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again monopolizad bnth our ppace and time. We hope to have moro of both at our disposal oext week. SP" The Democraey of Detroit havo nominated the following candidates to be supported at the ooining charter eleetion : For Mayor- Merrill I. Mills. For Recorder - Wii.mam A. Moork. For Pólice Jmtice - William V. Jnmea. I'or City Clerh - Henry Starkey. For City Atlorney - ThomasUI. Hartwell. For City Treasurer - Edward S. Leadbeater. For City Surveyor-TZugene Robinson. For &f th$ P&or - William Purcell. For Jmtico' of the Peace - Stephen B. McCracken. Mr. Mills, who beads the ticket, ís a prominent business mar, of established character and reputation, and will matee - we say will, for we take it his elecion is one of the certainties of the future - a Mayor who will discharge the duties in a manner to refleet honor upon the city. Mr. Moore is a capital seleetioD, we think, for Recorder, aad so wilí his largo Durober of Democratio friends in this county. He will make an inteligente eoergetio, and upright judgo. Justice McCrackbn - that is to be - our readers all kuow; a l'ittle crotchety and visionary, som timos, bufe wittï all that he is honest, capable, and will make a better Justiee of the Peaee by far than the average of Detroit Justices. - We congratúlate him on his promotion. L5L" The telegraph reporte that the Rev. Henry Ward Beeciirr, a radical leader oí much notoriety, has taken position in support of the President, or to quote exactly what the telegraph eays : " He gave his unqualified endorse" meut of President Johnson and hin re" " construction policy ; urged forbear" anco and kindness toard the South"ern people, insisting that they must " regúlate negro euffrage for themselves ; i' discountenanced Northern interfer" ence ; claimed that we must have con" fidence in the loyal professinns of the " Southerners. and that their self-respect " must not be offended. He also put " forth kind words for General Leo," Bebchbr is evidently getling sensible, tbat is, we should think so had he not eriven his opinions in a Suudáy sermón. After he improves a Hule more he will keep politica and poiitical questiona out of the pulpit. - ■ I I 11 I I !■! The General Convention oí the Episcopal Church of the United States, which had been in session in Philadelphia for some three weeks, adjourne tine die on Tuesday. - .The conveution elected the Rev. Milton C. Ligiiinbr, of Detroit, Bish. op of Colorado.


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