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Nails, Nuts, Screws, And Bolts

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One ol the component parts of a good farmer is mechunical ingenuity. Sorne !ose half a day's vuluable time for want of knowing liow to repuir i breakage "which uu irigenious person could do in fivo minutes. A team and two or three men are ometimes stopped a wbolo day, at a criticiil eason, for want of a little aiechanical ski I. It is well for every farmer to have at hand the fucilitieri for repairing. In addition to the more oommnn tools, he Jionld keep a supply of nails of different ize, screw8.J')i)!ts n mits. Commou oul-nail ure too brittle for repairing irnplcnientg, or for other t-i(uilnr purp"ises. Riiv rny the vcry best, and anneal them, and they will auswcr all tLe ordinary purposes of the best wrought nails. To anneal them, all tbat is neoessarv is toheat them red hot in a oominon fire, and, oqoI iiradually. Lot thrrr cnof, for isUince by remainirig in the fire while it biirns down aud goe out. On such naïl, well clinehed, will be worth half a dozen uniuineiiled. Nothing is inore comiuor than for a fariuor to visit the tilacksmith bop to Lfet t brokon or lost bolt or rivet inserted, and olten a single nut on a bolt This must be paid for, and much time is Oit. By provid'mg a aupply of bolts, nat aind rivet, ttvuoh time and troüble iuay be saved. They may be purebased wholesitle at a low ratc. They should be kept in shallow boieii, with eompartinent" made lor the purpose, furnished with a b"w handle for MVBvenienee in earrying them. One box, with half u duzen divigions, may be sppropriutfid to nails of different uizes ; and another with as many eompartmets, to scrertti, bolts, rivets, &e. Every farmer ahould keep on hand a supply of copper wire, and small pjeies sf sheet eopper or copper wtntps. Copper wire is better tLan annealed irou wire; it is almost au flexible as twine, and maj bi; btiut and1 twisted as de.-wretl, no it will not rust. Copper straps, nailed acros8 or around a fracture or split in ooy wooden article, will


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