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GOffiENUE.'S PULMONIC SYRUP, SEAWEED TONIO, AND r-; :■■:.: ...lí ,l ., The abóte ia a correct líke&ess of Dr. Sclienck.just flor rccovering from Consamption, manj 3Tears ago Below i alikenesa of him au he now appcars. When tbe íirst was taken lio weigbed 107 puuuds at the present time bis welgbt is 220 ponnda. f'S Pok ''t, Si . :.- '"' ■ DR. SCHENCK'S Principa' Office and I.aboratory ís at the N. E. corner of SIXTH and COMMJfiECE Streets, Fhiiadelj.hia wli ere Bill letters foradvice or business shouM be di rected. He will be found there every STURE1T, profia sionally 10 examine langa witb the Respirometer, for which his fee i.s tb ree dollars ; all advice free. In New York at No. 32 BO.VD Street, evory TUES DAYJrmn 9 A, M. to 8 I'. M. At the MAlïLBüRO1 U0T1X, Boston, January 18 and 19, February ló and lti, M;uch 15 and 16, April 19 and 20, May 17 and IS, June 14 and 15, July 19 and 20. -The time for iny benig m BALTOIOP.JB and PITT3BUKG, will be sten in the daily papers of thosu eities. Ihe Ilistory of Dr. ScJienck's own Case, and hoiu he was cured of Consumption, Many yenrs ftgo, whilst residing in Philadelphia, I hadprogesBedgraduaUy the last stage of i'ul monary Consumption. All hopes of ray recovery being di.s.sipated-, 1 wasadvised bj my physician, Or. Parrishjto remeve into the country. Moorestown, New Jersey, being my native place, i was removed thither. My falherandall hia family had liyed and died tbere- and dïed of Pulmonary -.Conaumpticm. On my arrival tfafl put to 1 ed, where 1 lay fox many wfieke in what wasdeemed a condition. Dr. Thornton.who had been my iather'n family physician, an. had attended him in hia last illness, was called to see me. He thought my case entirely beyond the reach of medicine, and decided tliat I must die, and gavo me one week to arrange my temporal affairs. In tliis iipparmtly Iiopelcss condition, I heard of the remedies whicb I noiv make and sell. IL seemed o me that I could feel tbem vorking their way , and penetrating every ñervo, libre, and tissue of my system. My lungs and liver put on a new actiou, and tli mor bid matter which for years had accumulated audirri tated the different orgarisof the body, was eüminateu, the tubercles on in' lungs ripened, and I expectorated 'rom my lnng.s a much as a piot of' yellow offensive matter every morning. As this expctorafion of matter sulisided, the IV ver abated, tlio pain left uu the :ough ceasod to harass me, and the exhausting nigbtsweata were no longciknown, andl had re'reshmg sleep, to which 1 had long been a stranger. My appeite now bjegun to return, and nt times I foumí it difficult to restrain myse'f f rom eating too much ; with nis return of healtii, I gained in strength, and now aíu flehj . 1 am now a healtliy man, with a lurge lealed cicatrix in the niiddle lobe of the right lung and lie lówer lobe faepatízed wítb completo adhesión of the tleura. The left luagifl sound, and the upper lube of he lïghi oüeip In atolerably Jiealthy connition. CoDBumption at that time wa thought tobean incurable disease, by every one, physicians as wel! as ho96 who were unlearnedin medicine - especüillysuch ase as were reuuced totlie conditlon I was in. This nduced many peopleto believe my recovery only temiorary. I now prepared and gave the medicines to onsiimptives for some time, and made many wonderul cures ; and the demand increased so rapidlytlmtí eteimined to offer thom to the public, and devote my undivided attention to lung diseasefl. Ib truth, I was 1 next to foreed to it,for people would send for me far : and near, to