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Since Our Last Note On The Weath

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et. two weeks aso. il has continued mild, dry, and beautiftil. Such a November has nol been expeiienced ia our 9tate these many years, thouh the "oldest inhibitants" do locate them sonie where in the past. The streets are as dusty as under an August sun, ana but for the keen atmosphere one might imagine t a imtcb more genial month thau November hss the reputation of being, Some of our citizens, however, are of the opinión that we ave getting too much of agood Ihiug, and begin to oorapjain of the soarcity of water. Many cisterna are empty in different parts of the city, and water oarts asé in demand. Until this evil is remedird by a cqpious rain, the utmost care should be used in guard'ng against lires. - It commenced rain ing wsteáaí mol ning so the fair weatker may be considered ended and Winter at hand. EP You can get Bal! Cards printer at the Argos Office neater, quicker, and cheaper than at any other oflice in the ciiy. L3Ê" By Act No. 273 of the last session of the Legislature, each Townsiiip Treasurer is reqnired to be at hie office or place of business on Saturday of every week ater receiving the roll until nucí rbcluding the secor.d Saturday in January, " and shall re ceive all taxes tlien and there tendered to him, and upon the taxes so collected, he ehal deduct all fees added for collectittg rxpcnses in fxcisë of one per cent ; and for the pu-pose o collecting the laxes remainingunp.iid, heshal cali at least once upon tiie person taxed, if a resident, or at the place f his usual residence in the township, and shall deinand paymen of the taxes charged to him on such list." - Our readers will see that by prompt paymen of their taxes they will have to pay but one per cent for collector's fees. In the town such paymeut must be made'on or before the second Satuiday in January, in our city be fore the fitst day of Jannary.


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