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rPiIERÖÖT6 AÑ D TI I E LE A VES -L WH.LbrorthelIealii.g olth Nations Hiblt. THK ÜR.EAT ASI) OKI.EBRATED I'HVSICIAN of th MKUAÏ.LUXGS. HKART.UYr.R AND THE BLOOD Known allover thecountry as tlie CKLEBKTKD USnOI-A-Kr HEHB DOCTOR 1 Of 232 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Willvisit thofollowing plact'ií, vil A?POINTMKNTSFOK1865, 186fiand 1867. rrof IÏ. J. Lyons cau be consulted at the followiü placenerery uionth, vjz: Oetruit, at Oasa House, oppoaite Michigan Centra, each moath, %uá and ürd. KaUiuazoo, Uurdick House, each BBonth,18th and Stli. Jackson, Ililbard House, each month,20. Aan ArV , Monitor House, each month,2lKt. balaron House, each monijïïJth. Toledo, Sumuiil fetreft llouse, each niwnt,!5th nc 2(it CLEVELAND, OHIO. RESIDENOE AND OFFICE, 82 SUPERIOR STREET, Kant ol the public sqoare, opposite tlie 1'oKtofiice lHHce daj a each uionth, lKt. 3i, 4th, 5th, títh, Llh. - üDice huurt"ruin 9 A. M. to '12 M.and lioin 2 1'. M ti t É'. M OiuSundiijirora to 10A tl.,andl to 2 1' II adhered to-I give suci balm as have no strife, Wilh unture or the las of Life, VitUlt(K.i Biv haadsl nevcrstain, N ín x.teu mt'ii toease theii'puin. - IJeis a physiciaii indeed , who Cures. Tue [udiau lier.. Doctor . R. J . LYONS, curev íbfolowiuiici-mplaiulMntue moflt obstinate lagesof tíieh eMiíti-nct, vi.: Diseaef ol theThroat, Lunjs, Heart, Uver, Stomth,l)rojsyintUeChet, RUeumiaUiniijNeBralgia.Kit r Fallini.iickue88,andanothernerToiiB-leranjíenientii allitiseasenof the blood guoh a ScTolula, EryRip. ■las, Cancera. Fever Sores, Leprosy , andallothercomjiicateí chronic complaintH. All forra of Témale ditliculties attendedto with thi uappiext resulta. It is hoped that noone willdespair of cure uitil hey have given the Indiau Herb Doctor's Medicines a 'aiiaudfaithfiiltiial. 3,Iunug the Doctor', travíls in Europe, Went ïndies, South America, iml the Uuited States, he lis been the instrument u (iod'n land. torestore to liealth and vigor thousands who TeitgiTenup and pronuunced incurable by Die most Hiuinentold schoot rihysicians ; nay , morr, thousands rlm were on the verge of the grave, are now living moLiim-nts to the Indian Herb's Doctor's skill aDi iicoenrultretmcnt.ancUre!ilyexclaiming: "Blessed be thetlay whcníirst e saw and partook of the ndian llerb loctor-s meAicine." atiifactory referencesof cum will be glaaTy and „heerfullygiveiiMheneverrequired. ... Thi-lliictor uledgeíhi wordiind honor, that he will n no wise.liroctly r nlrectlj,inuce or cause anr nvali'l tu take his medicine without theítrongest prohlbÍVí,)C"ef"xminaton.whichis entirelyliffeient rom thefuculty Dr. I.yon professes to d.scern heae bv the eye. He therefore askí noquontionn, nor loes he renniri.atientMoctplainsymptom. ('alione ndnll, in.lhavetheíTmptoms and location of your lfipllnafreof chrg. raThepoorshal! beliberally considered. 93rPo,ton,cdnre,.,box2f63j [yoNsM r civina.oho.Nov.e5.iso2 Ty889 m pREAT A Sl'I.ENDlD STOCK OF ÜRESS GOODS! G-eiits' FÜRNISHING GOODS. CASSIMERES, Oloth , Satinéis, fice, DOMESTICS, SHOES, HATS i CAPS, Crockeryi aROCERIES, &c, Are to be sold mt pricei that wf!Iusraaitetheir N. B, - The lnrget tock or Cnlico and BrownCottoD in tli City at tn than Mauiif;ict urpr V p rices. TIíp liijrhest pricc paid inTradoor caBh for all kinds MACK & SCHMID. UiÏÏe F actor y! Beutler & Traver, [Successors to A. J Sutheriimd,] Mnnutacturers of and Dealers in Guns.Pistols, AmmuBition Fiascs, Pouehet Gami Bagt, and Bvorjotlier article íl thatLine. Allkindof ElBPAiniTJGr ■out it tli ■ -.liortenl no tic f , üinl intíiebíit ronnnitr. i f ull 'i.iaortnif nt :i!wayn kopt onhnnd and ni a 'le order ft5 .Shop coroér Muiund Waahiugton streotn. Vnn Arbcr.Oíít.8. ISfte. R7atf