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cember number of tlie Atlantic Monthly, witli a vcry interesting list of papers. Mitcbell'S Story of the old New England Theology, ''Dr. Jolins," waxes in interest ; Mrs. Stowe j has nother admirable paper cf tbe "OWmney Corner " series, not exactly sound, however on the political phase of womau's sphere; "ïbe Forge" is completed ; a nevv serial is eommenced by Charles lleade, entitled ] fith Gaunt, or Jealousy : " besides whieh we have articles by Bryant, Bayard Taylov, Johu ; Neal, Samuel Osgood, C. 0. Coxe, Charles ' Dickens, Alex. igassiz, J. T. Tro bridge, and Charles Sumner, the latter of course the radical outcrop without wliich tlie Atlantic would not be the Atlantic. ïhis number completes the volume. Witli the January uumber a new volume will begin, and in addition to Charles Reade's novel- which we are sorry to see in t'ie Atlantic - papéis are proraisad from Hawthorne's Uiary, and by the popular "Atlantic corps." 4 a year ; two copies, $7 ; flve copies, $10. Address Messrs. Tickjïor & Fielus, 124 ïremont Street. Boston. - Fiom the same I'ublishers we have the December number of Our Young Folk, chockfull of stories, sketches, essays, illustnUions, enigmas, puzzles, rebuses, &c.,which will interest and instruct the young. The Young Follis bas attained in ts flrst year a circulation of over 5Ü,000, evidence sufficient of its popularity and wortli ; and with promised contributions the eoming year from Mis. Whitney, Bayard Taylor, Mrs. Stowe, Carieton, - wliose " Winning his Way," just concluded, has won the hparts of all the children, - Mr3. Child, T. B. Aldrich, the author of "Farming for Boys," - a valuable series, - Longfellow, Whittier, Edmund Kirke, and many others it must ncrease in popularity and circulhtion. We commend it to our friends as a fitting Ohristmas present for their Young Fulks. $2 a year ; three copies $5 ; ten copies, $15; with the Atlantic, $5. Address same as for the Atlantic. From the same Publishers we have the Humorous Poemsof Oliver Wendell Holme?,in paper, beautifully illustrated. The selections are choice , and' the typography perfect. This is the fifth of the series. Buy, read, and "laugh and grow fat." Price 50 cents. tP" We have reccived the Decomber number of tliat always welcome monthly, the Edectic Magazine, lt lias twelve papers ! lected with admirable judgment from ten of I the leading Engüth Quarterlies and Monthlies. Among them are : The Great Governing Families of Europe, Mad Men of Letters, Mr. Church's Pictures, Sketch of Mrs. Opie, by Mr. and Mrs. Hall, ïnd Palgrave's Travels in Arabia. Besides, the department of Poetry, Science, and Art, are well fllled. There is also a sketch by the Editor, of the Kremlin of Moscow, wbioh accompanies a very fine steel píate. This completes the second volime of the new series, making in all sixty-five 'olumes cow publislied. With the January number a new volume will commence, and as the past is a guarantee of the future, we eommend the Edectic to all our readers who wish a magazine furnishing them the cieam of foreign literature, and the volumes of which will ose nothing by age. $5 a year. AddressW. EL Bidwell, No. 5 Beekman Street, Nv York. _ jL3L The Jackson Citizen goes into ecstasy over a recent lecture iu that city by one George W. Büngay, and under the heading of ■ ' Specimens of Eloquence," copies a half column of paragraphs, and regrets that it bas no room for more. If the Ciiizen'é columns are not too " crowded," we should bo pleased to have il English the following 'specimen," decidedly too figurativo for our compreliension : " It seetued as though our sun was going down in fire and tlood; and that thedarkness which no stars can penétrate, would brood forever over the ruins of a dismembered State But the light of our pillar of flre and we have passed througli the red eea." That done, we will cheerfully " omit" any attempt to digest the other choice "specimens of' highfaluting.


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