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Mexican Affairs

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A Washington dispatch states tbat (General Logan Jnts decüned the Mexican mission. It a said that the Kiaperor Napoleon, a short time sinee, imlros-cd ;i iliivot tu the Heorctary of State, asking for tlie recognitiou by tho United States oí' Maximiliau's Govertmiont, as ;i governiñent defacto. ïlio ground which ho basod bis request was that it bad maiatained itsclf fornearlj two years, and was therèfore outitlcd to suoh recogniuon it is also said that tho Secretary of State had replied to the uote, and that he emphatically declines to accede to the reqaest, and gives at length the reasoDS therefor líe denles that it is a Government de fuc'o ; tbat the wbole people of the United Statos are pledged. against suoh rceogüition, if theve was any ground forit, which there is not; that from tho best information obtainable from that distracted country, tbe Liberal party hare not yiolded obedience, and do not intend to, but on tbe eontrary their causo is on the ascendatit. This prompt reply, taken with the action of both Houses of Congress in regard to the position of the Governmeiit, will probably opon the eyes of the Emperor,


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