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The Voice Of The Pestilence

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[This splcniiid poem was written in 1831, on tlie appruach of the cholera from the East toward the western parta of Europe, and it ft appropria'e to its reneweU apparition and western prorcBs, as mentioued in recent journals.] - Constitutiunal Union. Breathless tlie course of the Pale White Horse, Bearing tlie ghastly Forra Rapid and dark as the spectre bark, When it sweeps before the storm ; Balefully bright through the torrid night Ensanguined meleors lare - Fiereely the spires oí' volcanic lires Stream on the sulphurous air ! Shades of the slain through the Murderer's Flit terrible and drear - [brain Shadowy and auift the black storm drift Doth trample the atmosphere I But svviiter than all, with a darker pall Of Terror around my path, I have arisen from my lampless prison - Slave of the high God's wrath ! A (leep Voice went from the Firmament, And it pierced the caves of Earth - Therefore I carne on uiy wings of rlame From the dark place of my birth ! Aud it said ; "Go from the South to the North, Over yon wandeling ball - Sin is the Kiug of that doomed Thing, And the sin-beguiled must fall ! " Forth from the Gate of thy Uncreate, From the portáis of the Abyss - From the caverna dim where the vague Forras And shapeless Chaos is! [swini r i uní iiie naties womo - irom tne joyu'Sa Of Erelms and Old Niglit - [tomb Fr-ini the unseen deep where Death and Sleep Brt'od in their mystic niight - I come - I come - before me are dumb The nations aghast i'or dread, Lo ! I liave passed, as the dese::t blast - And the millions of Earth lie dead ! A voice of fear from the hemisphere Tracketh me where I flv - Earth vveeping aloud for her widowhood - A wild and desolate ery ! Thrones and dominions beneath my pinions Oower like meanest things - Melt from my presence the pride and the Of pallor-stricken kings ! [pleasaunce Sorrow and mourning supremely scorning, il y throne is the bouudless air - My chosen shroud is the dark plumed cloud Which the whirling breezes bear ! Was I not born on the wings of the mora From the jungles of Jessore. Over the plain of' the purple main, To the far MauritiaD shore 1 To the isles which sleep on the sunbright Of a coral paved sea ; [deep Where the blue waves welter beneath the Of Heaven's serenity 1 [shelter From the womb of the waters, athirst for I rose that tnirst to sate - [slaughters, These green isles are graves in the waste of the Their beauty is deolate! [waves, From the wide Eyrthrean the noise'of mv Bolled on the Southern blast - [Pajan Eternal Taurus made an-werin chorus From the glaeiers lone and vast ! Did I not pass this granite mass And the rigid Oaucasian liill - Over burning i-ands- over frost-chafhed lauds- Borne by my own wild will 1 Then hark to the beat of my hastening feet, ïhou shrine in the sea - Where are thy dreanis that the Ocean streams Would be safety mito thee 1 Awaken 1 Awaken ! my wings are shaken Athwart the tioubled sky - Streams ihe red glance of my meteor lance, And the glare of mine eager eye ! Harken, on hearker ! tny coming sliall (iarken The light of thy festal cheer; In thy storm -rocked home on the Northern Nursling of Ocean - heat ! [foam,


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