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MISS E. A. HORAN IS PRFPAREn to manufacture all kinds if Hair Jevelry Rosï'leuce on Detroit itreet, opposi'e the Ajricultutiil HaU. 9mltü2 W. F. BKEAKEY, M. D., PHVSÏCIAN" VXD SURGEQN. Üilicc1 Ín Or llaven's Block, 5 tioois Kast of Cook'a Iltl Resideoce corner of Huron and Divieiou .treets. ffrfct door Euft of Hreabyterian Church, AnnArbor, Micliigan. C. H. MILLEN. DGATjER ín Dry Goods, Groceries,Crockerj , &c. &c. Main Street, Auu Albor. "PHÏLIPBACIL DEALK11S in Dry Goodfl,Groceries . Boots & Slioes, kc, Main st., AnnArbor. RÏSDÖN & HENDERdON. DEALERS in Hardware. Stoves. house furuishing goods, Tin Ware, &c., &o.,New Bloek, Mamst. A. J. ÖÜTHEltLAND, ACtRNTfot the New York Life Iusurancc Oiiice on Huron street Also bas on hand stock ' the innst approve 1 sevviog machines. S85tf " "WILLIAM LEWITT. P1IYSICIVÜ AN'il S'JRGEON. Office at his residaaeo, niiith side of Huron, two doors west of División strtjet. M. GIÏÏTËRMAN & CO. IirHOMSSALB-and RstafTDealers and Mannfacturers V ,r Sendy-Mad Clothing. ImporterB of Ckths,Cas■imarea, Ooenfeins, Jtc.No. 5, Phoanlx Block, Mainst. WM. WAGNER. DEALBK in Eeady r.ide Clothing, üloths, Cassimpres, nd Viwtiag, ílatí, Caps, Trusts, Carpet Bags, &c. Pil v.iix Block, Maii; S LAW80N & SÖ N . "1 UüCERS, Provisión and Comraission (darchants, and J Donlersin Water 1. me, Laad PUftflr, aud Piaster of Paris, ofte dow ertE Cooka Hotel. SCOTT & LOÜMIS. AUBROTYPE aiv! Photograph Artisis, in tbo rooms orer 0opioa'nClothmgtore, Phoenix Block. Pert3. B. PORTEB. SURtïKON DKNÏ1ST. OIBce Corner of Main andHuron 3troets, over Bach Í: Fisrson'B Store All calis ÏCuinptlv attasded to Api 1S59 MACK & SCHMID. DEALERS in Powigo and Dojaestic Dry Good.Groceric-;. Iíatsiu4 Caps, Boots and Shoes, Crockerj', fcc. Corner of Miin Si Liberty sts. ANDBEW BELL. DEALKR in Qroeerisa, Provisions. Flour, Produces Sc, 5:c, coruor Maiu and tVashington Streets, tnn Arbor. The highestmaiket pricespaid loraountrj produce. 866 D. CRAMEK, A TTORXKY & COUNSELLOR Aï LAW, A;ent for the l'brenix Fire and Connecti Mit ltutul Life InsuranceCo-npanies. Conveyingand Collecting prumptly attonded to. Office over Stebbins & Wilsou's Store. M. O. STANLEY, Pliotograpliic -A-i-tiist. Corner Main and Hurón Streets, Ann Arbor, Mich, PH0T0GRAFHS,AMBROTYPES,&c..&c, nthe latest xtyles.and everyelort made togive satistactiott. 958" D. DeFOREST. IITHOLESALE and retail dealer in Lumbrr Lath VV Shmgles.Sash, Dciors.Bliuds, Watei Lime, G;anc ïiTer PUster, Piaster Paris, unrt Nails ofall.sizes i ÍúW and perfectaasortinent of th xbove,and aüothej inds of building materialaconstantly on ham1 at the o west po3sible rates,on Detroit st .,a few rodsfrointhe liilroad Depot. Alsc operating extensivelj in the ?tent Cement Roofing. T UMBER YARD ! C. KRAPF, Has a large and well stocked Lumber Yard, on Jefferon Street, in ihe South part of the City, and will keep constantly on hand an excellent vuriety of LUMBER, SH1NG-LES, LATH, &c. which will be sold as low as can be affordedin this ïnarket. Qnality and prices suoh that no one need gotoDetrOlt' CONRAD KRAPF: Ana Arber, Dec. 6th, 1864. 986tt T-EW MUSIC STORE! Persons wisliing to buy Fíanos or Melodeons, hould go to WILSEY'S MÜÍIC STORE, bef ore purhasing elsewhere. He will warrant satisfaction to purchasers.and takes pleasure in referring to tliose who hare alvenly uurchased of him. Ho takes prille In saying tliat he has givon thi; bost of B&tisfaction thusfar and inteii'l so to do in all cases. Any Piano will be furnished that purcliaser may require. He wislieait tobedistioctly understood tliat lie wil] nut be XJ 2ST 3D E S. S O Xj JD by any dealerEast or Wcbt. N. B.- The lategt S1IKET MÜSIC for sale, PIANO ALV1N WILSEY. Auq Arbor. Dec. 2ïtlylS64. 68'Jtd A KN'ABR PIAWO- One of tlie büst instrumenta made - eutirelynew Ioquire atthe AKGUS OFFICE. FOR 8ALE! Cif HOUSES AND LOK, worth from $1,000 to AJ iö.OUO. AIbo severil improvfd FARMS. A..I JTHKRI.AND, Ann Arbor, Peb. 2d,1885. 9D4tf CommercialAgent.


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