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Care Of Store Hogs In Winter

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Store hogs, especially shotes, really ought to have warm and dry apartments during oold weather. Their thin coat of bair afforda them but little protection, henee the irnportanee of' warm pigsties, well littered with dry straw, and so tigbt that cold winds will Dot blow directly on them. It is far more econoraieal to keep the animáis warm in a soug and tel rentilated piggery than by extra feed, and tbia will promoto inster growth, il they are kept comfortably warm by a good building. When a piggery is spacious, with one end open to the weather so that winds make their sleeping place unoorofoitably cold, a portion should be partitioned ofl" with boards having the edges well jointed, and a narrow eatrance made at tha point least exposad. Then nail a board 6 or 8 incl es high across the bottom of the entrance to keep the straw fioin being worked out. Let a liberal eupply alwaysbe provided. It will pay well to cook the feed for store hoge, as well as for those that are being fattened. Sw'me will not oxtraot all the nouriahment froiu dry corn unless it is tirst ground to fine meal ; and even then it will be mncli more economical to scald it. As farmers must necessarily keep a good fire in the kitohen for a large proportiou of the time during, the day, the expense of cooiing feed for a small herd of swine in cold wealher is much less thao the gaiu over feeding with uncooUed tood. itaw pouuoes are frequently f'ed to store shotes. If the saine quautity were boilüd, and a lew handfuls of meal mixed wilh them as they are mashed, and warm dish water mingled with the iiiass, not more than two thirds the amount would be required to keop pigs in a growing jaud thrifty oondition The coofeing costa uotbing, bb a farmor or home of his help can at tend to the business wben there are no other dativa to perforru. If raio is not ground, let it be boiled until the kerneis crack open. Those who have never praeticod cooking feed, will be surprised to tind the raarked diiferenee there will be in the auantitv off ed consuined, and


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