acertain whether their cases werelike ' mine. ï For many years, n conjunction with my principal office in l'liiladelphia, I have been making regular proBsaional vwits to New York, Boston, Baltimore, and HtWburg. For sevéral yeara past I have made as many as five ïundred ex a mi nat ion wcpkly with tlie "Kespinmieter." ■'or Midi examination my charge is thrce dollars, and t tnables me to give each patteut tlie true contion of iis diaease, and teil him frankly whether he will get well. The great reason irhy physician.s do not cure Con umptioii is, that they try to do toomuch; tliey glve mei-icinesi to stop the cough , to stop the n weftts, ïectie tover, and by so dbing they ddrange thswhole igestive .sy.stem, looking up the seoretáons, andpeventally the patientdies. Thé Pulmonic Syrup ia one of the most vnluable medicinen known, It Ís nutriënt, jiowert'ullv (onic,and iealm In itself. It contams no opium, yei loons ie phlegm in the bronchial tubes, and nature throws off with littie exertion. One bottle frequently cures n ordinary cold ; but it will be well first to take a dose f Schcnck's Slandrake's I'ills to olean se the stoma eb. he Pulmonic Syrup is reailily digested ard absorbed nto blood, to which ifl tnparts its healing propertiea - . ir one of the best prepurntiuns of i ron in use ; it is a lowerful tome of itself ; and when the Seaweed Tonic issol es the mucua In the stomach, and is tavried off y the aid of the Mandrake P4Ufl, a healthy fiow of afftrlcjulce, good appetíte.aud a good digestión foliow The Seaweed Tonic is a stimuïant, and nono otheï tfl equired when it i.s naed. It is pure and pleanant; no ad erlects like when using Bourbon whisky, which disrders the itomacb., tni'pors the liver, lockö up all the ecretions, turns the bíood into water, dropsy sets in, nd the patiënt diessuddonly. Bourbon wliisky la recommended now-a days by alïost every physician. Muny patiënte that vinft my ooms, both maif and feinale are stn peded with tliis toisón. ThP relief is tempovary. 11' 1 ny ooDgh they ;tUc a Mftln whisky ; if they feel wealt nnd feeble thèy akfl a littie whisky ; if they cannot aletp, they take a ittltï whisky ; and tney go on in this way, re(uiring nore andmore until they are bloated op, and Imagine heyare getting fleshy. The stomach, liver, and dl BBtive powers are complétela deetroyd , umi loso their ppetite for f'opd. No one was ever cbred öf oonsuinpion by this prooefl, where cavities have beet) formpd a the lungs A lttt.le stimulut ÍB frequent.iy ix-nrliial to eonsumptïvea Bacb a pure brandy or good vines ; in m;inv oasei LondoQ porie' Ol' brown stout f d moderate quantltjea ; but Bourbon whisky hartens on astead t c uring comumptton, The Se&weeö Tonic produces lastlnff rnsutes, tliorughly lnvigQfating theatomach and (ïlgentïve aya tem, ad eqabling ít o elimínate and n alcé into healthy loofl the i'no 1 which muy b used for thA1 purpoM - t is bo wonilei'ful (n lti eiï'ects lliftt a wnicglass iull vllldiirosta hearty mpal.andalittlÉ of H tíwñbefore .T will give a tone lo tue utomach which íbw tedlcioea ponsesR toe powei of dlug, The MANDRAKE PILI. 8 ntay be taken with entlre ;i i'i ■ 1 v by nll Fgea and conditions, ptedaclog alilhe ood resulta that can be obtained (Vom calorael, or any f the mercurial medicines, ana wühontany of thefr uitf'il or injunnus reaultfl. Thej -arry outof the vfttetn 'he feculeni and woin out mat tors looened and ■ bymy Senweed Tonic and Pulmoitie Synip.