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l'ublishcdjvory Fríday caorning,in thcLhird storj of t he brick blopk, ;omèr o i' Maiu and Huron Sta., ANN ARííUU, Hielt. Kutrauceun iluruii ötretoppoaitttb Frankiiu. ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher, Tenus, $' OO a Year In Advance. Advci'tislng - One-iquurt: (12 Unes or less) , one ! week, 75cent.s; tliree wtreks 9150 ; and 25 centufor Tery i n ser t ion the re f ttír, less t han three nioutl'S. :Jne square 3 mos $4.00 Quarter col. 1 yeai $20 One i[iiarc6mos 6.00 Half column 6 mos 20 One aguare 1 year 9.00 Half column 1 year 35 Twoq'res 6 mos 8.00 One column 6 mos. 36 Tiro sq'res 1 year 12.00 l One column 1 year 60 I Cardsin Directory ,uot to exceed four linea, $4.00 a year. Advertisers to the extent of a quartorcolumn .reguly through the ytar, wiUbe entitled to have thtir cftrdR in Directory without extra charge. ï" Vilvertisements unaccompanied by writtenorl rrbalAirectiou.s wUlbe published until ordered out, and charsedaccordingly . Legal alvertisements, lirst insertion, 70 cents per folioi35 centsperfoliofor each' subsequent icsertiun. Wuena postpenement isadded to au advertiseir.entthc whole willbechargedthejame asfor firstinsertion. ■ToT Prlntlng- Pamphlet, Hand Tülls.Circulars, crds, Eall Tickets, Labels, Blank, Bill Heuds. and o horvarietiesof Plainand FanGy .Job l'riuting,execue! with promplnessjitnd in the best styHCarils We have a Ruggles Rotarv Canl Press. and a large variety of the latest tyles of Crd type whici enables us to plint Carde of al Uinds in the noutest pos3iblestylcand.:heaptjv any other kouwi the city. Business;;ards formen of all aroeations and piofessions, Ball, Weddinirnnd Visiting Cards, printod on shortnotice. Calland see aam]. les.


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