DEMflMBEK i G,W & A. SNOVER'S 1 th Xorth door of Gregorj New Block G.W.SMER. A, SKOVER. MÍOS wOHEjnUIL'S 3 SEAWEED TONIO, ANP MANDRAKE PULS. ifll ITIi %ÍÍ 1 10 AT ■ The nbo e 8 a correct likcncus.of Dr. Schenck, jir t after recovering from Cunmimptiün. many jostra ago Iielow il ft lilienes.s of liim as he now appears. Wlieij tlie Srst was taka hc wcighed 107 iiouuds al the present timp h!s weighfls 220 pounds. DR. SCIIENCÜL'S Principal Office and Laboraiory ís at tlie N. E. cornei ot" SIX'J II and COMMKRCK Stiret, PMtedelphia where all letters foradvice or businoss hóuld be Ui r,clfd. fouud thero every SATÜRDAY, prafessionally to examine langs with the nepjjonieter, foi which hi fee is three dollars ; all adv ice free. In Xew York at No. 32 BOXD Street, every TUES DAY, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. At tlie A1AIÏL3UKO' U(rEL,Bostotl, Januftry 18 ánd 19, February 15 and lfi, M;uch 15 and 10, April 19 and 70, Muy 17 and 18, Juuü14 and 15, July 19 and 20. The tinij! fur my being m BALTiMOKE and PITTSlíüiííi, will be seen in the daily papers of those cilies. Iht ïlistory of Dr. Schenck's own Case, and how he wat cured of Consumption, Many yrars agn, whjlst residing in Philadelphis I ladprogicssed gradually into the last stage of Pul nonary ('onttumutiou AU Vtpes of my recover? béng dissipnted. I wan.idvised by my physician, Hr. Pari,to remove iato tlie country. JJoorestowii, N'nv Jersey, beinjr my native place, i was removed thithèr. ily father and ai 1 hia family Uad lived and died tliere and (lied of Pulmonary ( oueumption. On my nrriva) was put to 1 ed, where 1 iay for many weeks in wlmt wandeeined a bopelesn coudition. l'r. Tborniun. who lad been my father' family pbysician , am )JiUl ntemled htm rn bis last illuesa, was called to see me. He hought my cae entlrefy beyond tbereachof medicine nd decided tbat I munt die, and gavtf meooe eek to irrange my temporal ailairs. In ttiia apprr ntlv hope ejfl ciuidition, 1 heard of the remedies wbieli I iiyw nake anl ftll. U eemed o me iliat I eould feel tttem vorking Iheiv way, and penetrating every ñervo Abre! ad tissuo of my systejq . My luufifi anil liver put on a new action, and the mor i'.l matter whicli for yeara had accumuljitcil and ii-ii ate.! the tlüTcrent organs oi the body, was cihnin;ued, he tubercles on m ■ lungs ripunefl, and I expectornted' rom my lnugsaR much as a piut of jellow olïlu.-ivc atar every m.Hning. As this expoctnration nf mntter suvtsiled, the ff ver abated, tbc pain Ie ft me the cougb ceased to liarasn wc, and tin; exltuüng niiitseats wero no looger known, and I had re'reshing ■leep, to whicb I bad luu been a airanger. ftjv appctite now beff. n to vííturn . and nl timc 1 f mnd it ('Itficultto reatrain rnvelf from eftífng too nmcb ; with tuis return of íieaHh, I gained in strengt!), and rïèw nm flcihj. I am now a healthy man, with a larce liealed eicatiix in the u-.iddle lobe of the riglii lung aud the lower lobe hepatized wlth complete adhesión of the pleura. ïlio let't luoglfl sound, and the upper íobe oí theiigbt (ineiwin atolerably healthy cmdilion. Consumptiou at tbat time wa tlmnelit to bean Incurable, by . every one, physicians as woll aa those wlio weie unlearnedin medicine- especia Hy mi e, h cases as were reilui-ed t" 1bi cDiidiiinn Iwnsin. Tbis iodo eed muny {teupleto bclieve my leovery only teiuporary. I now prepareü and gave the medicine to CQn.sumptives fi-r Bome time, and mademnny wonderful cures ; and tbedemand increaseJ .so rajtidly jixni Í deterinined to offor thern to the public, nnd Sövöté niv umliviiied attention to luug diseaes. Intrutb,! tras i next to foreed to it, for peo p Ie wouIU (or me far j and near, to ascortain whethèr tlu-ir casus werelilie mine. For many yeara, in