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A Good Thing

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- Vermont has done onegood thing. J ho litllo (jreeri Mountain Sta' e has set an example which wil] be followed by every othw State in the Union. The bül taxing the iaoome of United States bonds, and tho stock of National Banks, atter a long discusión, passed both branches of the Legielature, and on the presumption that the Governor would not veto it, that bill hasbecorae the law of that State. - Plain Dealer. The hog cholera is prevailing in Fulton and adjoining oounties in Illinois, and the ravages have boen heavy. A lnrge meeting waa held at Knoxvilio, Tcnn., a fcw dys since, to favor the immediato building of' a railroad conneetion with Cinciunati. A Washington special to the Times says: The statement, thut the President has pardoned John Miteho'l is untrue. He. did not apply lor pardon while at Washington, but took the oath of allegiauoe. A eorapany in New Haven bas just finished a pair of wheels for Govercment use in drawing heavy ordnance. They are vvarranted to sustain sixty thousand pounds, and are thought to be able to earry oven one hendred thousand pounds. A VVashiuuton special to tho Tribune says : An ingenio'.is seheme for pmusrgling whisky from Canada into the United States has just been deteeted. - 'Phere were thirty-two women on board one railway traiu, bound to the Unjted State?, who had on their arms what at first nppeared to be babies, carefully wrapped up, with neat littlo feet oxposed to the gaae of passengprs. Upon investigation it waa disoovered that they were tin casus, fashioned ïfter the similitudo of babies, containins each from threo to five gallons of whisky. About thirty of the women were arrGsted, and over u hundrod gallons of whisky secur' cd.


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