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A FARM of 100 ACRESFlaND il FOK SALE ÜR KXCHANGE for 15 or 20 aereij near Ann Arboror Ypsilanti. The land is itaafed in Monroe County, Michigan, on the Ypsilanh and Monroe Road. House aud Barn, 25 to 30 acres, improved. For further particular, inquire at L. CALKÏN'S, Gjllery over Hawson & Son's ?trre. Ann Arbor, Oct. 2th, 1855. 1032tf T)EWAKD! LOST betwccn the Toll Gate, on the Ann Arbor and T.oi3.i Plank Koad, and my residence in i.odi, on March Ut, 1864, one calf skin WALLET, oontaintng twenty eight dollars in money, one note mad by I'avis T. Dell and Wïlliam H J'eJ, for $L00, with interest at tpn per cent, dated August LO'li, 1859, nd ottoerpa pers. I will pay iTfty dollars in cash and give up my right'tothe money contained in said Wallct to any peron who wil! deliver said note to me or to Hiram J. Beakes, of Ann Vrbor, or leave the same at the Poí c Office, in Ann Arbor or elaewhere, ao that I na&y ob tam it. No questions willbe asked. PFTER C. VOORHRTS. October 2:st, 1865. 4wl032 Estáte ui Solomon L. Babcock. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, se.- At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probato Office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Wedne.sday, the twenty fifth day of Oktober, in the year one thousand eight hundrfd and sixty five. Present, Hirani 3. Beakes, Judgs of Probate In the matter of the Fútate of Solomon L. Babcnclt, deceased. Wiïliain R. RarUett, Vdrainitratfir of said estáte, comes into Court and represent? that h e ís nnw prepured to render hie final account as such Administr.itor. Thereupon t is Ordered , that Fnday, theseventeenth day of November uext. at ten o'clock iu the forenoon , be tKÍiíned forexamining and a Honing stich account, nd that-khe widow and heirs at law of said deeeaed, and all otb er persons interes ted in siid estáte, are required to appear at n ses.sion of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County, and show cause . i f any there bt-, why the Haid account shauld not be allnwed : And it is further ordered, that said Adminietrntor fiive aotico o the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendeiicv of said account, iiid the hearing therof, by causing a copy of this Order to be published in the Michigan Ar gusfn newripa-per printed a ml circula ting iu said County, thee successire weeks previous to said day of hearing. (A true copy,) HXRAM J. BEAKKS, 1082 Judge of Probate. Estáte of Lot Willcox. QTATE OF MICHIGAN'- County of Washtenaw ss - C Ata sesaion of the Probate Court lor the County of Washlenaw,, holden at the Probate Office in the, city of Ano Arbor, onThursday , the nine'esutli day of October, in the yearonethou.sand eight huudred aud sixty flre. Present, Uirara J. Heakef,Judge of Probate In the raatterof the estáte oí Lot Willcox, deceaaed Vathan Phillips, Admini.strator uf said cst;ife, ctunes into Court and representa that he is now prepared to reiiiUr bis finalaccount as such Adraini.straior. 'fhereupon it is Orered, th t Tuedsy, the tirentyfirst day uf November aext, at ten o'clockin the forenoon, b asrtigned for examining and allowing nuch acco int, aud that fche heirs at law of said deeeae J, and all other persons interetd in siid estáte, are reijuired fio ;ippear at a. sesaion ofsaidConrt then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said C juuty, and show cause, ïf any there be, why the paidiiceount shonld not be allo-wed; And it is further or dert'd, that said Adniinistrator give uoticeto the persons Interested in said ettat6,oftne pendency of saidaccount anrl the hering thereof, by causing a copy of this Order to be publislied in the Mick'gan Argús.a, newspaper printed and circulfltmg in snid County three Eucceasive weeks previous èo said day of Learin;; . (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, 1033 Judge of Probate. Morïgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made m the eonditions of a certain Mortgage made and executed by Cyrenus J. Dewey to John X. Gt+ nnd George O. Merriman, beaiiuir date tae ninth day of Novembfr, one thousand eigt bundred and B ft y -eight, and reeorded in the Stoa oi the Hecftfftérof Deeda, of the County of Waabtenaw, in the State of Michigan, in liber nuniber twenty-five of Mortgages, on page one hmulred and two, on t lie flfteenth day of November, one thousand pight handre4 and ftfty eight at -i o'clock, P. M. , (r .tfttd day, and duly amlgneÖ by the said John N' Got and George O. merriman, to (.tbudiah Prie-t, on the fourth day of August. A. D. one hundred and sixty five, and reeorded in the office of the Register of Dceds, on tl:e lourtli day of O.tobr, one thou.sand eight bundred and sixty-five, at VI o'ciock, M. of said day, in liber nunjbfr one of Aasignments of MortfagUtffcD page tbirty nine, upon which saidMortgage Lhcro is clnim d to b dnê, ;tt the date liertof, tlie siiiii uf six hmidrcd and eiirhty dollars a i il fotty-eiglit cents, and the tosts and charges of Uiis foreclosute, incln h'nif roasonable chariioi tor At tornen 's eervices as piovjiieii by v:;il Uortgatfe, and no suit at law nr in equiiy hiiving been institutod to recover thearaouiit secured to be paid by said Movtgage ar any pa: t thereof, and the power of tale contüined in said Motgftgd having bccoine absolute : Notice is therefore hereoy givtn, Üiat -saiil Mortgasti will bc foreoLi toú by a sno o[' ths inortgaed premisos, or so niuch thereof am raay be requirod to satisiy th amount due upon said [tforigagejfar pftnoipaï&nti interest, anii the costsand expenses allowed ly law, it public vendue.t't hf liighe.-st bidder, at t!m ontli diwr of tlie Oourt House, ittlbeCiij, of Ann Arbtir, in County of Wa.shtcnaw, atViresaid, (that betng the pi:tCL wiiore tlie Circuit Court foj said County is held ) on ixiturday, tbs tw-i-nty sevemli lay nf ,)anu:i,ry uext, at ten o'olock m the. forenoon of írtid day, whicli premisos re dencribcd as i'illmvs, tct-wit; lïeing a jaj-t of seotion uttmUer one, Town-ihip i'our S'utii rangu three ISa&t, in mud Count.v, cuinraencing ten redi Nurtli f the qttartfer post, theoce Xottli lií"iet-:i poda on said seytioa linr, thence West (ight rotjs to Jaokpon Street, thence South an Raid Street fiftOen nxls, ! liencc Ba -;it ro'ls to the place of beginuinjf. contiiiuing tbree vuumi-i-s f an acre, nrire or less. Bated, October 26th, 186ó. OBA0UH PJ11KST, Assi?nee of MortgeeB. Jow K. vjt, tfrnyy (tr AWÍgO. IÓ39


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