conjunction M-itb my principnl office n Philitdelphi.i, l have been making regular pro fcasional visïts to New York, Bostou, lialtiuiure, and Pi!t-burg. For severnl yenra past I have made as many as five bundred exainination weekly witb the "Kespifómeter." For sueh examination my charge is tbree dollars, and it cnables me to gtve each patiënt the true condition ol hU disease, and teil him frankly whether ho will gc-t well. Thegrent reaon why physiciansdo not cure Con umption is, tbat tliey try to do toomnch; they glve me Í clues to stop tlie cough , to stop the n glit wents, hectie fever, and by ao doing tliey derange th " whole digestiré iyatem tooking np the secretionn, an.lpevent ually the pationt dies. Pulmonje Syrup ia one of the mout valuable medicines kiiown, It is nutriënt, powii'ullj tonic.aud heIin In itself. H corltains no opnim, yot looseim the phlegm in the bronclúal tubes, and nature throwf it off with litt'e exortion. One bottle frequently curesan ordinary cold; but it will be well first tn take a flöie of Sohenck'a Mandrake's Pilis lo cleanse the stomach. The Pulmoüic Syrup is rèai!ly die.stod' at-d abaorbetl into blood, to wliich ill uiparts its heaiïhg properties II is one of tb e bot preparntious of i ron in use ; it is a powerfu' t'nic of ltself ; and wben the Seaweed Tonjc tlissol es the mncus in the stom;icbt and in cavried olï by the atd of the Mandrako l'ills, a licaltby How ol gastric juloe, (rood a.pptite,and a gool digestión foliow Thfc SnvMu Tonic la a stimula:it and none otbrr in reqoired when it s used. It is purO and piensan t; no bad effects Üite -hen u.-ing Bourbon wUisky, whicb disorders the stomach, torpors the liver, locks up al] the soctetions, tmns the blood into water, dropsy sete in, and the patiënt rifes suddenly. Bourbon Whisky in recommended now-fi dayfl oy almost every physfpftin. Many patients thnt vlf-ji my roorac, both malí and female, are stupefied wiih this poison. The relief is temporary. If tley ooupli they tak a liltle whisky ; if they feel weak audfeeblc they tuke a little whisky ; if thpy cannot 4letp, Hiey take a little whisky; and tlu-y go i a in this way, rcfjiiiring moreandraoro untii they are bloated bp. and imagine they are getting (leshy. The tomaoh, II ver, and diestive [iowers are complétela dostroyed, and hise their nppetite fnr food. Ko onfi was ever cuved of ooasuinpi tion by this process, whrre evrrttei have bn rbrmed A litt'e stnnulant Ís frequentiy bcn-li cial to confiumptives, such as pure brandy or good vine ; in many crises I.ondon porter or brown stout in moderate quantiticH ; but Bourbon whisky hastons on instïftd-o te uring con snm pil on. The Söaweed Tonic produces laatinp; rexutes, thoroufrhly invigorating thetfimach and diesfive system, and ennblmg it n elimínate and n ake iqto h' ;iiihv blood the food wbich mny b ■ used for that jiurpose - - It in o wondcrful in its effects that wioe-gBÏull will diiest a henrty meal and a little of it (aken before brejiMawt will give a tone to the etomach whicb fnw medicines posaess the power of doiug. The MANDRAKE PILI.S may be. Ukftn wifeh entire lafety by all gen and coin'itiona, all 1he ?ood refiulU that can bo obLained from calomel, or any f th merrurial medicines, and without any of their hurtful or injunous resultfl. They curry out of the yM'Pin the fociilcnt and worti out ni tt(rr looponed and iigsolTed by my Seaweed Tnir and Pulmonic Syrup. - [t will be íeen tbat all tbroe oí nAy metlicines are needpcl in mest cases to cureCunsuinptioa, AGENTS. BÖSTON-Geoife C. Goodwin & ('o. NEW YOIÍK- iMraan Barnes &, Co. BALTIM0RK-8.S. Hanr-, Dr. Goorge II. Keyser. CrXCINNATI- F. E. Stiiro & Co., nnd Jnfcn D. Park. CHICAGO- l.ord k Smith , nnd H. covil. ST. LOUIS- ColUnR DrotherB. SAN