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A Coiigli, Cold, or So re Throat, RBQUlRSH IMMBDrTK m'Kvno.N , sp 8J3üC)l BJt ,CHSCKKD. If AU.OM l! TO CüMIJNl K, Si rliaïloQ ofihe Lunga, n Pcriimneiit Throat Alïcitlon, or an Incumble Lung vlsi-nse ti optes rm rnsllt, BROWN'S BRGNCIIIAL TROCHES IIAVIMi A DIRECT INFI.rK.VCK TO TÜK l'AKTS, Qlf B l.MMKPUfE RV.1XK.F. Fot Broticïiïfïs, Aflílimn, Cc#ftijrh,ConBumptivc anl TUroftt Dtuies, TROCHES ARE U8ED W'ITH ALWAYS G0OD SUCCEÖS, SINGERS AND PUBLIC SPEAKERS wiil íitvl Trocha useful iu clearing thu voice when tal.c ii before Singíng or Speaüng, and reüeving ti t throat ai'ttr an an usual exsrtíon of the vooal organt, The Trorhes irn recotnmended anff prettcribéd by Phy■icianu and had testimoniáis frota eminent mes li"ut the country. Beisg an artiele of truc mi.'rit. aníl haring proxed íheir effieacy by a test oí' ni my ,. ...■..'■■!. ' ;r finda th&na Ín qow loca til ie Id various parís of thr -.v rld , aijd the Trochas are uul reraallj1 pronouaeeS bette r t!inn ntlir artlclís, OitrAiN only " Boqwn'S Qrongbi vl TrM mes," and do ri"t taktí any of the Imitations tliat muy be utft:ü'l. :;.j!-1 owvywhero ín tlitf UnifoJ Stat?, and ift Foreíga Couutriefl, at 35 conts per box. 1033 6mofl - Spealal' "a CARD TO INVALIDO. A Cleryraan, while residíng in South America aa ,i ii'is-iouary , dlíCovereda safe and imple remedy for the Cure of NerroaaWeafeoess, Early Deeay , Diaaasea of the Urinary and Semto and tlie wliol'1 train of disorders brought on by banef'ulan'l vicious 'nubits. Gxeat Qumftors hav been alrady cured by this aoble remdy, Promptcd by adeöire tolmncfit tbc aÜHülcd and uofortunate, I jrill sed the recipe for prftpariug and uslng tb.Ie medicine, in a sealed cavo!ope, to any one who need it, Frce of Chnrge. Pleaa lnolose a post-paid 2envelope, add-esseJ to youi'tíelf. JOSP1PH T. IXMAN, Station D, Bihi.r HoufiK, 6inlO26 New York City. THE QCTUAÏi CIÏA.SÏBICK, aa Escity of Warnfngand Instruction for Youug Meo - published by the Hownrd Agofiiation, aud sent f i e of cLare in eealedenvelopes. A.ldress, Dr. J. 8KIIXIN" HOUGHTON, Howard Awociation, 1 "hiladt'lphm, Pa. Iy996 Do yoa want Wliisknvsor Moustaclios? Üur Groolau Comp'ound wíll forcé them w grow on the smootheat faoeorohio, or hair oa bald íeads, iu Sis Weeks.Price 1 00 Weut by mail auywhere, closely sealöd, onreceiptofpricp. Addi-egH, WARKJE& & CO., Box 138, Brookljn, N. Y. Iy999. AGfOOD TREE IS KNOWN 3Y [TS FRUIT. So ík a good Physicían by hif. Suceesstul Worka. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THEGREATANÍ) CELB8RATED PHYSICIAN QÏ TUK THROAT, LUNGS AND CHLST, Known all over the countn as the Ok-brated I3VDfAi II KUB DOCTOR! From South America. A NEAT PA1ÍPHLET Of the Iife,stody and extensive traveU of Dr. Lyoá eau Ud procured b.v .Uivhodesireonc, toeeof charle. Dr. L wil] viit the sevaral phces ar&OÏlows : Jack(iOü,Hibbard Heuse, 20th. Aun Arbor, Moaitur iioubf, 21st. Detroit, I-irt]iei'íülock,Poom