- t will be se en that al tnrfl of my medicines are needd i n me ai cases to cure Consumption. A O E NTS. BOSTOX- Gcorge C. Good win ! Co. NEW YORK- Demás Barnts & Cu. S. P. Hanco. Dr. GcorgB H. Kpyser. CrNCINNATI- F. E. Sulre & Co., an-1 .Iihn n. Park. CHICAGO- Lord k Sraitli, snd H. Soovll. ST. LOUIS- ('olllns Brpthera. SAN FIIAKCISCO- flostetter, Sinith & Dnn. i.r MdhvallDruagiHtaauJ Dealer. ly5 nPO THE LADIES. GEÖRGE H. REED & CO. 'S LIQTJID rnHE conatant dsnmixJ ivo have lmdfur LiQL'IDDYKS L has induced un toput up ;i completo liueoi 40 mitades all JLiquids, whicl! wil] recommend themnelvea to eyery onewhn has ever ued Liquid IJ yes for BiilIIancy of Colors, Simplicity of Use, Certainty of Satisfaction. (Complete Directions i'or uae with every packagu.) USE THE BEST ARTIULE. Set Certifícales from, tmmcnl Chcmuti, on eeech packagc. Samples acUinllv dyeil with each of tbc colors on tilk and vrooles, m:. be -een at tbe I): ug .Store. SO1D EVEKYWHERE. [f Ilion SeUñ tolflsure G00D COLORS, ioquim focFSED'8 DOMESTIÜ ÜVKS, and takc iw olher kind. UEORI.'K ii. REED & 00.', Bastos", Manufactarers. FARRAND, SHELËY & CO., Agents. fimlO25 Detroit, Michigan. liiííe Factor j} Beutier & Traver, Manufaoturers of and Dealers in Gun,Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pous7ies Game Bags, and Everjotherarticle ii. thatLine. Allkindsof doneatthe nhortcst notice, and intliebest manner. a fullassortnifiitahvayhkcpt ónhaoS and marieorder t, -Shop cornev Main and Washington ■jtreots. Anu Arbor.Oci. 8, 1862. ■ S7.';if Ohancon' Nidice. STATE OP MÍCIIKiAN- F.mrth Judicial Circuit, In Chancery. Snit, pehdlm; in 'he. Circuit Caiirt for ,' the Countv of Wuslitcnaw, m CJEancery: BeforeHon ' E, Lawrenceí Circuit Judge at Oham'bci-s, al ihe Ciiy üf Aun Arbor. on tho HA day of November, A. D. 1885. Lucinda Lamed, ] vs. jOHvor Lamed, j It saüefctorlly appearbig by affiaavU, that the De■ JT1 1 'lllh Iir f ll' nul' "l'i.'i T é ■ i ii 1 .._ 'I i i' i ■ State: Ou motioü of B. F. Grauger, of Cgüiwq] m the Complatntmt, i: is ordeted thai ;iic said Defqutknt, Oliveï Lámeá, cause his appearaïice to be emefed in thiflcausë, onor hefore the twomv-third da of l-V!ruary ncxt, and rhat in Cflfie of his nvpc;ii-.-inc he'cáuffc M&aDSwerto ■[)■ Compl inan.'s Bill to he iïlcd anda copy rhereof t !re áorved on 'he Comnluimuitv Solicitor, wiiüDi twenty days afrer service of a copy oi ■ tid Bill and notiro of ihjs order, and ïu dcíluiít Üiereof Umt iftL sniij iüii be tafteen ; ean&meá by ihö said Teibiiii.'uii. Oliver Larned: And it is furtuer ordered, that wfthin twenty rïaye, the saïd COmpfelfiiui copy of this briler co Bc publisned in the Michigan Atywt, and that the eaid publicatfon be continnecl &i saaa YAH-:: oncfi in eaéh werk for mx weeks in succession, or that he cause jï copy of this order to be served personally on the saitl Defemlant, Oliver Larned, at least Êweuty days before the time prescribed ibr his appe&rance. (A true copy.) E. LAWBEXCE, B. F. (in vn(.i', Circuit Jndge. Solicitor for C mplainant. 1O36 U. S. Intcrual Kevenue y ramp, 50 cents, Cliamïorv Notice. CTATE OF MICHIGAN the Fonrth Judicial Circuit, ti in Cfcancery. Snit peuding ín the Circuit Court ibr the County ofWashtenaw, in Chancorv, at Aun Arbor, ou the thirtecnih day of November, A. D. 1SÖ5, LewellaC. Shoemaker, Complanante against L Levi shncinaliiT. Defèndffiut. J Dueproofby allidavit having boen made that tho Defendant, Levi Shoemaker, ia a reaideat üf the Totvhship of Salem, in said County oi" Waqhtenaw, that procesa for the appearance of said Defendant has been diily iasued out of said Court, in Ihis cause, retuniable on ihe twcjuy-ninlh day of Sej)rember, A. D. 1865, and thal auch proces could not be servel by reason ol Hu; continued abaence