FRANCISCO- IloBtettcr, Smith & Dean. Li nW bT allBuíiítets aud buten. ljW5 JULI US BAUEll & CO., Grent Piano Forte and Melodeon EMPORITJM! WAREROOM& IN "CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, 69 WASHINGTON STREET., Kew York Warerooms, 650 Broadway. Wholesale Agentx for the ü. S.for WM. KNABE k W% O F, I. Ë B lï A T IC O Gold Medal Piano Fortes! Aa to tlip rMatlff mirits of the PIANOS wc w.m.M to tl, OrMficatM ..f Excellent ir, m,r pussnssinn trom TIIALIIKRC GOTTSl H I "f TKMPS, fcOUl's gTABB na El Ml ZIO, Jhí, cal Director nf Ib Italian Cera, ,s alM,ir, ,,f of th mot dlt nniiahed Professor „ml Amattr „ tMOOUBtrj. All IuBtrurnciits guaravtud for five 31 HO" AI.SO, AOKNTS FOR SOEHBLER & SM] TH, BOARDMAN & GRAY, A. Itl ALE &CO., AndotherFirst-CIass Piano. ness of Tone, Kiisy an.l Agieéable Touch , .imlüeauty "Jrf '"' lV?' 'JJ 'julIKes. b0(-' pronouuced unrivalï- Particular lUtentiou paij to th srtection ot Instrument. s for ilisUnt order, an.l a privil, of chaiige granteit at any time witlijn six mout ai f Uie Instrum.-ntshoul.lnot prove entirely BatisfaCtorj 4 WÏIOI.tSAr.E n,VAI.H!Slvill it. to ihrtiüfwJ tage to giv. ui a call,as by gjeatjv incrrnstd fscilitiee we are enabled to lili orders wilh dispatcli u,VersuuB '" 'v"nt f aIKAI,[,Y FIKST-etisj Wh Ü" W0U ' Cal1 be'"r Pnr1"''''9ls2 WHOLESALE AGENTS FOR CARHART;NEEDHAMCO'S CELE BR ATE O HAKMONIÜMS, MELODEOfiF ALS O FOR GEORGE A. PR1NCE & CO'S MEL0DE0NS and ORGANS, Jlanufacturersand Importrs of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ! Strings, Accordeons, Violins, Clarinete, Drums, Guitars, And otüer Rlusical Klerchandise, The Silver and Brj?s ImrMKT?,of wr mnnnractu re agd Iispotjtatioi), are usc-d b.v most all of the beri Bands in thcUnited States, and wbenever oxlií bítf d 0vealwy received the Uold Medals and HIÜOÉST Haring conncction ivith Mnnufactnring flomei m Berhn.I.sipsic, Dre&dtw. jEoglaad and Paris w.' are prepared to furniih DEALERS, BANDS and INDIVIDU (-U.&, with tvery article In this line, at the manufacturers' prices. liEMF.JIBElTTHE PI.ACE, JÜLÍÜS BAÜER & CO., 69 WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO, --.. iLL.5 1012 Kew Vork "WarerooiuR, 650 Rroadwaj. JLTÜTEL FOH SALE! The raluable property la the City of Ann Arbor, knowu as COOK'8 HOTEL, fi now nfr?rprl for sale cheap. Inquire immediatelj on the of J. F. AVEIIY. Ann Arbr, August Stli, 1833. ÏOÜltf Moptgage Sale. WHEREAS, clcfault has been marie in the eondïtions of a certftin Indenture of Mortgage, made and executctl on the tventy-thml day of December, A. 1). IS, by Peter F. Kanouse, to me, the nn3ersfned, which Mortgage was duly recorded on the tliirtinthday of Dfecember, aforesaid, m Liber No. 12 ofMürtga ces on pago 100, in the office of the Register of Deeïïs and MoTtgnges, in and for the County of Washtnftw, atirl State oí Michigan ; and, whereas, there is now duc and nnpuid on said Mortgage and Note accoini)!iDyinir tlie same, the sum of $'270. SS ; and, whereas, no ?mt or pEüceedtngs at law or equity has been in.titated to recover the aame, or any part thereof : Now, fherefore, ii O tice is hcreby given, that, by wtue of a power of saïe in said Mortpage contained, I fhall peil at Public Auction to the highest bidder, on Saturday, thlSth day of November next, at 12 o'clock, M. o'f said dav, at ilic front door of the Circuit Oourt House, in thecitv of Ana Arbor, in said County of Washteiiaw, the premises described in eaid Mortgage, f o-wit : The Kast half of the Sou h -West Quarrer of S-W1.) of Sectipn No. 4, in Townshíp No. 4 South of Rané No. 6 Kast, the saíd premises bcing 80 acres of land, and situated in Uie Oouniy of Washtenaw, aforesaid Dated, August ïoth. 1S05. C. VAN ITUSON, Morigage:e. Moonn & Giutfin, Aforneys for