Vo. 3, Wcodwatd Avenue, each month, 22oil, 23rd anú a4th. Müdk OF ExAUXXATiOK. - TheDoctor discerne uceases ty tbeeyes . fíe, tlaorefore , asks no questionp nor rejiirfipatíenta t expluin syinptonis . A lílicteü , comt bndbare younyinptomsandthelücatlonof your disoun exylíifnoJ freo of charge MEW CAUPETS -ANDOIL CLOTIIS ! a. -A.T C H. MLLEH'S. 2mlO3i5. VT-BW GOODS! IMMENSE ARRIVAL A Sl'I.ENDID STOCK OF DRESS GOODS! CSrOXXtKSi' furnishing; goods. cassimer'es, Cloths, Satinéis, &c? DOMESTIOS, SHOES. HATS k CAPS, Orockery GROOERIES, Ice, Are to be sold it prices that unllgoaranteetheir Rale N. B. - The largftBt. Stock of Calicó and lïrownCotton in the City at lessth'.u Manufacture! pricefi. The híghest prictaíil nTradeor cash for all kinds ni Prodo.ce. MACK & SCHMID. T)UINT!$ & ÜEI.AINES IÜWER. A LARGE LOT OF At much lower prices. At C. H. MILLEN'S, 2mlO36. S J ANHOOD: IÏ0W LOST, TgffixP Ivl HOW UK6TORKD, JustgblitihöQ, il im wcditionof ür. Culverivcll's Celebi-ai1!? Essay on the radical ure (without : i cine) of Spbematokkbíba, or seminal 'cnkntss, I untary Seminal Loases, ! sípotekoy , Mental and Phyeiojl ity, Itupediments to Marriage, etc.; I BUMPTioM, ËPïtBPsy. and Fixs, inductd by elf ! gtnco or sexual it avagauce. Pricc, in :i senled envelope, only 8 cents. The celebrated authorio thi - :. Inairabltí wy clearly den: mstratef, from a tuirty years guoceasful practice, thae theaiaruiing oonsequeDcea of wlf-ahuse may be ! radically cüred witiiout the djingerous 'jt1 f interna I : raediciD.eor the applíüívtioD í' ílic Uní fe- j'oir.i amode nf cure at ouce Himple, certai, nd effe.tiuil, by mea oí of n hich vyevy safferer, no mat tor wh;it his condit'op may h,-t maj ourejhlmieíf cheaply,privately, uní riüiicaUy. hould bí in the bande of avery yooih hihI i- t'i-v man in f he land Sent, uivliT si al, ín n plnit envelo pe, to any addreftfl , ■Hifi ' i lid, "i reoeipt l aix oeatrf . or fcwo poit siamps Ad'lr-s-. tbe publishrta. CUAS -f C. KI.IXK, .lv 00., Íi7 líoweiy, Nrw Yoik. 11085 Post Oüiccbox4,fiTs. ÍJÜST Ol'EIVLD! Ll Mammoth Stock WSftSTER COODS I At the Comer Btoro cf JE JQ JC3 - JC3C. ? iuoluding CASSIMERES, OtÓT-HS, FLANNEL8, OLOAKS, SHAWLS, DREBS GOODS, PRINTS, COTTONS, DOMESTICS, GR0CEKIE3, &o., &c. Cali and sOe thom Ï Aun Arbor, Nov. 1865. 1036tf ■DLISS & HiLL Havo jast rocoivod A LARGE STOCK OF GOODS whioh tLey aro BGllim at REDUCED PRSOES GoQuisting In pait of the following : CLOCKS, WATCUES, JEWELRY, Silvt v uncí Plated Wure, TABLE & POCKET CÜTLERY, SÜRÜICAL IWS'fllüHHKTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, &c, P'lease Give Them a Cali ! CLOCKS, WATCII1S, & JEWELRY, REPA1KED J3Y EXPERIENCED WOBKMEN, At the okltaml of C. ÖLÏSS, ËASt Bldo of Main ... Ann Aruor, Miohtgan. C, W.IH, A. T. (ÍIL.I,. Sonieiabr 26 th ,1866. tfl0'28 Oldand young should use STERLING'S BROo The Hair.It prevents or Btops the Hair from falling ; Cleanses, Beautifiea, Preserves, and renders it Soft