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A Recipe For Curing Meat

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j.o one gaaon ot watyr, Take IA ibs. of salt, Ib. of sugar, oz. of saltpetre, oz. of po tas h. In this ratio, the pickle to he increa sed to any quantity desired. Let these be boiled together, until all the dirt from the sugar rises to the top and is tikirnmed oif. Then throw it iuto a tub to coul, und whüij cold, pour it over your bsef or pork, to remuin thd usual time, say four or five weeks. The meat must be wel! covered with pickle, and sbonld not bq put down for at least two days after killiug, during which time itshould be sligbtly sprinkled with powdóred saltpetre, which removes all the Purface blood, &.o , leaving the meat fresh and eleau. öotnfi omit boiling the piekle, and find it to snswar well, ihough the oporation of boiliag purifies the pickle by throwing oif the dirt always to befound in salt and sugar. If this receipt is properly tried, it will never be abandoned. There is none that surpasses it, if so gooii.


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