Mortgngee. Ï032 Mortgago Sale. TKFAÜLT hftving been . made In the condit'on of a 1 certain Mortjrajfe made and executed by Jabez H. FonntiuD, to the undèrirtgned, Fernando C, Reaman tearinüf date the twenfyreightb day of November. A. I). eigbtecu hundred aod fifty-six, und rccnrUed iu the office of the Iíegister of Dceds of WashtenaTf Countv, MichigauJ in lib-r twenty-tliree of morlg-ages, y&es nin bumlreö and ninety one and one liündredand ,i elytwo. on the fw-emd tlaj of iJetreniber, A.D. pfchtpen hundred and (ilty-six, ujon whii-h "said Mortl c,c there iw olftlmed to W duf, at tlie date &{ tbis uoce, ttie sum of f uur hundred and eigbty two dollars and fiily two cents, for principal md interest, and no i-uit at hiw or in equity haviog beon Instltuted to recover the aiununt secured to he paid by Buid Mortuge , and th power of sale conlaiued in said Sldrfcgogo hnv"IK become absolute : Notice is therofoie liercby givcu, tïiaf Bft Mortgage will be íbieclosed by a sale of the mortL;aged premi.süs described in said Mortgage, or soma part thereof, it pubiic vendue to the hijjÈrtt ! iddur, at tlie South door oí the Court IJntise, in the City of Ann Arbor, in aid Cuunty of Washteniw, (snid Conrt llouso hoinj: Uie ]iate where ilie" Circuit (,'ourt i'or unid County of Wnsbtcnaw 3 helfl,) on Snturday, the t' irteenth da of Jnnuary i.ejïrt, nt tiju ofcl"ck in tlie fnreimon, whieh Kaid p'remises are rlBcrtbed in said Mortgage, as follows ; AH that certnin pjoce or pnrcfl of land ritu ate In Uie vtllage of' Man chester, in t)rt Couniy of V;isb(cn:iw, and PtntP of Michigan, knoVB, bOutided nin! dcücribcd as fotiows, . to-wit : (yOmmencipg on the Nort h-West corner of lot : numbor one (1, tn bloek numher twenty one ( eaid Vitltge of Manchester, ai öó reling to tli; mrvt-y and plat tbereof, remorded tn theRegisier's'Urac'íi for ! theCouLtyof Wa.sbtcnaw, and running thence Xorfh on the line of Rail Bond Street to Kxchange Mreet, ' tbence Kast on the line uf Exohatlg trel to the een 1 ter af th Itiver Raisin, and down íhe center of said 1 River Raiïn, wbere it ran in the year ls'1, tn lot numbor ono, aforesaid. and akmji lot number one, ' id, to the place of bfjciuntinr, (exerpt tlmt portion 1 of Kaid heretofore deeded by Wüii;im A. I Clelland to Amarínb Cmiklin} ; Alo, tlie lirKt right to i une uil the water uyecssary fttr running four runs Df f tone and tho nroessary ninr.hmery for flouring in a ( millón said premises, at the dam ut nr ncniaid ' premines, and to mako or repair said dam without ' ri'.siiiui't : AIf=o. all Tlui rightp or prftfiegH vï fiowinji ! landn fur the purpKe of kaaplag tlie water o) snu i dam. com eyed by iJeorge Sedwïck to tbc aidJabez 1 ][. Fountaiu, by deed befttíng dato -the Roveuteeuth ( day of .July,lSf5. Dated, Ann Arbor, Ootofcer lfifb, 18r. L FERNANDO O. BEAMANj Mortngc. Hiïïjji J, Pk.vküh, Attymey tór ÏUtrttsQ. 10Ü1 Mortgage Sale. I"j EPAULT having been niade in the condition of a craoniu Mongaue made 8 -executêd by 3 anidas. Rcynohlf lo Uu umu-i-HL-m-d, Jumes Fountiiö, bearlnc date on the twcuty-niu ii day öfDeceinbi r, A 1). eigh" toen hundred and sixty-fOur, nnd recoraed in the omce of 'hp Kegbtcrof Beede of the C'onnty of .Washtenaw, Mtehigan, in liberthfrty-three of Moni hun Led and forty-four, on the sixlh dáj of J ir JJ. eUhtccii hunuivd and sixty-iivc, npon niri gage there is clarmed to be imc tor primi,) si and intereöt the sum of six thnusand tbrèe tiundreü andthirtyeight dollars and thirtytthree cents, al the date of thlE notico, and tlic power of sale container in saldMortgage liaviug becomc absolute by reason oi1 etlch delault, and no suit at Iaw or in eqiiitv haying been ipetltuted to recover the mnonnt eeoured to be paid by saici Mortgage or any part thereof: Notice is thcreforc hereby given, that 8aid Mortgage will be forccloscd by a sale of the mortgaged premises describèd in saiil Mortgage. or sorue pan Ghereof, at public vendue, at the South door of the (Joint House, in the City of Ann Ai-bor, in said Couuty of Washtenaw, (that being thu place where tho Circuit Coiirt for said County is held,) on Raturday, the ihirtcewh day of Jsnnary next, at ten o'clöck in the forenoon of that day, which saïd mortgèged premises are (JêBCribed iu sala Mor gage, as follows: All U;:r certain piecé or parce] of land sitúate iu the Township of Manchester,, in the Connty of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, known as Fóuntnin's Premium Mili property, benig on Bection one, in said Townshiji. and bonnded as follows : Commencms at the West corner of the mili dim of mud milis, running Northerly along the West bank of the Rlver Bauu'n to [fie South line of land owned or occupk-d by John l'limi.uck, ihcuce West along said line lo he sou nWest comer of : said CluuluicU's land, tbence North ajone the West line of said land to tin South bank ol the River Raisin, as it was in 1848, thence West alone the oíd bank of said Kiver and aeross the tail race rrom saiilmill to the West bank of the same, im-nce South along the West bank of said race to a point eight rods North of said mili, tluiae West to the Eastbaukof race of the saw ttdH thence South alone the Bast bank of said race to the mili pond for said mili, tlieucc Easterly along tliemill dam ty the place i beehjning. beln'g tne saine property conVëyed by Jabez II Fountaiu and Harriet E. 'onmaiii, I-Mward A. Pateldge and Martha J. Patridgo, to the said .lames 8. Eeynolds Dated, Ann Arlior, Octobcr llHh. 1888 JAMES FOUNTAIN, Mortgagce. IIlKANI J. Bl'AKIS, Attornc.v lor Mortgngce. 103t Mortguge Sale. DEFAUT.T having been made in the conditions f a certain MEoKgage made and executed by Lttcy A. Markhun) and Thomas s. Markham, to ihe undérsïgried, Julia J). Lyman, beartne flate the tenth day of April, A. I), oigliteen linndreil and fifty-six, auö recordcd in the office of ihc Register of Dee'ds of the Couuty of Washienaw, in the Staie of Michigan, in libe'r twenty-two of Mortgages, p4g flve hundred and thirtvfonr, on the tifih day of May. A. D. eighcen hundred and IHty-six, u])on whieh said Morteatre tbere is claimnl to be due, at the date of his notice, tbc siun of live luMiHi-ed and ninty-nine dollars and sixty-eight cents, and the costs and chaires on this foreclosure, incitrtling rëasonablé charges for attorucy's services as proyidcd by said MÓTtgarfe, and no mi at Iaw or in eqnity having been instituted to recover the ainouut Becured to be para by said Mortgage, or any part thereof, and the power of sale couuincd in snid Mortuae hanne becomc absolute: Notice is thercfore hereby eiren, that BHirl Mortu-agr. will be forcclosed by a sale of the Mertgaged premises, ar so mucb thei-cof as may be requn-cd to satisfy the amonnt due on said Mortgage, for principal and interest, and the i-osls. charges and expenses allowed by Iaw, at public vendue, to the ttigbest bidder, at the South door of the Court House, iu tbc city of Aan Atbor, in said couuty of Washtenaw, rthat benig the place where the Circuit Court for said couuty is held.j on Saturday, the eighteeutli day of November next, at ten o'dock in the forenoon. wiiich saul pvcinises so to be sold are describèd as follows, viz : Lots ïnimber six and even, in block number three sontli of range number four cast, in the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, according to the recordcd ] of the villnge of Ann Arbor, and heinr tho same land conveyed by the nmiereisned, Julia I. Lyman, to said I,ucy A. Markham, by deed, bearfni even date with said Mortgage. Uated, Ann Arbor. August 24th, 188Í JULIA 1). LYMAN, Mortgagee. Hiram J. Beakeb, Attorney for Mortgagee. 