and Glossy, and tho Head iïee from Dandruff. It is the best Hair Dressing and Preservativo in the world. Sterling's Ambrosia Manufacturing Comp'y, sole proprietors, NEW YORK. 6mlO75 Dyspepsxa Permaneiitly Cured! DR. MIKLDON'S HVSPEI'TIC TROCHES not only give immediute relief, but are aure t,j effect a permanpot cure in Dyap&paiñ and Líver Complaiot, Theyare not a purgatïve, a ad therefore fcheir usdos not urente üy for tho habitiiftl use of Cathartios, lïr. Sheldon's Dyspepaiii Troch : are au agreeable and v. holesoroe appetiser, without any ai the injurloue effect; whicb nresure to follow the usö of stimulatÏDg 'and all purgativo Dsediclnes. ■ By tlieir purifyrag,ntrengthening and invigoratlng power they are nure to kep thedigestive organS in ft healtliy cohdt tion,thuspreventing Costiveueasj Diarrliwa or Dyaentery. Dr. Josoph I.ewis, ftf Philadflphia, says of Dr. Sheldon's Dyspepsia Troches : '■;-■]]] ■ years sinceDr. Pheldon, of thls city, jr;ive me the formula for preparing a Dyspepsin Troche. He assnreJ me thathe had scarce evi-r kiiown t to fail in euring either Dypepsra or Liver Coniplaiot. Sinee then I ïiavp used it in my practica wïth great success. I believe thai mnc out of ten to whona I have adrainiatred ithave been permanently cured, it haring cured man y case; wbich I oonaldered incurable. eOöslder it the most valaftbte combioation fer dieoa oi the digegf Ive organs I have STöt known.' TbO emiaeul Dr. Williams haa sai: "We beïievB that the wor set hing tliat a Itjapeptfc can do is ijose hiraself witti Purgatlve Medicines. In f act , we knov of l'UDdrtids who have taken ( ';i,tli;irt jc so long tliat it has become almost a aeceesity for thetn to coutinne their ose." Dr -heldonV ihspppsi:i Troches are not Catha and are urnto effuct a cure. They are'ügroeable to the taste. Tliey will mime Hately correct a sour BÍomach, curo ftatulence, hêartburn, sickness ox pain 'm tbo stomch', belching af wind muMo fací :!i tbe diaagreeabl? ancl dang ■ ■ sympfom-i of tïiïadiaeft-fi. S. X. ROCKWELL, solé i roprletor, south east Cj jer 21-1 and M.irket Streeti, híhidi Iphía. Price 50 cents per b-x. Sent by mail for 50 c'eot. 't'. II. ilinclimun, wholesalö agent, f-'efcrolfej also rpr sale bv Farrancl, Sbeley & l all Prhgg ■ L S'ld by STEBBIÑÜÍE WII5ON, Dmggiats, Ann Arbor Mich!030m6 rpHE MA.SON & HAMUN CABINET 1 ORGANS, Fort different tlea, adaptad to snerod nn i ir or$80 to'600 each. THIRTY-FIVK GOLD or ■ VïKJ :■■,■', qv orher first rj q i awartle! tlfem. IUustrateil Cataloguen iVe. , MA?ON &HAMLIN, Boston, or MASO ■ -Nlw YüJiic. ■ lyiüó T OOK AT THE G8EAT VAHIETV -orELEG-ANT DRESS GOODS! Just received fi fc C. H, miLLEK'S. ïmlOjO. HHHE GREAT In the field for the FALL AND WINTER 1?ME ! 