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rpHE GKEAT In tlio fiüld for thü FALL AND WINTER TRAPE ! ivlth tho largest and bost scilected stock of Furnishing Goods ! Jiver opencd in .KT3Sr ui. DEL 33 O Lt . - o - COMPETITION IN" THE BACK GHOUND. TT JB-jE; JE23 GREAT WAS9Í0BE determinad to ho. ahead in every respect, denpïtl! the wishes of a oerta-io fevr, speciaH iuterested in the same business and who prflifiotfll our downfall withia tfaroe Q)O p tb 8. Let the croa Uers tíi'oak. Wy liuve fiett BENEFIT THE PEOPLE and are bound to do ho, and the suppert and t-noouragement we are recfiiviiijj at their hands, is to us suf ficient evi'U'iic' bhat thcy do not mean to le o ïrendeavoi'fl to pleasé them pass by annotloed. Thankful for the assistance thasfar rendereö us by onr patrons, we fthall Rtül,it:ive to worthily marlt iU continuance. and in spsaking of our STOCK IN STORE, and wliicli we offer toyou at UNHEARD of INDUCEMENTS. We foei free to s;iy that it is not purpassed by aoy in the E ut ir e State, WhU it compriscs alt tlie ooarnr gpades, it also embr ets Rome of the most elegsut, fashionable and styllsh G-OODS I evor bri'U,rIit, to this market. Prüvious to the estabr lishment of tlje a Btroog prejudíce existid in the mlads of he people againt Ready-Made ölothing, inving to takfl q ualit.v of the goods that had heretofore been imposeil upon tliem. The GHE,T WARDROBË vas Instítuted in a measure with a view to dispellipg hat prc.jndice. andtbe ncfínowledgement of thnse wlio with us th;it our fjoudx are far superior to any ever soH here, gnen to show ih:it our t-ílorU n tliis diection are niít binj; inade in vniu. e will not atempt in pniimcration of the artlcles that go to make, ip our stocli . Suflicp if ti) say it inclmlts everythiBg tertainiDg to tilia branch of business, and prcsents tu myera n matting their selections, a most complete and vanud assurtment. For clotbing and Furaishing Guods. Mg stock, gaocl Good?4 and lew prices, bear iu muid THE GítEAT WARDROBE, y&o. a, Fií.A.isrKir.iasr block. RULLER & BROWN. Ann Arbor, Oet. ltth,l?65, 103Uf. O [ . OF TÍIE LATKST STYLKS iutaíj W UI' BATS & CAPS ! Hl Straw O-oods ! Ostrich. Feathers, TRURIKS, VAL8SE8, Gents' Collar?, Canes, aLOVES, ÏÏOSIERY, &c, &c. BUFFALÖriÖÖBES ! A Hplemlid Assortment of GENTS' & LADIES' FÜB GOODS ! Please cali and examine for yoursclves. X. 1$.- Particular atteution paúl to REDRESSING and RKPAIKIN'G Xj axiiBs' pur sí : LADIEÜ' OAPES ft -MUFI'S noatly reüned and dressed over by exporienced hands and at re.isonable "thómpson's für store, HUKON STREET, Aun Albor, Micli. HP'The higbest cash prico paid for Furs. 3m)8i7. TT ATS, CAPS, STRAW COCDS! Q JOHNSON l PIERSON have recclvod tüe lnrgest stöeU of wpi mm ever hroht to this lonrket, whioh are BelÜBg at very 1.0 W PRICE8. The stock eunsists of- GENTS' SILK HATS-nil styles. GENTS' SOFT AND STIFF BKIM ÍIATS. GENTS' AND BOYS' DERBY HATS. GENTS' AND DA'Ö' CAPSuU kind. GENTS' 8TR4W HATS. CilILDRENS' STRA.W CTS AND HATS. üHILDftENS' PANOT FELT HATS. BOYS' STKAW HATS. GENTLKMENS1 FÜRNISHINO GOODS ÜMBKELLAS, GAHPET & TItAYJsLING BA GS. PARASOLS. TRAVELING BAGS, HAVEHSACKS. SUN DOWNS. SIIAKERS, and In ftio(, all goods pertaining to tneir trado. JOHNSON & IÏEESON. MAI.N KTREEI, - - lOlOtr - - ABS IlIiUR. TOTICE! Jïavinij, ,]ep Ud to emigia'o to a Western State, wo offer our entire stock of BOOTS SHOES ! ■WITH- LEASE OF STORE, -ANDFOR SALE! To any party wUhiiiR to g, Into busini-ss s good ! ohjnce is ln-ro nffered. We liave n Kc,,d bn.