1023 Chuneery Notice. C TATE OP MICHIGAN, Fonrth Judicial Circuit, in O Chancery. Suit pending in the Circuit Court for the. County of Washtenaw, in Chancery. At the city of Aun Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw, on thè twelfi h day of Otfober, A. ü. i S65. JÏnnieCarr, Conl])lainant, i vs. C Cornelias B. Carr, Defendant. 3 It appearing to the satisfaction of said Court by ths sffldavit of James Iviugsley, Bolici:or for tbc Cómáainant. that the Dcfendant, Comelins H. Carr, ís n: a resident of the State of Michigan, hut a resident of the State of Wisconsin, bevond the urisdiction of this Court: On motion of James Kingslêy, Solicitor for the Complainant in this cause, it is ordered by said Court, tliat said Defcndaut, Cornelius B. Carr, csnss. liis a]ipcarance to be entéréd in this cause, and notice thereof duly served on the Complainant's Solicitor, within two months from the date of this order, and iu case the I)efendant cause his aiipearanee to bc entereil that he ñle his nnswer to the Complainant's Bfil, and a copy thereof be served on the .Solicitor for Comphiinant, 'within tenty days after the service of a copy of said Bill on said Defcndaut, or in default thereof, the said Bill be taken as confessed by said Dcfendant : And it is furthcr ordered, that within twenty days said Complainaiit canse a copy of this order to bc nublished in the J.'r li'jan Anuí.; a public uewspapcr printed and puiiü.-'n :l at the City of Ann Arbor, in said County of Washtenaw, and that Bnch ]ublication be continued once iu each week for six succeseive weeks, or that she canse a copy of said order to be served on said Defendaut, pcrsoually, at least twenty days before the time prescribed for said Defendanl's appearance in this cause It. E. FKAZEK, James Kingslky, one of tbc Circuit Court Solici'or and of Commissioners for Washsel for Complainant. 1031 tennw Conaty, Mfchigan önancery Nu i ico. OTATE OF MICHIGAN- The Fonrth Judicial Uir O cuit in Chancery. Jacob Ormsbee, Complainant, vs. Suit pending in the Circuit Willtam Brown, Court for the Connty of Washte.l;;m I.ewis, naw, ín Chancerv, at Aun Arbor Kliphalct I.ewis, on the sixth day of October, A. James W. Lewis. & D. 1S05. Kobert Blackwood, Defendants. It satisfactorily appcaring to the undersigned. a Circuit Court Commissioner of said Couu y, by affldavit, that tbc ahove nanicd defendants, Elipiialet L. Lewis and W. Lewis, are not residents of this State, bul that said Eliphalct is a resident of the State of Missouri, and said James of the State of York :- On motion of A. 1-Vlch, Solicitor for Complainant, it is ordered that the said defeudants Eliphalet L. Lewis and James W. Lewis, and cach of them. cause their appearance to be entered wltbin two months from tbc date of this order, and that iu case of their appearance, they rcspectively cause their answer t ■ Complainant's Bill to be filed and a copy thereof to be served on Complainant's Solicitor within tweuty days after the service of a copy of said bill and notice of this order, and, in default thereof. that the said liill be taken as confessed by the the said defendants, Eiiphalet L. Lewis and James W. Lewis, or eitber of them making such default. And it is furthcr ordered that withiu tweuty days after the making of this order, the said Complainant cause a copy of this order to be publishxl in 'Che Wtddy Michi'ian Argus, a newspapcr publisbedin said Couuty, and that said publication be continued in said paper, at least once in each week, for six weeks in snecession, or that he canso a copy of this order to be personally served on the said Defendants, Eiiphalet L. Lewis and James W. Lewis respectively, at least twenty days before the time abovc prescribed for their appearance li. E. FliAZER, One of the Circuit Court Commissionere of the Connty of Washtenaw, Michigan. Ann Arbor, October 0, lS6ö. A. FELCn, THACY W. ROOT, Comps. Solicitor. Dept. Register. (A true copy.) Ki30 Esta'e of' Joscph Murphy. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw. BK. Cl Notice is hereby givcn, that by it order of the Probate Conrt of the Couuty of Washtenaw, made on the elcvcnth day of Oetober." A. ]). MOS, six months fronï that date werc allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of Josrph Murphy, late of said Couuty, ileceascd, and that all creditors of said cleeeased, are required to present their claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate Ofh'ce in the City of Ann Arbor, for cxaminalion and allowance, on or before the elevcnth day of April next, and that such claims will be heard before said Probate Court, on SaturdSy, the thirteenth day of January, and Wednesdav, the elevcnth day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of eacb of tbose days. 'HIRAM J. BEAKE.S, Jtulge of Probate. Dated, Ann Arbor, October llih, 1S05. 1030 Estáte oí William Chnraberlain. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, CÓdkt'y or Wasute:í,uv, ss. Notice ís hereby given that by an order of the Probate Court of the 'County of Washienaw, made on the niuth day of October, A. T). 18Í5, six mbnth fi-om that . date ve:-e allowcd for creditors fo ia-e.scnt their claims agamst Ihe estáte of William ClKimberlaln, late of said County deeeased, and that al) creditors of paid cleceased, ure required to present their claims to s.tid Probate j Court, at Probate Office iu the City of Ann Arbor, ' for examination and allowanec, on or befare the nhitb d.-iy of April next. and that sucb claims wilt be heard bnforc said Probate Court, on vSaturday, the ntufh day of Jannary, and on Moiiday, the ninth day of April next, at ten o'clock iu the fiffenoou, of each of thosc days. HTRAM .T. TiEAlCKS, .Tudgc of Probate. Dated, Ann Arbor, Octolicr iitli, is.;r. 4wlo:iO E&fate of B.ibeocks - Minor. DTATK,pF MICHIGAN, County of Washtrnaw, ss. k' At a session of the Probate Conrt for the 'Coiuuty of VVsühtcuaw, holden at the Pi'obate OOice, in Hip City if Ann Arbor, on Mon4ny the ninth day of October, ín the year one thousand'eiglit hundred and sixty-flve. Present, Iliram J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. In tri" matter of tbc Estáte of Ilcurv W. Babcock, Delia Babéftcfc, and L. Dell Babcorif, minors. On reaUinï and liliug the peritlon, duly veritied, of Willbtm I!:i!ii-ock. Rnjirdian of s:itd minors, prájuag luit he may be hcens.:d to scll real est.-nè In - longing to said minors. IHlereupon it is Ordered, that Mondar. Ihe twentieth lay of November uext, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. p asslgned for Uic ti'-aring or s.-iid pctiiion, and ilirit. 'tf kin of said minors, and all other persons riteresten in cst::te, are n-qmied to appear at a íession of said-Court. the:! to be liold.'n :U the Probate sílice, in tbc City of Aun Arbor. and showcaiut if any ! herc be, wtay the praver of the petitioner flundd no't j' )egrai1ted; And it Is furlbcr ordered. said j inner jrive nolice to the next of kin of said nibiors. luii all other peu'sons iiterestpd iu said estáte, of tie K'iidcm-y of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by -ausing a copy of this Order to b? pnblished in tbc Michiijan Artu?, a nowspaper prlnt.-fT and circulatlng in ■ auX Coiuity, tln-ee successi-e weeks previous to said ;i' lay of hearing. ;: (Atruccorv.) HIRAM J. BKAKB8, 1 10ÍH) Jtidgeof Probat.


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