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Fenianism In Ireland

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New York, Doo. 12. The Heraldía Dublin correspondent dating Nov. 25th, saya: It soems asi the doctrines of the Fenian society har eaton up to the steps of the throne ant of the Government. lts evideut extent among the maspes of the people in tha country, renders it equal to, if it does not exceett the society of the United Ir ishmen. If it were not for the exer tions of conservativa raen of every shadt. and cred on thü Islaod, aided by the Catholio olergy, Irelaud would covf be submerged in the blood of her people, and that of ihe Eoglish military. The Galveston Bulletin has the fol lowing : " vVo are advised that a colony is beiu organized in Dutcheas conn'y IleT York, designed to settle Teins, for the purpose oí eugagiog in wool-growing and agricultura] pursuits. Stephon O. ParkeS, of Albany, put a of i-et vrith chloroform to hi. noga to gat to gleep, while su&ering fron neuralgia, snd nest rñornÍDg was fouci. daad. New York has increaed five-fold in popalation within the lust tweoty-five years, aad i.s srovving ut the rate of 100, OÜO a year. Ditririg the war our navy cf.ptnred 1, 151 vesBéls of all kinds; of these 210 were stoamers, and e-ix were rams or ■ds. Besidea the?o oaptuws noutra! or hotile vessels were destroyed. Mr. Luby, pubHsber of the Iri&h Neiaspaper, has been emn'icted of treasoji, and seütenced to twentyyears imprisoument.


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