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jL3T Tlie December nuniber of the American Agricvllurist is (in our lable, complei ting Uie 24th volume of a pnblication whicli sliould lie in the hands of every farmer. Il is I enr, lintK-a lly wliat il. claims to )".. a Journal for the Farm, Garden, and Household. Tlie editor-in-chief, Oranhe Junp, is a practical agrictilturtst. and lias assóciated with him a corps of writers in the several departments, truiIifuHy classed as " thoroughly intelligent, practical men. of long experienee and observation - men of sound coinmonsense, wlio koow wliat they write and talk about." lts matter is there.'ore prepared with care, and its pages are no mere catch-trap for odds and ends, or the visious of dreamrs. It is beautifully printed on fine. whife paper, andappropriately and properly illustrated. We think so much of it ihat we have the yearly volumes bonnd for permanent preserva tion. We recomraend it to all our agricultura! and liorliculluial friends without reeervation. 1.50 a year ; four copies, $5 ; twenty or more, $1 each, with an extra copy to the porson seuding a club of ten or twenty. The XXV volume will begin with the January number. - Addres Orankjs Judd & Co., 41 Park Row, New York. - The Agriculturisl and the Aegjis fur $3. 1 1 -i 1 1 t Godnf s Lady's Book for January, comes early to our table, and is a capital number, both in its illustratie! and contents. 'The Farewell Sermón," a superior line eugraving, illustrates a fine story. The tille page, on steel, g six tableau picture is reully a seasonable " String of Pearls," while tlie faehion plates, embroidery, crochet, and other patterns appeal to the good taste and industry of the Iadies. Marión Hafland'.s nevv story, " Riüpah's Idols," is commenoed, and besides the re are stories by the late Miss Eliza Leslie, Mrs. M. V. Victor, Miss Atmie Frosfc, ai'd Belle Kntledge. The. Domesüc Departments are fllled with choice recipes, &c, &c. Godcy enters upon its thirty-sixth year full of vigor, and we guarantee will not deteriórate during the year. Now is the time to sub cribe. $3 a year; two copres, $5; four copies, $10. Address L. A. Godet, Philadelphia. - Godey and the Argüs for $4.50. fT The enterprising publieher of the Philadelphia Home Weekly has issued a brilliant prospectus for 1860. The Hst of regular contributors annouuced include tbe mo6t popular magazine and uewspaper wriiers of the day, among them Marión Harland, Mrs. Ann S. Stevens, Harriet E. Prescott, Caroline Cheesebo, Mary J. Holmes, each of wliom are to furnish a Novelette. Mrs. Sarah J. Hale lias charge of the "HomeCircle" department ; Grace Gieeuwood wil! speak each week to the Toung Folies ; Jennie June will discourse upon fashions and domestic matters ; Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie will furnish letters from abroad, and other prominent writera male and female will be regular and oecaeioual contributors. $2 a year ; two copies, $9 ; eight copies, $10. Address Geo. W. Childs, Philadelphia. S3T Tbeladiosof the Presbytorian Clmrcli keep open house this evening. Hot coiïee and oysters, served undersuch pleasant circumsfances, will do much to counteract the cold weather reigning, .


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