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The Business Men Of Detroit

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seem to be waking from tbe lïip Vauwinkle sleep they have udulgcd in for years, When Ilio (Junadu roads were compltiled tliej' imagined thiDselves ia oouneetion with all creatiou, and rested ou their oars. ïhe Saut Cunul gave them all the communication they dusired with the Upper Península, and they slept on, leaving the interior towns of the State to devise and execute new railroad schemes if they couLl. Thay restod on until new roads without number have been opened, connecting the West with the EaHt, ruaking t no longer neeessary for pussengers or freight to go through Detroit j until. Chicago foresight and enterpriso has " tlauked" thein, and tapped the Lake Superior región with a railroad, giving the city sltting at the head of Lako Michigan tbe aounnand of the ti ade oL tlm irati oountry. And now Ikdrorfc men wake up to tho importanoe of providing railroad communieatiou direct to Mackinaw and the Grand Travere región. At the latter point, but 80 miles of water communication would connect them with the railroad from Escanaba to Marquette, less than is required by the Chicago route, wbilo from Mackinaw, railroad communication may be eventually secured along the South shore of L;ike Superior to the iron and copper regions. Kat Graad Travers-e reached, Detroit, nine months in the yoar, would be within tweuty four hours of Marquettc. A mesting was held in Detroit on Monday evtning, which gave evidoDce of ooosidorable interest, and resaltad, of course, in tbe passage of some reaolutionn, resolutions looking to au extensión by Congress of certain land grants, the making of additional ones, and a nnion of the Amboy, Lansingand Traverse Buy route with tho Eliut and Pero Marquette, on a single line froni Fhnt to some point in the Northern interior of the State, thenee divergí Off to Grand Traverse Boy and Mnckinaw. Detroit must secnro something like this or consent to reinuin a mere Provincial city. But her capitalista must understand that mere resolutions and land grants wil! not build the road or roads. Thoy must take hoid of the work in earnest, and rest not until the ball is in motion, and then roll it home. JggT IQ tViO Atltmtie Monthly for Deeitiber, is an artiole entitlod " Clemency and Connuon Sense : A Curiosity of Literature ; with a Moral." The artiele itself is a '' curiosity." The writer, Charles Sümner, Las ransac'd the literature of centuries to get at tho origiii of tvvo Latin verses wbioh have bucome proverbs, and whieh be readers, the one as inculcating clcmency, but with the caution "Nothinj for vengeance, everything for justice ,-" and the other, ia " Seehing to escape f rom CharylJis, do not rush upon Sctjlla." These he makes the banis of a system of reconstruction, or the tests for a lecture to President Johnson. His conplosion is that military sway must be maiutained over the Southern States until the late rebels shall guarantee " the equal i ights civil and political of all men," that is they shall inake elector out oí several millions of ignorant and degraded froedtnen ; shall pledge themselves to "the support of the national debt," which Congress is abundantljr competent to take care of without their plodgos and uiiti' the large land holders shull " each set apart homcstoads for all hia freedraon." The radical policy then - for Sumner will díctate it - may bo surnmed up : - Negrj suftVage, and a división of property, or military sway over the whole South. IJSST" The Engliah papors continue ter discus with great spirit the claims made by our Government for payment o: damages done by the Alabama anc Sheoandoah. Tho justice of the cliims seems to trouble thtm, aud every posible excuse is trumped up to screen the KogKsh Government from responsibility. They also discuss freely the claim likely to bb made for the surrendcr of the officers and crew of the Shenaudoah. - Notwithstanding it had been announced tnouiha ago that instruclions had been given to Brit sh naval oflicei's U treat the Shenandoah as a pírate, her oilicers and crew are now received as political exiles or refngoee, and the right oí asylum conceded them. Grent Britain is sowing soed that may produce an abuudant if not a desirablo harvest oue of these days. Ü'-JT On Friday last, Michael Kierchner was executed at Buflalo, New York, haviug boen convicted of murdering Henry ilenning, a soldibr, on the evenng of September 2üth, last. He protested hin innoceuce ou the gullows, but in sucb terms of bruvado as to excite uo symputhy. j'-jc" The Washington Chron iele says that ex Speuker Ooli'ax bas endorsed tho Presideat's policy. The Chronick "bo hanored." If' e.v-Hpeaker Colfax bas doue fo t was sub roM, bis public ' 8jeoobes do atiy tbing else. EÜF" Our exchanges are expreseing a hopo that