J. J. & I. L. Clarknon, smallpox supplies, 13 04 13 04 175 Porter & Brown, do 2 57 2 57 176 James Anthony do 51 00 34 00 177 Thos. Coulson do EO 00 64 00 1 178 VanDuyn & Lynch do 80 80 179 J. W. & L. R. Gleason do 13 03 13 03 18 Dr. B. F. Root, altend, smallpox cases 90 00 90 00 181 Mary Peeier, nurse in small. pox cases 12 00 12 00 182 Albert Oase, supplies in small - pox cases 1 00 1 00 183 Joseph Parish, do 1 00 1 00 184 Li-Suer & Son, liTery team i 00 4 00 185 M. M. Boylan do 6 00 6 00 186 Polhemus'&Co. do 2 00 2 00 On motion, the report was accepted and adopted, and the claims so altowedThe hour assigned for the special order having arrived, the Board went into Cornmittee of the Wbole on the res. olution of Mr. Jones, instructing tbe Committee on Per diem allowance, Mr, McColl ia the ehair. Alter some time spent therein, the committee rose, and tho ( 'huirman re ported that tbe Coramittoe of the Whole had had uuder consideratïon the resolution offered by Mr. Jone instructing the Committee on Per diens aHowance and had amonded the same by striking out S2.50 aud inserlintr$3 00, and asked hö concur recce of the Board in the same. Mr. Jones moved that the report of the Comuiittee of the Whole bo con. i'tltTrit ii). The yeas aud nays were cnllud for and [)ending tho cali of the ruil. Mr. McColl moved that the suhjeot be laid on the tablo. Wliioh lïiolion prevaüod. Mr. Lay, froin Coiniuiltee on Crimina' Clauns, reportad, reeomm nding the aljowanee ol tho followtog oluims, at suies stated : 187 ÏVm. A. Hatcli, juror on inq. 1 Of, 1 06 188 G. H. Rliodes (io 1 ü(i 1 Ofi 189 Jas. B. Newland do 1 06 1 06 190 J.D. Irisli do 1 00 1 06 191 Geo. Wandless do 106 1 Oti 192 S. N. Feleh do 1 06 1 0(1 l&i Warren Jackson do 1 00 1 06 lt Thos. J. lloskins do 1 U6 1 06 195 ö.W. Turnbiill just. fees 4(5 4 65 190 Mnnson Goodyear, justice and econstable feos, 3 32 3 32 IÍI7 Dr. Lewitt, post mort ex. 10 00 5 00 198 Dr. A. Saaef do 10 00 5 00 19!) Wm.H Mclni.yre dep slier. 160 77 143 22 ün rnotion, the report was accepted and adopted, and the claims so allowed, Ou rnotioD, the Board adjouruíd to 9 1-2 o'elocb, A. M., to-morrow. Wednesday, Ook. 25tb, 1865. Baard met at 9 l-2.ocloek, A. M., purKnaiit to adjoumment, aad was ealled to order by the Cbairinan. Roll ealled. Present a quorum. Absent without leave, Messrs. Cole, Thompson, and Crittenden. Journal of yesterday read and ap. provuch Mr. McCo.ll moved that the special order eet down ior 2 o'clock, P. M., to. day, be postponed until to inorrow at 10 o'clock, A. M. Which motion prevailed. Mr. McGoll afked and obtained leave of absence for Mr. Crittenden to-day and for Mr. Thompson this forenoon. Mr. Sheldon, from the Committee on the Volunteers' Family Relief Fund, reported in writing, On motion of Mr. McGoll, the report was accepted. Mr. Gilbrtrt moved that the report be referred back to the committee, with instructions to report the full amount of moneys raised for the Relief Fund, the amounta paid out by the several Treasurers, and the amount now on hand, if any, Which motion prevailed, On motion, Mr. Gilbort was substituted in the place of Mr. LeBaron on tho Committee on Volunteers1 Relief Fund. Which motion was agreed to. Mr. McColl moved that the resolution of Mr. Gilbert, offered on the 23d, authorizing a loan for the use of the SuperinteiideLti of the Poor, be taken from the table. Which motion was agreed to. Mr. McColl moved as a substitute, .bat two thousand dollars [$2,000] be raised by tax, as a Contingent Poor fund, and placed in tho Treapury, sub. ject to the order of the Superintendents' of the Poor. Which substitute was agreed to. On motion, the Board adjoumed to 1 1-'2 o'clock P. M. AVTERNOON SES?ION. Board met at 1 1-2 o'clock, pursuant to adjourDinent, and was ealled to order by the Chairman. Kuil culled. Present a quorum. Absent without leave, Mr. LeBaron. Oo motion, Mr. Cole was excused for absence from the forenoon Bession. Mr. McColl moved that the Clerk be instructed to draw an order iu favor of the Washteuaw Couuty Agricultura! and Horticultural Society, for $218 15, being l-40lh oí a irill on the dollar of the equalized valuation of tho County. Which motion was agreed to. Mr. Gilbert moved that One Thousand dollars bo raised as a contingent fund for the support of the itidigent in" sane in the State Insane Assylum. Which motion wns agreed to. Mr. Lay moved that the Treasurer be instrueted to open an account current with the Insaue Assylum, and to pay the bilis as presented. Which motion was agreed to. Mr. Batchelder, from the Committee on Compensation of Mombors roported. Which report was, on motion accepted. And on further motion, was laid on the table. Mr. Krapf, from committee to receive proposals for printint; and binding the proceedings of the Board, in pamphlet form, reported, A proposal from L. Davis to do the work for $75 00; and one from A. W. Chase, proposing to do the same at $1 00 per page for sisty pages or more ; or for $60 00 if it does not exceed 6-4 pages. And, on motioa of Mr. Krapf, the job was ordered let to the lowest bidder. Mr. McColl moved that the several Supervisors be reejuested to make a separate roll and warrant for the dog tax, Which moticn was agreed to. Mr. Gilbert moved that the Committee on Per diem Allowunco bo instrueted not to report any allowance to members for attendanco upon this session aftor Saturday of this week, tho Chairman excopted. Mr. Dorr moved to lay the motion upon the table. Whicb motion was lot. The motion of Mr. Gilbert was then agreed to. On motion, the Board adjoorned to 9 12 o'clock, A. M., to morrow. It is èstiajated that the tobicoo erop u the valley of the Connecticut this ! year will be cqual to the value of $0, 000,000. Largo quantities oí ! out seeil aio esporltnl to Cubi. '


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