f said P&feodaBt from the State of Michigan, nul froja bis p!;i'o()t residence : On niotion oí Mr. Beuken, for Complaiaant, it is ordered by the undersigiwd, Circuit Court CumiiTissio&er for saiil County of waslitenaw, tiiat .said Deieadan feppeaz and mswer the Bil] of Complamt flled in this cause, within three montbs fioin this thirteenth day of Kovember, A. D. 18f5 : And it is fuvt'her ordered, tliat a copy nf ibis order be pul i-ii'(l in The Michigan Argus, a. pabilo newspHper prioted and pubJishsd in oaid County of Waslitonaw, wiUiin twenty days alter tb e date of this order, and tliat suoh pnblicati o be contiimed once in eaoli week for tix w&eks in suLceHsinn, or that a copv of this order be serred in RaM Defendaht, personal Jy, at least twenty days before the time above prescribed foi the apnearauce oí' said OefeuCant. Dated, November I8tb, 1865. K. 33. FRAZEB, H. J, Be-AKE,-;, oneof the_t'ircuit Court ComSoJiciror for Complain't. mfs-sionefs for Waahtenaw Co., 105 Michigan. Mortgngt; Salo. DFFAÜLT hnving been made n tl.e condit'on of a certa in Mortgage made and exeexlted hy'Jabez H. Fouütain, lo tbe uuderpiebed, Fernando (J, Eeemtin hearing date ihe twenty-i ghtli day of November. A D. eighteen buBdrPd nvú tiCty m'x, aty3 recorded in tbe office of the !:■ da of Washtcnaw County, Michigan, in lïbi r iwenty-thrfe oí mortgageR, pages on; bundrec' a,nú ainety one and one hundredrand mnety-two. on the ft'eeond iiaj of December, v.J). (iphti'Mi limnlred and fffty-uix, upon whJch s id Hortgago tbere la claim ed to be due, nt the dale of tbia do.tice, the sum of f-mr luiudred and eighbv-two dollars i and fifly-iwo cents, for principal and interest, and do &uit at Ihw or ín equity having been Instituted to recover Ihe iunount sec u red (o be paid by aaid Mortgage and the power of sale contained in said Mortgnge hav-' ing; becojue absoluto : Notico i.s fht$re.foia -hereby 1 given, tbat said Morígago wiü be foreclosed by a sale ' of the mortafaged prcmlses dèscrfbèd in süd Kertgage, ! or sorne part thereof', at public vt-ndue to the bihr-,1 ' : 1 iddor, at the South door of tbe Couft HotJ36, in the ( City of Atrn Arbor, in said County of Washtenaw, (said Court House being tlie place where the Circuit f Court for suid County of Waahteoaw is held,) on ' urday, the f. irteenth day of January next, at ten l ' 6'clock in the forenoon, which said p remises are describe'! in said Mortgage, as followa : All that certain ; piece or parecí of land sitúate in the village of Man 1 chester, in the County of Waahtenaw, a ml State of ( Michigan, knuwn, bonnded and described aa follows, to-wit : Commencmg on the North West corner of iot number one (1), in block number twenty one (ál), in said Village of Manchester, according to the i-urvey an.l plat thereof, recorded Íd the Redster'a Offlof ior the County of Waehtenaw, and runnTngthenceNortn ou the line of Rail Boad Street to Exchanae Street, thence Kast on the line of Exchange Street to the een ter-of th River Rai.sin, and down the center of said River Raisin, wliere it ran in the year 1H41, to lot number ono, aforesaid, and aloag lot number one, aforesaid, to the place of beginning, (excepl that portion , of sai'l premiaea heretofore deeded by Wil Ham A. J Cl el land to Amariab Conklin) : Also, the firRt right to use all the water necessary for running four runs of Stone and the nece.ssary macJiiuery for floüring m .i f mili ou said premises, at tbe dam at or near said ] prezotes, and to make or rejiair sflld dam without restralnt : Also, all ihe rights or privileges of fioWing , lands for the purpose of keeprng up the water of said , dam, conveyed by George Sedgwtck toihe sftïd Jabez H. Fountain. by deed bearing date tlie seventeenth day of July, lSflö, üated, Ann tbor, October Ifith. 