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MICHIGAN CENTRAL BAILROAD. Passender trafne uow leave Detroit and the several stations in tliis County as follows: GOIXG WEST. líail Ilay Dexter Even. Nicrhl Train Kx. Acc. Ex. Ex. Detroit, 7.15a.x10.3Oa.x4.16p.m5.25p.m II.OOp.h Ypsilanti, 8.40 " 11.55 ' 5..Í5 " 0.50 " 12.35a m Ann Arbor,9.10 " 12.15P.M 6 10 '' 7.10 " 1.00" Dexter, 11.45 " 12.40 " C.4O " 7.35 ' 1.25 " Oielsea, 10 15 "12.55 7.55" 1.45" Chicago, 11 00 p. si. 6 00a.m12.30 r.M ÖOING EAKT. Even. Night Dexter Mleh. Oíty Mail Ex. Kx. Ace. Train. Ex. Chicago, 5 30 P.M 10.00 P.M 6.00 A.M Ohelsea, 7.40a. m. 2.20 p.M 3.30 P.M Dejrtaf, - 7, 55a. ai 6.05 A.M 2.40 "3.50 " Aan Arbor, 4.25 A.M 8.20 " 6.35 " 3 05 ' 4.10 ' fpsilanti, 4.50 "8 40 ' 7.25 " 0.25 " 4.80 ' Detroit, 6.10 " 10.00 " 8 20 " 4.45 " 6.45 " Weak Eyes. - The principal sourceof weak eyes is indigestión. Tlie Red Jacket Bitters remove indigestión, they invigorate the systom, tone the stomach, and raake a life of misery one of health and strengt.h. A BROKEN-DOWN SYSTEM. Thero is a disoase to which the doctors give many names,but whicb-fffw of theéi understand. It is simply weakness- a breaking down oT the vital forcea. Whatever its canse.s (aii.l they are uuuuierablc;, its jyraptoms are in the main thè nme. Among the most prominent are extreme lasnitude, loss of appetite, loss of flesh, and great mental iJopre slon. Ini anfl a Stomach Cough aro alen freq,uently eoncomitants cf thl -tuto of body' ana oí miod. The common remark in lelatfon topersOQBln ich a conJition is, that tl-.ov aro consuniptivo. Wow, v!l; th6e OBfoTtaaatea io;il'y want ís vigor vital Ktrngth; and aa oertainly s dawnausoeeds daïknen thev can recuiierale tlicir systetna and reg-ain 'perfect health by teaarting to IIO.-;T;'íTKIls CELEBRATKD STOMACH BITTtES. It t as clear that a lifc-reviving Tonic is reqnlred in such cases, as that t'ie dying fiarae of an empty lamj requirefl to be reviven witii a neiv upply of oil. Perlecily pi re and imidcuom, conlaiüing qothiog bot Ihe motigeoial rcgetab'.e extraet, and eombinl ng the t'iree grsncl ol a stomachic, an alteraiiv. and a genial invtgoTsiH; HOSTETTER'S BITTERS are soHabln tu all constitn tinns, añil are as aplicablo to the diseasea and dis ubilitics of 'he fceblei sex aj ■ thofe of men.


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