-iine's wtab. lluhed wlucli JQ constanlly Inowaslng, Qf wlncli (it we cm givo tu paftim wishipg tM búj, umple suli.-Hu:tion, FOP FÜI.I. TARTICCLARS, CAI.L AT TUp gTORE ' OF THE LNDER3G.NÍJD. In t}ie moantirae we will „el] anv ponton of pu guoil ui much BLUUCEü BATOS, tM' thoia n wtpf nuch gnoils. who vill favor us with a cali. 'fu tliose nilnblerl tj us, we wou Id say, CALI. AND SEl'TLK AT ONCE, as we dq not propone to ó-aste much Ittfta the clleotkn of outst.nding debts; and tothom wliom we owo ailjtliiog,pall and get ,voi r Ureeooaeks N. B COLB. A. D. E. SEYLER. Ann Arbor. Oct. 2il, 1SB5. 10.9tf SEWING MACHINES. PÍÍ0T0GRAPH ALBUMS, PICTURES, FRAMES, THREAD, SILK, MACHINE 01 L, Sfc. The undetsigned no offers the public TVJEBKST SEWING MACHINE IINT XJ SE. 3POR. DUIIABILITY, BEAliTYoJ STYLE,and VA RIET Y of WORK, it "STANDS ÜP HEAD. It neeJsonly to bes!] to beappreciated. Runs the woi'k botii wayfi, tutea four kindn of stitches, hems [ells, g.'ithers, braids, bindt, quilts, ejathers and sewa on i. mille ut the same time. Sew frum the thinnest to the thiekest fabric without chaiiging tlie stitch U-nnion or needie, or without breaking tbe thread - The Wonder of the World ! Aiso a varietrof the mest beautiful PHOT00KA1 H ALBUMS, P1CTÜBES and FRAMES in great Tarief; and piu'iires tramei] to order at short notice. ilo. BiKNüSra SJïLr" ï or TUÓKER, whicl can be adjnsted to any Sewing Machine. C-M at the. sign of the FLORENCE SEWIN'G M K CHIlfB; a few doiirs East of Gook'a Hotel. Stitohiog Neatly Done to Order Also, on exhibiti(m,thecelebi-ated " WEED SHWIX( MACHINE," whieh took the nreiniuin at the Micbicai State Fair, of Io4. W. D HOLMES. Ann Arbor, Doe. 2Sth , 1S64. 9atf 865 CHANGE OF DATE. 1866 PROF. R. J, LYOMS Would nfuiHJ hw PATIENTS and olliers interested, th&t in future he caa besten at tbs MONITOR HOUSE, -ON THESlstOFEACHMoiith, in.stu3 üf the 20th, and :it JAOKSON, ON TÜE SOtli, instead of the 21st. Throat, Lungs, Heart, Xiiver, The Blood, HP.d all other. Compliciited elirnnic complauts reated suacessfull} , by ÍPROF. R. J. LYONS, tho woll known aaü colebrat&tl INDIAN HERB DOCTOE! Cali at 1 b.i Iloupe, Aun Arbor, whare lie can be consultes FK:E Ol' CHARGE, on the 21st of pcb Month, duiiog 1866 and 186Ö. lylO19. f THE MOST SKEPTICAL. 3i) THATTHERE IS UNEOUALLED X. VIRTUE EST THE C V 0 Incva-rc a. comumation u, vM i)m or 43 rf ' #. -BATUS HERBs . & W rrejared ïrvtae choicest {L$ ÍOLD BOURBON "WHISKY (T h Thy slrengthea and invigorate the L1L System. cr ' They give a jrood and K'altliy appetite. YoCA fïlu-y Hssist SigeatioB, YR?J They are the btiststimuliintin existence Sfd h py They are a preventiva of fever and ague V fl They cure nervous headache. 