18eö. FERNANDO C. BRAMAN, Mortgagee. HlKAM .1, BlLAKBB, Attornej' for Mortgagee. ioi!l Mortgago Sale. DBFACïiT haviiifí been made m the conditions of a ] certain Mrtgge made and execut'd bv Cvrenus ! J. Dewc-y to Julm N. Golft and George Merriman, bea-riug date tae ninih day of Novembt-r, one thuu.sand ( eigi't hundred and Bfty elght, and reeorded I ofïico of the Register of Deeds, of the Couuty or "" tena, in the State of Michigan, in libernumber ■ twenty-flve of Mortgage , on pkge'one hundred and -I two, on t he fifteenth day of November, one thousand ' eigbt htindred and Öfty eight at 4 o'clock, P. M.. ,f said day, and duiy assigned by the said Jobn N. Gott ', ;uy GeorgQ O. Merriman, to Obadiab Triest, on the fourth day ot August. A. D. ona Lhoutanc elgnt hundröd andsfxtj Qve, and reoortied in tbe ofilce of ttie Register qf Desda, on tl. e lom tb day f 0 tober, ène thouBajid "iu'lit hundred and sixty-iivr, at Í2 o'cWk, M. of said day, in libcr oumber ooe of Assignments of Mortgages, on page Lhirtv nic, unon whioh said Mortgage tbere is claim ed to be due, at tlie date bereof, th sum of six bntidred and eigbty dollars abd foi ty-ight cents, and the eosts and charges of this forfröli inelu l'jiif reasonable charges tor AttQr&epa rer?!ei ■ '■ as providcd by said Nlortgage, and no snit at aw or in , equiry having been nstSuied to recover tbe iniount secured tu btipaid by eaid Uortg&geor any part thora of, nnd the poifer of eaie oontained ia said Mortgage 1 having becouie absolute: Notice is therefoïe liereby ! given, Öiat eaid fiortgage wlll be furecli.-ed by a salfl ui' the ni o? tgageá premisos, or bo oaucb t hfriof ;ts may be. required to satisfy the aftount due apm Mortgage, for principal and iultrcst, }lnil the costa nd ' exponaos allo wed by luw, n,t public vt'nduc. to i)ki ' bighèbt bidder, at the South door of Lha Ooujrt House, in the Ciiy oi' Ann Arbor, in th County of Washt n -m . aforosaid, (that being the plací wiiore Itm Circuit Court for said County is held ) on Saturday, the 8 twenty-seventh day af January ncxt, at ten o'clook in : the forenuon of said day, which premisps are lescnbeiJ . as followa, to-wit: Being a part of secfion number one, Tcwnshfp fbur .South rango three Kast, ip said County, ' comjmesofng ten rods Nortb of tiie Quarter post, tlienee r K orth fiffeen roda on said section line. tlienee West c eight rods to JackFOD Street, thence South on said Stretrt fif teen rods , thence East oight. ro Is to the pliict1 p of beginning, coütaining tbree quarïers of au nero, ? more or less. : Dated, Ootober 26tb, 1806, OTaF)IAH I'RIEST, Aittgne of MtM-teaeeetf, Jon? K. Gott, 4ttorney l'ov Aftígote. 10J2 Mortgage Salo. DEFAULT rmvilig been inadc in the coudition of n certain Mortgage made and execated bv James 8, Reynolda lo the nndersk'ned, James Fomitato, hearing date on the twenty-ninih clay ofDecembcr, A J). eighteen hnnrjred and sixty-fonr, and recorded h thé office of ihe Register of Deeds of the ConntyofWashtenaw, i :li -Ni j;ii], iu Hber thlrty-tbree of Mowgages, page one handred imd forty-four, on the sixth day of Jannary, A. D. eighteen luvndre I and sixtv-five, npon which Mortgage there ie i Uiiraed to be dae for principal and interest thesum (.f six thonsand three handred and thirtyeight dollars and thlrty-thfee cents, ut the date of this noties, and. the pcrwer of eale contalned in snidMortbecome absolute by nasas of sttch delanlt, and no snit at law