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The Report Of Lieut. Gen.

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Grant, whioli was sent into Cngrss iu coiint'ction witli Üie Message nud documents, quittly hut i-ffoetuülly disposes üf Gen. BüTLBR and two or thrao more military héroes (?) o! the same'ilk. The Limit. General ittrümtea the f.iilure to t'iko llichmond at tho by the Soulh of the James to Gen Buïlek : and reporta that disobedieoce of orders, by the sumo offioer, eansed tho h'rst expeditiou to capturo Port Fisher to fall short. Of the affatr on tho Jumes, he says that the geuerakhip of B.utlek placed his arvny in groat security," hut that it " was as eompletely hut off iVoin furthor directly against Riohmond as if it had beon in a botüe Etronjrly corked." And at tho samo time, the public wil] reeolloet, Butler was boasting to the country that he had tbo vobola tight, and that Gen. Grant would be no more troubled wilh Beaureqarp. The public is now also told that Gen. Butler was supereeded by Gen. Okd, ftfterthe Fort Fisher_iwo, by the Lieut. Qenural' st, And wo may also teil the publio that this report of Gen. Grant has disposed of General Butler. His resignation has been seut ii - datedback, however, to suve appearanoes. Exit Butleh. The report bestows unmeasured praise upon Gen. Sbbrmah, giving him the credit of v'. tho expedition from Atlanta to the sea, and ooufessing that he pertuitted ita exc::ni:on with muny doubts. Qenc-ril Ghamt is evidently no more inclined r i ti iet from jast praise due his subordínales thaa, to cover up the nhort u ings of ot! It is iu able md iateresting report. U: Andkew Johnson ertftinued lo fervi in t V Seoa'.e rt the Uuited States ufter his State, Tennesse", paseed an ordinanoa of eecession jnii.ed the so-alled Southern cjk He left the Saiinte to return to Tenness#e as ittíMlitary Govornor, and while ■■Hing iu that capaoity - and while his Stato was out of tie Union b mueh as any other Southern State, and certainly as mach as it is to-ilay - he was Domiuated by tlw Baltimore Conventioa ior Viee-Presidcnt, and elected by tho Republican party. If ' "" ihen oithor defacto or de jure out of the Cnica he was un alien, and ioeligiblo t o to vvhich llia people assiimeil to elévate hin ; if Teuuessaü is now oitl er de facto or de jure out of the Union ho is au alion and not rightfully the Presid nt of the United Statca. And in jutt ibiu positioo he is placed by the refusal of Cougress to recogaizo Tenoessee as State, and -.idmit her Senators aüd Bepresentatives to theii' soats. Pöihaps Senator Sumner or Iiiau. Stevens will introducá a resolution deckiring that President Johnson was. an alien, ineligible to office, aud is not the President. Sueh a re.-oiution would be strietly in keeping with their other deelared 'opinious and proposed actions. , I f. . . tMm I 11 I mm Ly The radicáis show any thing but a diepositiou t see the Uuion restored, uud harmony prevail betweon the North and tíoulh. Not su wit h Gen Ghant In the coucl'jding paragráph of his recent raport, he pays tribute to the valor and endurance of the several arrnies o!' the Union, aud then adds : " All have a " proud record, and all sections can well " congratúlate themsolvos and each oth" er for having done their fuil share in "restoring the supretnacy of law over " every foot of territory belonging to the f? United States. Let thein hope for " perpetual peaoe and harmony with " that enemy whose manhood, however " mistaken the cause, drew forth such " herculean deeds of valor." If the majority of the two Houses of Congross will, drink io a little of Gen. Grant's spirit the work of reconstructmn will eoon be cumploted. Jiut there is little hopo of oithür Gen. Ghant's good sonae or Ohristian spirit being exhibited by Sumner, Wilson, Chandler, Stevens, and the other pestilent radicáis who rule in the two wings of the Capitol, and snub the President in advance of his message. &'3T -New Kngland is some, that's a iact. Wituens the nnmber of her! Senators who have been Diado Uhítiruien oí important committees : Foreign Uelatioiu - Mr. Sumuer. Unance - Mr. Fessenden. Manufactures - Mr. Sprngue. Military Ajïairx - Mr. Wilson. Naval Affaire - Mr. Anthony. Post Offices, &c. - Mr. üixon. Claim - Mr. Clark. District of Columbia - Mr, Morrill. Public Building . - Mr Foot. There are iu tlio Sonate 22 standiug ommittce, of which tho wix New Engand States gotuiue chiiirnien; and tn-o Or hree important committeee, and the ninor ones, art; 1 e ft to tho outside barjarianf. - Senator CjtandUih, of thia Sta-tr, is hoirman of the Ooiftnijttee on Couiïerce and SönatÖT Hu.vaud of Ihat on hu raci.'ic Raüro d. L.