Congress as soon as it cónvenes will iuterferg with the paper monopoly by taking off or matorially culting down the duty. Wo anticípate no sucli íictimí NTotvils(,anr!ii)Oí the " extrpmely low water" thruughout all New Englaud, the maDufoiurers huve made liaudsome dividendo, aud the recent increasu iu price will furnish funds, without diminishiog them ia the leat.t, to bug a luw Congrossmen, and so prevent auy importations. The Government gets no dutjes, but what of that, the manufacturerB must be proteoted to the tur.e of doubling their stocks and dividiiig 25 or 50 per cent. The Government pays enormously for its paper, besides gotting no duties, but to reraedy this it ia proposed that the Government build milis on a large soale at the upper Falla ot the Potomac, aud manufacture Hb own p-'ps-'f. Q8 Patriok Fleming and William Corbett, convicted at Chicago, of the oaurder of Patrick Maloney, on the 20th of November, 1864, have been sentenced to bo bung on the 15th of December. After sentenco Corbett detailed bis share in the tnurder, stati'ig that ono Kennedy - thon in custody, waiting trial - was bired by one Williams, a noighbor of Maloney'cJ, to oominit the murder and paid $50; and that Kennedy procured the aid of himself and Fleming by getting them drunk. Otlier evidence, in possession of the authorities, corrob ating his statement', Williams has been arresled. L3L" Pellioier ad Gonzales have buen arrestad for Oía murder and rol)bery of Sonor Jfse García Otero, of Cuba, in 'the Brooklyn City Park, on Wednesday of last week. Pcllioierwas tirst arrestad, ootiftssed, and exposed the whi'reab'juts of Gouzales, eharing that he was the principal and that ho had ;ilso attempted his njurder ior fear of exposure. t" Chaklrs H Hükd, Eeq., late Asistant Superintendent of the Central Railrotid, was presented on Wednesdny veiling, with a set of srlid Sitver, a safe t(i hold the same, and a yaluable set of jowelry for Mr?. H., by the officers and employés of the road. The set consisted of one hundred pieces, and the wholo was valued at $5,000. @P Reports froin Texas say that the negroes refuse to accept any term of hire, and demand ao equal dis'ision of of lands and other property. They have probably been indoi:trinated with the notions of thoir radical brethren at thü North. 1 ■ I I L-2u" The safe in the office of the Michigan Ceotral Railroad depot, at Jackson, was brokon open on Friday niirbt last, and robbed of $1,300. 'A !iolo was cut in the safe door just abovo t!ie look, through which the bolt was jushed back. JdiP Gov. Morton, of Indiana, has goue to Europe, aud Gnv, Cüktin, of PenneyWatwa, to Cuba, ostensibJy to re cover lost health ; bat it is surmieii, by those suspiciously inolined, to escape the pressure of the rítdicalí, the-schemes of whioh neither endorsó. 3L Cougress will eoaveuo in regular scstñoii on Monday ncxt. Tho Pres-ident'a message and Department report will be looked for with mueh interest. Ï3C" Suspicions have found their way into the newspapers, that Preston Kino did not commit suicide by throwing himself into the Hudson, but that he disappeared alive. jg3T Gen. Grant left Washington on Mouday for a tour in the South. J53L" The New York Herald says of the coming Congress : Acoordmg to the best información that we can obtain up to the present time of w riting, the followiDg table shows the real position oí tho members : Conservative Republicana, 65 lladioal Republicana, 83 War Demócrata, 30 Copperheads, 10 Southern Secessionists, 5-1 Tho first four clussifications are the only members vvho will have a vote on the admittance of the Southern representatives. It is believed that the Con servativo Republicana and Demócrata will sustain the policy of restoration marked out by the President, and that the Radical llepublicans will opposo it. As it ia impossible to obtain correo! dala ni regard to the position of all, a direct application of the above tettBtay show a largor preponderarle of the con , Bervative element io tho Iiepubliuan parU , or vicc versa. PoSTMASTER-GrEN'KUAIi'tí RkI'ORT. - II is stated that tho forthcomiQg report oí Postnaaster General Dennisoo, althongh vtry short, will be tho most satislactory document that has emanated from thai Doparlmeno sineo the orgauixatiou o the governinent. Duriug the last fisca yeur the Department was not only self Bustaihiag, but it has aocumulated thrce iourths of a million ol dollars. FST On Monday night last, the family of Daniel Walrath, of Manheim Hoi kitiier county, New York, consisting of himself, wife, and a daughter abou twelve years of ag, were murdered by a party or parties uuknowo, Walratl was snot through the head, Mrs. Wal I ralh'a head was smashed in, aoct tho ; ohild's throat wás cut. The coronel' o ' lierkimer eounty ia holding au i o que ' to day. Nu clue to the uiudeiors.


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