'wtth thf largesi aüd best 'dectoü, stock of -AJNTID QENT37 Furaishing Goods ! Evor openod ín -oGOMPETITIQN IN THE BAOK GEOUND. üreaT warorobe dotormlned to be ahaud iu ov.'vy re ine$t , espite tli'1 wisiioH of :i ceriain few, apecially iutesleil Ui the MOM bnsnuss, and who prodicUvl Oüf dowufall within thrue uiouthb. I,t't the oroakers cryah. We have set BENEFIT THE PEOPLE an'1 aro bound to ilo so, and the support and tncuure.gemnt we avo reoaivii: at their hands, is to us suf Qoleat oviduuc tbat thoy do not mcau to lot o ar endravin.; to fileaso thuni pan by unuoticed. Thankfu] for the asiáislr.uce thaa Par rebidered us by uur putroiifc, we sUall ritill-btrive to wortiiily morit lts coutinunnce. und in jpoakiiag of oiir stocm: in storb, and whiöh wootTer toyou at UNHEABD of ÏNBÜCEMEHTS. Wo feol fi-oe to iay tliat t u uot aurpasaed by auy in the Entire State, V,'hi!" It comprisos alï the coarser mcles, it aho embr ot8 Home of the most elegaut, fuhiouable and siyllah G-OODS I ovor broulit to thia marlïet. Previous to thO eatablfahmentof tbe a stroDg prejudico existed iu the mijds of Uie people against Heady-Made Clothmg, owing to take quality of the gooda that had höretoforc been Imposed upon thcra. The GSiEAT WARDKOBE was infltitnted iu a nieasüre with i view to (ílspellitig that prejudice, and the aekuoiilodgementoT those who trilde with ua that uur goodd aro far superior to any over Hold lioie, goea to show that uur olFnrU in this directwn are ooi belïirf mude hl vnin. Wq 1H uotattempt au oiiiiiiiuratiün of Uu articlon tliat go to make u) om1 si.tcli. Sufllae ii to say it iooiudtis tvory thing pei'taiuiu tü this brancli of busioesa, and pres ent h to buyers in mnkina; their soloctinni, a (Rost complete and va ried aaaortmeiit. For clotbing and FaTniatiing Qooda, Jjigstotik, good (ioods, and [ov pricöü, bear in mimi THE RE AT WARDJIOBE, MÏLLES 8t BROWN. to Arbor, Oct. ntii,i-r,a, ïoaui. "i ■ rj i I I F THE LAÏÉST STYLES '''Sj TV Bl t f1 APV ! h HA i o & IAïö ! t-. Biraw Goöds ï Ostrich. Featliers, TRUNKSy VALSSES, Gents' Collars, Canes, QLOVES, HOSIEEY, &c, &c. BUFFALO BOBES I A Spleodid Aftsortment of GEiïïS' & LADÏES' FCB GOODS ! Please jafl and examine tor youvsolves. K. !!. - Particular aüeiitkm pnid to REDRESSINQ and RKI'AIKIMI LAD1ES' CAPES ii MUFKS aeatlj relined anti dressf'l over by experionced haods and at reasonuble irHQMPSON'S FUR STORE, IlLIiON eXREKT, Ann Arbor, Mich. EP The highoet oash prioe paid for Furs. 8mlO37. TT ATS, CAPS, AND STRAW GOODS! - o - JOHNSGN .1 PIERSON Inivc loceh-edtlielorgest atooï 6f ever bron 'M ín tliis mav!a't. wliich tliey are selling at vei,yl.()V l'RJCES. Tlic stool! con-sistaof- GENTS' SILK HATS- all styles. GENTS' SOFT AND 8TIFF BRTM HATS. GKNTS' AND BOYS' DERBY HATS. G15NTS' AND B'YS' CAPS- all kinds. ÖENTS' STfïW HATS. OülLDRENS'STRiW CAPS ANI HATS. CU1LDRENS' FANCY FELT HATS. BOYS' STRAW HATS. GENTLEMENS' FURNlSfHNö GOODS UMBKELLAS, CAlU'E'1' & TRAVELING BA GS. PARASOLS. TRAVELING BAGS. IIAVEBSACKS. SUN DOWNS. S1I AKERS, mul in faei, all gooJs pertainint; to tfieif trade. JOKHSDN & riSESOiV. MMK -IKKKT, . - 1010+f - - Ü.WÏ8BOR.


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