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On Monday laet, Senator Wade in troduced the following, which wer referred to the Committee on Foreigu Affairs : Whereas, In a letter of iostruotion dated July 3, 1862, direotod to the General commanding the Freneh foroe in Mexico, the Emperor of the Frenoh indicatod the policy coneeruiug the af fairs of thie continent, by declaring tha it was bis iutention to establish a mon arcby in Mexico which would restore to the Latin race on this side of the AtlaQtic all their etrength and prestige guarantoe Rocurity to tbe French Wesi India colonice, and thoso of Spain, ee oure the interests and establish the influ ence of France in the center of América and prevent the people oí the Unitec States from taking possession of tho Gulf ot Mexico, fiom which they woulc command the Antillas aud Soutli America, and ao become the only dispensors of the products of the New World ; And whereas, In purauanca of saic policy, an attetnpt has been made to establish a monarchy in Mexico, contrary to the wishes of the poople, and to support Maximilian in hts usurpation by European goldiers ; And whereas, Amoog other acts contrary to tbe spirit of the age and humanity, the ao-called Emperor of Mexico, by a decree and regulatiou dated September 5th 18G5, practically re-established slavery in his dominions ; and by a decree dated October 3d, 1865, bas violated the usages of civilizad warfare, by denying to tho Mexican republican troops the rights of belligerents, and ordering their execution wherever found within twonty-four hours aiter the capture ; therefore, be it Resolved, By the Senate acd House of Representativos of the Uuited States in Congress assembled : first, that we contémplate the present condition of affairs in Mexico witb tho most prolouud eolicitude. Sceond - Resolved, That the attempt to subject one of tbe republicau governmonts of this continent by a foreign power, and to ostablish on its ruina a monarchy sustained eolely by Europeao bayoneta, is opposcd to the declared policy of the United States Government, offensive to our people, and cootrary to the spirit oí our institutions. Thiri - Resolved, That the President of the United Otates be requested to take such steps conceruing thie grave matter ae will viudicato the recognized policy and protoct the houor and intereets of our Goverutnent. Tho sume prcainble and rosolations were also introdiiced in the House, and similor disposition made of them. In the Senato, alao, Od motion oí Mr. Cuundler, the President was roqiwatod to givo tho öeiiate all üorrespoinicnce and other information in regard to the barbarous t;cret) of so-eallud Emperor of Mexico, orderiug all Mexicana found defeuding the 8acrid oauso of Indepuudcnce to bc shot without trial. Siephena, the esc.ipi;d Paniaii Head Centro, is reported at i'aris. v


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