3r I G Tli' y are perfectly pure and palatable. '1; In TliulUl Jatkrf J; hi qimrt tl M fe BENNETT PIETERS & Cü, eW iik 1 RIVIÏR ST. CHICACQ J J Forttaèj DiFÖBESTS STE1ÍAKI, Jut; ; uijïLhü Ui Fresh Arrivai at the neadquarters of GUITERMAN[& CO.'S CLOTHINCi ESTABLISHM'T Second to nonejin tlie States yOÜCANFlND Articles of Every DeEcription FOR MEK'S WEAH, manufactured at prices at vrhich we )efy Competition Whatever! We would simply Mate tliat one of tlie firm is confitantly looking out In New York , tu -suply us wtth DOOD AND WAP (ÍÜODS Such as no other House can boast af. We are now ready to exUibit a large stock of GENTS' FURNISHING GGODS, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AIso a large stock of Beaver Clotli, VEST1NGS, Sf CASSIMERES, TO BE MADE ÜP TO ORDER, OR SOLD BY THE YARD, at very low prices. If you have any iloubts cal! and soe for you selves, GUITERMAN & CO. JUSÏ OPENING! The lurgest Stock and best assorttnent of CABINET FURNITURE ? erer brought to this city, including SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, " LOUNGES, BED ROOM -SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIRS, Olctisjstosi Gilt Frames and Mouldings, OOFFIMS METALIG CASES, &c, ' 0., and all other gootls kept in the best and larras houses in thecountry. Wee?pup setond l&m ur ijtme oy Auction gooda. Coffias kept eonstantly n and, and made tt) order Mv ejood.i ar? offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N H. I must b,ave mciiey .:ind respectfuV.y refpient thfise inlebted,to cali and dl up thtir old mat tors withoutdolay. O. M. MARTIN. XpQOT RQT IN SitEEP can be thoroughly oir 1 by usjag WHITTESXORE'S CURE -JORFOOT ROT IN SHEEP! It is juH what it ie representod to bo, A PERFECT CURE. Ask for Whittemore's Cure, and take no other. Tlie foïtowlng CerfttCftte is n sample of thotestï monitils Cünstantly bcing veceived : RUTLAND, Vt., July Utk, 1865, F. W. VmTTKMOKH,Esq.t lilA SlR : Hnving Int d your Cure fur ïot Rot ip Sheep, I Mould say for tho bencíit of Shecp Rnisfrs thaflify shouM lose no time in procuwnar a bfctletqs H cei'ainly will cure tlie Fot Rot nWfl time and wH'u loss trouble than any prcjmration of lilue Vitnal or anvthing I have ever uifid. 'Yoursttruly( tEDS B1L1JNGS. F. W. WIIITTBHOReTÑüIc Proprlclör, Chathnm 4 corners, CulninUi'i Co., N. Y. FO't 8AXE in Ann Arbor by FHERBACH fc CQ., ioie Affents. 3inlO2P.' A GENTS WANTED" ,FOR OURGEEAT NATIONAL WORK, -THE. Standard Uistory oí' iho War. Confaining a fiill, authentic and rfli:ible account of the "gwrtt conflict1 from its ccjamfn cement to ïts cIorr, Ooiiiplete la ene very larve volume, of oTer 1 ,UQ-0 pogfiii 1 contniilias maloft matter equal 1o tl-.n ■ Inrjfe recaí octnvn volnmes BplPTi d)y llu !lrt il witb over 125 Tuin pi rtrait D Generáis and bat Ie scrnes Thi. ík just the bonk the people wa . t It prescgstt i a rare chance for Ajíi nts Teachfrs, enérpH u ;■■' ■ii.itj Beo, and efppcially returned and diHabled iifficff á and fioidiers, in wa.nt ('f ptpfitnble wnploji nint, will '". ■'. it ppuliurly arlapi'1'! tothelr ndtHon Tli wmij hm no rival un a cundid luoid, cinpltrU' autbestic and röliali'r litstory of the wiir. Pm.l for ■ ' ■■! '.■ 1 ■ nq pee our tetans. SdêvMi .fON'KS BRfTHEflS & CO . i-nj WeatFourtUStietCiBoInnaR, Ohlo, SmXO


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