-jL The House f Representa! ive; on Tuemliiy, " threw a tub to the tvhalo." It had up the caso of the Tenuct-süo membors, aud u-fler, by a vote of 12(3 lo 21, referring their oredeatiuls to tho sulect on tho Oouiederate Stutes, uiid tabüng a reso'ution to adniit theiu to the privüegus of tho Hoor pending llio decisión of their oase, it reoeived a üttle nuw light - (rom wbftt soiirce the telegraph nut - and by a vote of 133 to 35 resolved thut " uctil otherwise orderod Mr. Maynard aud the other ' rose i ves frotñ nessoo be invited to take seats in the House." Aa lookors on, wo siippi ■, in which position thoy will to very niuch in the couditiou ol the hóóest old Dut.chinan whom the fi'ble taja oallud on General Jackson onoe, whon with four frieod, he was (it. diniier. Tak ing a í. t b bc firo, the Geu in by anking hirn the tiew in his mughbor iiood. " Not.1 Dutchman, " oovv hns got fiva calves. '; " Five calves," the General, "do they all sgok :it onoo ?" " üb, no, four of Ulam lek, iud the othor ona stands and looka on just as I do." And if looking on is al 1 that is eapacted of tho Tennessce members, chemselves uo better treatol than did the Dutübman, and say "thank you for oothng. jJ3Ir The officers cf the Fenian orgnnization in thia country aro battling eaeh other, wu presume by the wsy of getting their hand in for the groat struggle. First, the 8eniUeaufcioos tho pubHa agaiiist purchafing certain boc:la uuawfully President O'Mah who isaued ths bouds, retorta hj forbiddiug '■ "il to headouartors of the ten Sc '1 " whermsed" m. Tbs ten- tho full Seríate ha fifteen inoiübero - thea cite O'Mahonby to appoar at the bar, and answer tochurgoí) oí rnaifoaesinoe aud misfaasanoe, refusing to conimuaioato with the Senate as required by tbe constitution, appoiuting oíEoe' s without the Senate's confirmation, issuing bonds as Agoüt of tho Irish Repiiblio, : í tor tbe Senate hnd refused to make bira the Agent, Sec, &o. The Ü'Mahoney does not appear, but is tried, conviotod, and ojeoted from office, and Col. W. R. Robbrts olected in his ptead, who acocpt-i, eowiitionecl that ho shall rüooive no salary. Tho Brother hood seem gecenilly to side with O'MaHosar, and againet the Seaato. ü:t settle tlio quarrel aa tho leaders may it must do tho Fenian causg great injury. ;: Report of the Coraptroller of the Currency, tatos that the First I Baok of Columbia, Mo., hns voluntiirily gone into liquidation. lts redeetnü'd eiroitiation is put at $78,010, und circulaticri outst&oding Si 1,990, for the redamption of wbich luwful money has betri dopoeited with the S. Treasnrer and the bonds withdrawn. The Firti'. lal Bank of Attioa, N. Y., has failed, and a Receiver been appoiotud. lts outstanding circulation is S44,000, eeoured by a deposit of U. S. bonds to the unumnt of $50,000. This is a very good showing for the systcm so far. jg3T"" The radioal frionds of Gen. Büi'ler Ikivc boon thrown into oor. Vulsions by the critisisms of Gen. Grant's report, acd threaten to annihilato tb fit ofiicer. Wasiibuiine's bill providing a higher rank than Lieu-tenant General ig to be opposed, and damanjiíig ex o are to be made. Butler insinuates that if thora had been more " corked bottlen," near the Lieui. Genera!' headquartecs :. migLt havo ie ■. botter for thü country. 1V0 appreheud hut the hero öf Big Bethel, Fort Fisher, etc, wil d ■ ' ■.■:! to retiro gnicefully to priv lifie. He is uot enough for Gen. Grant. $&" President Johnson, the Seoretnry of the Treaaury, and the Oomptroller of tho Curreney, all agree in pronounciug a national debt not a blesing, aad i) n i-omineuding a devising of measures for extinguí i. ing the respeotablo one - iu size - that has been acoumulated during our 'ittle "set to" with the South. Thoy also conour in depreotttiug an oxpanded paper curreney, and in recommending its contraotiou at the eurliüst possíble puriod to a specie basis. We eortairr'iy hope tbat, havhag excited hope by their tteranpes, they ill hot act by thü " rule of oonfraiios," and give tho country fiifthor rastallfinents of greenbaeks and Dational. üfgr The New York City eleotion, hold on Tuesday of last week, resulted iu the eleotion of John T. Hoïioiax, Tamtuuny Democratie oandidutü fo. Mayor, by aïiout 1,500 oiujority. The Union of the Moz:at aud MfKeon Domocratic factions on Hbcker, tho eitizens' (?) candidato, carne near eleotiug RoBbrts, the Republiean nomiuee. O'GrOKMAN, ou whurn tho Democraoy was uuited, v;:s elected lïpcordor by over 17,000 majority. [gr ïhe cars on the Jackeon and Latising K'ailroad aio now running regularlv to Masón, 25 müe". The work beyond Mason is being puehed rapidly, aud thé Lansingites flutter thonisclvcs that they vvill t-xion have üiher counec tion with tbe world thiiu the ':r:un'.-i I horu." I iK:fC" Congres--, of course, lias yet j acconipFshud Bblbing. The House paas cd tho caueus rcsolution proviáing a joi:it coniiaktee oo tho 0ufederate States. It has not"yet pxissod the Seni ato, and probubly will to! in the ca'.icus ' forrft,. The Sonate hut discovored that e:u:h llouád ïiiust act independctítly iü sojne of the propositiobs it assumed to 8öttlo. Mr. Wilbon's bi)l to maiotsin the freedom of the ];ite ahives - tbough called by another name- was up on Tueadaj. a I elicitod a warm discussioo. It was Home re-solutions touching Mosican affuirs ii'ivo be ■ offeréd in House. They will bo fnund in aoother column. The r diual element is not as rábidas ou tho first uu35),or rij, but is li er e.


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