or n eijuity haring been Institnted to redor t the i i i ural secnred to be pald b aid Mortgage or aiiy part thereof: Notlie is therefore hereby givan, th.v aid Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the ni'irl: iL'cd iireniisrs dvsenbed in naid Mortgage. or gome part thereof, at pnblic vendue, at the HÖtuh door ol' tin; Cour! House, in the City of Ann Arbor, in siiid Connty of Washtenaw, tthat betog the place where the Circuit Conrt tor said Coonty is beid,) on Satnrday, tlift Ihfrteenth day of Janaary nèxi, at ten o'clock in tne forenoon of ttwt day, which said mor gaged premiaes are described in s,iii Morfgage,aa fo tows: All tluit certain piece or parce] of land sitúa in the Township of Manchester, in the County o Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, known isFouj tain's Premian) Mili property, being on eection one, i sald TownsWp, and boimded :i" foliows : Commencin at the Weet comer of the mili dam of said milis, nu ningNortherlyalöngtheWesl baalt ortheRiverKaisi to the South line of land owned or occupied hv Joh Chad : ick, thence West alone said line to the Soutl West corner of said chadwirk's land, thence NTórl alons the Wi 9t line ol' said land to the South bank o the Ever Raisin, as it was in 1848, thence West al. .i the old bank o!' said Uiver and across the tail race from said mili to the West bank of lite same, thence Sout the Wesl baBk of Baid 10 a point eight rod Nortn of said mili, thence Wesl to the Bast bank o the race of the saw mili, thence Soath along the Eas bank ol' said race to the mili pond for said mili, thenc Easterly the mili dam to the place of bejrfnnini being the pame property by Jabez H. Fotu tuin and Harriet E. i'otnitaiu, Edward A. Patridg and MarCha J. Patriilgé, to the said James s. Reynolds Dated, Ann Arbor, October Iflth, 1886 JAMES FOUNTAIN, Mortgagee. IÍIJÍAM J. BbAJCKB, Attorucy lor Jlortgagee. 1031 Chanoery Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN', Fourth Judicial Circuit, in 0 Chancera. Suit pending m the Circuit Court for theCounty of Waahtenaw; in Chancery, at the City 01 Ann Arbor, in the Countv of Washtenaw on tue t nth lay of November, A. D.'lSfi5. ïho l'resiilenl, Directorsand (,'ompnny of the] Commercial Bank of Albuny, CoujpIainantSj Í vs. . James Slingerland, Deftudant. J It appearing to the satisfaction of said Court by the affidavit of Jame Kingílfy, s li itor for bhe Complam ant's that the Defendant, James Slingerland, ia nota. resident of th State nt Michigan, hut a resident of the State of California, bevond the jurisdietioo of this Court: Or: motion of James Kingsle], Soüciior for the Couiplninants in tiiis cause, I ;s ordered bv said Court, that tne said Delenrlant, James slingerland, cause bis appearance In be entered in tns cause, anc notice thereof duly Kí-rved on the's Solicituv, witliin tw monthB from the cíate of Ibis order, and-in case the Lefendant caue appearance to be 'iü-!el, that he lile hi-i insner lo thn Coniplainant'a Rill of Cumpinint, and causo a copy thereof to be served on the Sohcitor lor Comj)lainai]ts, withiiitwenty. d:iys after t)ie strvieo of a copy of paid Bill of Complaint onsaid Defpndant : And it is furüier ordered, that witbin tiventy daye tbe s id Complaínants cause a cojfy of this order to be publiahed in ihe Michigan. Jïgut,a public Dawapaper jinnted mui pubïi ■■! Ann Aj'bor, in said Coinntv of W'ashUiiaw, and that such pubücatien be cóntinued once in each weett lor six $accesaWe woc-ks, r Ibat thev enuse a eopy il's;:i.l ordür to be served on sa ■ i ï!y , at least twen y days bffore tne time preuribed í'or tai 1 lfendajifa appearatioe in this cause K. E. FRAZER, JajIes Kin sr.icv, one of "thv Circuit Cuurt Solicitpr and of Counsel (jonuniaaioDera for Washfor Coinplainauts. tonaw County, Miei Aun ArW, Xovcmbor TOili, 18'".