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One's Own Shadow

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-The people of the East moasure time by the ionglh of tbeir shadow. Henee, if you uuk a man what o'olock it is, he immediately goes iuto the sim, uud stands uruot ; theo, looking whero [)h shadovv termjuutos, lu measurtis tho lengt h with his i'cet and tells you uuudy ttlfl tiiue. Tlms tho workinou earhestly desire tho sbadotf which indicuten the time for le:ivini; tbeir work. A persou wis tl i dg to leuvo his tüil stiys : " How long my sU.iduw Í8 in coming ! " " Why did you not come HOÓtrêr?11 " Bucauae I waited lor my shadow." In tliu auvonth chapter of Job, we find it writtcn, " As a norvaut earuesily dosireth his shailow." í!yL" A luve-loru swuin bruke a wiahbono with his ': heart's queên," souiewhore in New Hanipshiré. " Noow wh:it d'you wil), Sa ley ?" demandeil Junathiiu, willi a teod-Tgrip of uxpectation. " I wist) I was handauin,'' replied the fair damsel, ''Landsumas Qucgü Victoria." " Jerusalem ! vhat a wish !" replied 'Jonathan; "whon you'ir hands ina 'nuñ neow. But I'll teil you what I wiahed, Suücy - I wishod you was loekj ed up in my urmis, and the key wat hst f"


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