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The Matron Year

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The leaves tliat made our pathwaya shady Begin to rustle down upon the breeze ; The year is fadmg, like a stately lady, Who )ays aside her youthful vanities ; Yet, while the meinory of her' beauty lingers, She cnnnot wear tLe livery of the old, So autumn comes, to paint withftosty lingers Sonie leaves with luies of criuison and of gold. The matron's voice filled all thehills and valleys With full toned music, wheu the leaves were young, While mm, iu foreel dells and garden alleys, A chirping, reed y song at eve is sung ; Yet bometimes, tuo, when bimlight gilds the nioriiiüg A carol trarsts from sonie lialf-naked tree, As if her but sure decadence scorning, She woke again the oldeu melody. With odorous May-buds, svveet as youthful pleasuree, She made her beauty bright and debonair ; But now the sad earth yields no floral treasures, And twines no roses for the matron's haar ; Still, can she not all lovely things surrender'? Kight regal is her drapery even now - Gold, purplo, green, inwrought with every Bplendor, And clustering grapes in garlands on her bro' ! In June she brought us tufls of fragrant clover Rife with the wild bee's cheery monotone. And when the eaiiiest blooin was past aud over. Offered us eweeter scents lïom iields newmown ; Now upland orcharda yields, with pattering langhter, Their red cheeked bounty to the groaning wain, And heavyJaded raoka go creeping after, Piled high wilh sheaves of golden bearded gram. Ere long, when all to love and Ufe are clingiug, And festal holly shines on every wall, lier knell shall be the New Year bells, outringing, The drifted snow her staiuless burial-pall ; She lades and falls, but proudly and sedately, This Matron Yaar, wlio lias sueh largess given. Her brow still tranquil, and her presence stately, As one who, losiug earlh, holds fast to Heaven !


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