ü. 1035 U. S. Kevenue Stamp, (ifty cents. Chancery Notice, OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Suit êtodiug in the Circuit O Court for the County of Washtenaw, in Chancery, Beforq Hon. E, Lu wrcnci', Circuit .Judg-e, at Ckambera. Julia E. KaraCj CompIahiaBt, ') VS. lïobert M. Kame, l)eft;ndant. J It s:!ti.-.f;iclorily appeirinja; to the undersignea, bv alïidavit, that Bobcrt M. Karme, Defendant in this cause, resides out of tha state of Michigan: On motion of T. Niode, Solicitar for the Complftfnant, it ia ordernd tbat saïd Defendant oauaehis appearance io ibis oause, in beeaterod vilhin thiee months t'rom tbe date of titÍH order: And it is fürther ordered, nat witbiB tnt-niy days the CojBplaïoant cause thia order to be published in the. Michigan Argus, a, newapaper plfbliöbed in sai'l Count.v, aul that such publication Le eontioued in eaid D&wspaper, t teasi eoce in each week for X V0k in SBCoeasioDj ;r that grnd Comptainnnt canse a copy of thí-s order 1o be pt-r.son;iüy scrTed "n eaid Defendánt. at leár't twenty days before the time preiscnbotl for his .'vjiprarance, i atea, üetobei R-h, 1S65. fc. LAWRENCE, Ciïcait Judge. Thomas Xindb, Solicitor fbrO '-w.nt. 1033 Estáte oí Jacob J. Kenner OTATE OF M3CHÏGAK, Comity of Washteaaw, es. O Notico is hcreby giveo, tliat bv m order ot' the Proate Gourt of the OounJy of Washtenaw, mode on the wnntieth day of November. A. I). 188B, six months 'rom that date were alloweri for creditors to present iheir claims asjaiust the estáte of Jacob J. Kenner, ate of s;tid County, deceased, and that all creditors of üaid deceased, are required to present their claims to eaid Proba! e Couvt, at the Probate Oftice in the City of Ann Arbor, í'or examtoaflon and allowance, on or'be'ore th(ï nini'tcenth day of May next, and that such claims will bc hcard l)pforc ëald Probate Court, on Satarday, the twcnty-foui-th day of February, and Saturflay., tho mneteeiuh day of May noxt, át ten o'clock in the forynoou of each of those drvs. HIRAM J. BEAKBS, Judge of Probate. Datcd, Ann Arbor, Xovember 2mft 1SG5. 103G. Estáte of John Wolf. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtenaw, SS. io Notice ■ iven, thai by an order of flie Probate Court of the County of Waeni i . ■ on the thiiteenth day of November, A. I). 1865, edx moBthe frora that date wim-o allowed for creditors to present their claims against the eetate of John Wolf, late of said Connty, deceased, and au credjtora of said de■ . are requïn 1 Eo present their claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, for examinaron anti allowanoe, on or before the twelftn day of May next, and that such claims wfl] be heard befóre said' Probate Court, on Öaturday, the tenth day of Februaiy. and Sfttnrday, the twelfth day of May next, at ten o'clock in the foreiioon of each of tliose days. HIRAM J. BEAKES, Jud-c of Probate. Datetl, Ann Arbor, November lüth, 1SG5. 105 Comrnissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Codnxy of YtAmnnUW, B-rThe unáersigned baving been appofnted by tbe P?obíito Court (or said County, Commísslonera to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demaeds of all ' aons' against the estáte of Dft Wítt C Smyth, late f said County, deceased, hereby give notice tbat six ' montha trom date , are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims agftinst íhé : estáte oí1 s;ud doceiiscd, and that they i ill int et at tbe store of Albert Congdon, ÍD Chelsda, on Saturdy,tbe tlnrtieth day of December, and Wedn sdav, tho eecönd 3ay of May next, at oueo'clocli, P. BI., ol each of Baid iaysj to receivp. examine ánd ádjusi said claims. 