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The Fenian Panic In Canada

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New York, Oct. 22. The Jlerald's Toronto corresponden t aays : The metnbers of tbe Provincial Government and their supporters in Canada are in a state of great agitation in regard to the Fenian movement. - The Fenian order has been known to exist there for years, but has occasioneel little concern until the oecurrence of recont events. Owing to what has transpired in tbis country, England and Ireand, the Cauadiar, Government has, it is said, orgauized and distributed throughout the province a forcé of spies. Great aotiviM is reported to pruvail in military affairs, cbanges n the disposition of troops being mide, garrisons bein; strengthened in regiotis wbere the Ir ish predomínate, investigations regarding the loyalty of officers and soldiers being instituted, and arins being distri'juted for the use of citizens known to be opposed to Fenian designs. The custoins aulhorities aro uarvous over the recent large ituportatious of war munitions. wbioh will, it is believed, ultinutely find their way iuto the hands of the Feniaus, and it is runiored that the present moveraents in Ireland are nierely a ruse, and that the great design is, when Eugland has thrown her iroops into that countiy, ttiat the armed torces of the order on thi.s side of tho Atlantic shall suize Ganada, declaro it an icdependent Stat, and place it under the protection of the United States. - ' 1 1 mm 1 1 1 Corresponden U say that it ia a very oommon occiinence in Charleston aml IieaufiU't for white offioers to marry colored women, neilher paying any regard to color or character when the bride oms pioj.ürt. j.


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