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pOR SAJL1Í THRKE IMPi'OVm PARHS F '"o acrei ia ore boiij, six m', - fV.m Guind RiipMs. anc u-: iiin one mué cí the diasrNorth ' said citjr, WillbesiM - Ij cv . geihn{HirohsBera, JOHN M . CIIAÍE. Ann Arbor, Peo. Prti.A. I. 1PB5. -3mlO39 A GRICÜLTURAL SOCIETY. THE ATÏKtTAL MEETING p tl CVantf Ajtricultu! and Herticnltoral 8 ■ . . i: I of eiiftcPTS 3n'l the tr;V!..,C!"M businen as may come bofore wlll r"ourt Honae íh Abd Arhor n Ti -- ■ l'th it 11 oVi-!, A, M. A . (f inombera ia desireti. n. tt. FJÍTLET, SecreUry. Aon Arb r, I C 1 h, 1i"5. L B. GITiMORIü & CO,, Ilape received a plenrlid R,sortmoní: of HOLSDAY GOOOS 0 '.hVris et : O0a3 of the most uniqo style of b: " ' n ■, ALBUMS, PORTFOLIOS, GOLD PENS, WRITING DESKS POCKET KNIVES, PICTTJBS PEAMES, in faeï evorytliia,:' in our line Ruitabie for Presenta. Kemember the pl.-tce, t!:e oíd Bookstor-t stand, Orogorj'; Dlock. 1039w4 MICHiGAN STATE AGRICULTURL COLLEGE.- thls Instftutïon Is suportfd by thetítflte, untí has beon íd sucetsful opera. tion for eiífht yeir.s. Itposaassea ;in eíoelleot Choruical Labora tory, Farm, Üattle, feheep, and olbcr aoim.-ils of varioua and pure breeda, (.ardens, Orcbar., f'íiiie BOpílICal .. ' ,:■-:, Mu36UmS Of -N;l tural Hfltíry, ko. tutlents are received to a full of years , or f.r .-horter perioils. ínstrucTiou is given iu M:ith.nn,atics aud their íipplieatiuns, and it ; applicatie ds, loíany, Horticulture, Agiicuitm-e, .Stock breedin-í, Hitory Ueotal Piiilosophy Polihcal Econfun}1. &c. Tliere i a class alao ia pre■ ■.■ ■ TuitiüD i.g íree to residente of Michicran ; 1o others $20ayear. Board i at cost. Tliroe iiours labor ia required daily, for which a moner:tte compeust-tfOB is alfowed. Utborifl classifled, and e&eh atudeat reoeives practical ïnstructïon in every kind. Roomsare furn iflted with bedsteads ad ntoves. Matnuses mav be rented of tii-; C For further inform:iton or enfeíoguí, appTvtotíie prefii:lent, X. O. A8BOT, 3wJ03 Lausing-, Michigan. WATCHES, (JIMS, & JEWELBY, -FOR THEHOLIDAY8! J. C, WATTSÏBRÖTHER ILive jiii,t opened thelargest an of goods in theii lise ■.;■;■ before ofiered n tuis city coBsifitiug of LOLB and U , i'PCHSR, both Americ.n andSwias, Ladies 8ets,iIUeí Kar lliü , IS c:ir;tt, and f;inry ■ iq mul Frfootn in Chaina ! .■-. .■! rare óf :■ 11 '- ■ :;' ■ ï'i' Ü;;.--, Vjolin and Guitaríítrioíca, iVrf mu-rv. and in fact, rverytiiibu belonging to a ñtn clasa JEWELRY STORE. OUHSWrSi WATCRES are of our own importarlon aml ii-oin the very b iUite'l. v. !■ e mam ■■■ ,. ■[ expr :■■ Por s, bear mr Darüe", and are Wisrranted lo betíie bet n íhia in.'u-kci All tf ivhi.-l ,-. L be ÍUKAPRR tij in a ány houpe ín the W ■ ■ iv. We are sellïnpr m re ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ï'ÏRrT-CLASS VATCH,TrtH i?owe!i to prive ua cali.- on wil q th is State, and raann'dcturei's n the ; ■ i . ■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ i friirrant ufl i'i beefirrg ?i supily i ■ paling the nec's ii of atiy goïng mt f town to buy. ■.,■ iviirrmtcil jn.-t ue ""epresented. Our Rcjwlrlng Dcpnrtnieni s complete in all rt'e n re prepftr?d ! ■ ' ' ■ ■■ ' ■ ■ I pi twapt, :uri workminiike mni'ner. ' ■ ... on thi ]■ ■:-■■ ' i -■: i b ■'; I o i thoi we rlo the bet I] wort warranted. Knirra na in n l! fta bi ii ■■':■■ f cpcuted wit] Go) !;■:',,■. fioni ,;■'.' , .icfï. OUII TKRIMS ARK CASH. J. C WATTS h BRO., tmlOM BfaStiw, Anu Artwi, Mi : igun.


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