1 Dated, November 8d, 186S 1034 ' Coinnnesioners' Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Cpumn .,- Wasiitkxaw, bb. ( O The xindersij;ned having bccu appointed by the ' bate Court for saitl County, CozomJEflslojiera to receive, 1 examine, and adjust all daims and dimiand.s of all ' 3ons against the estáte of Charles Ilyland, late f the City of Ann Arbor, in said Couuty, deceased, hereby give notice that s-ix numtlis front date are al lowea, by order of eaid Prob-Ue Court, for creditors to present tbeir claims against the estáte of said deceased, and that they ivill meet at the store of Edmuud F. ' Hall, in said City? on Satunlay, the tcutli day of ! riiary, ana montiay, tne sevcntu aay 01 May uext, xt ten o'clock in the rorenoon of èacta of said diiys, to receive, examine, and acust said clatÜQS, Dated, November Oth, 1865. 1034 Eeal Estáte for Sale. IN" the matter of the Estatè ol Ff ar riet T-. Brices, late of Aun Arbor, nYceased . Notice is lereby given, Lina in jmrsnance oí' au ordar gr&nted to the undtrsigncd, Adiafeistratora of the esiale of Baid dAce&sftdj tiy the II 11. Jutlgeo! Probate for tüq Counfc; of Wnhtenaw,un the thh'teenth day of September, A . i. lS6á, there will bc Fold at Public Vendwe to tlie liighest bid der, it the ?oütTi iioiir óf fhe Court Honsetin Ann Arbo , in the ÜouDtjf of W-ali enow, m Baid Stilte, on Saturday, the sixth 'la y dt Ja riuary, A. 1), 1856 , ït ten o'cli'ck in the forenoon of tliat day, (subject in 'i'l encumbrancPá by moWgage or otherwine exiiiting at the time of the öeath of said deceasedj the ■ I ilcscriiinl tea 1 tfl.Ce : Lol Poar in bloei; two South oí rauge eleven EöRt, in the City oí Aun Arbor, uouaty ;u' i tais afor said. DatidjOetober 28th, A. D. Ï865. 103G ANXGiIk,011' Eeal Estáte for -Sale. IN tli e mjitícr of tlio Estáte of NUnnan M, CuxnmiEiga. deoeased. Noticc a héreby éiven, that ín porsuance if' a onli.T ffi'iinic 1 to (he urinersigned, Admínietnitor tf the Ksliln oí 8sñ"d deoeased, by the Ilon. Judge of Probate forfhe Ooñnty of Wanhteaaw, on the tln'rteenth da.v oí' Noti raber.A. I). 18(15, tliore will be sold it Public Vemiuf1, to thu highest bJddar, at the dwel[ínhtnieon the premises, in the Count.y of W'asht' naw, in said State', on SáturQaj', thn thírtíeth day Of December, A. D 1865, at ten o't'locíí n tïie forenoon of M;;t day, (subjeetto til éncumbrencea By mortgage or ïthftSMvise exifíting at the time of thö tutea th "l1 , ■nd also subject to the riglil of dorer theretf! 1 1' AUetta .i . Cutnnitnga, the widow of said deoeased,) the following describid rea] tíntate, viz; Tlio Xm-tliWest fraéüofaal qaarter ofaectíon one, n townthree South f range three East,contaiuin one liundrtd and ïöTenty-flve a-res, more or less; and a parcel clrscribed i begiiHifzkg at a polfc on the section line bet ween seettone oijt Hinl two. in towa tbree South of range three East,inthe oentre of the hlghway, and ranniag SouBh :n ihe section Une five chuins nn forty nine link-, ;heoce South eigluy-nine and a huif degrada West three Lhafns, nim-t.v oiif and a hl htilíK, ílience North thiity-fivG and a haif degiées I-ftM., sx hains and 'oventy five lir.ks to fhe Am-v ót bVAinThg, being one iftre tl land, more or lee, all in sakl Stute of Michgan Djted, NoTCrabrr 13th, 1865. l'KNN'íá J. UítKWFU., ÍO-fc Adminisirátír.


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