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Anti-monroe Doctrine

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iNow York, Deo. 12. The Times1 correspondent," " Malakoff," datting from Paris, 24th uit., senda a disquisition by Lamartine ou the pohtical affairs of this continent, publinhed in the monthly Les Eniretiens Letrnves He boldly defendí the Emperur Maximiimn's policy, aays t 8 a sublime conceptiou, vast as ocean, oew as t is apropon, a eonot'ption of a statesman, a ooncoption of safetj for America and the world. ïho idea of a boíd and offestive posiuon to bo tukup iu Aluxico agaiüst the usurpation of' the United States 19 a new but. just idea. Éurope luis the right to take thia po&ition, - Frunce tates the in i f ia t i vo. Uo theu starts from (he position tliat tho new eontioeut of 'Amerioa is tho jn-opei ty of] Europe, to prove Lhat Franca hpa a tigbt toassuino this poiicy, and huving shöwn this to hia satisfaction he draws a figure of Americana as a communiiy ;ind as iudividiiiils, wbich oannot be regarded ís very flattering to lis. Tho Paria Journal des Debáis (.■ontaiiis a severa ' isiu on Lumartiüe'8 letter. The Boston Jouraal learna tijat oxPrepident Pranklin was bnptized and oonfifmed in St. 1'aul's Episcopal Ghurch, a Conooid, N. Tí,, 'asi Sumky.


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