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P'iblUticct evcry Friüay moruing, in the third story fff llie brick bloCKi corner ui Mala hüü llurou Streelt ANNAHÖOR, MIUII. Uutruuuo uu llurou Streel 3ppúsitctiie Post Uiïico. KLIHU B. POS, Editor and Publishcr. Terms, $3.00 a Year in Advanee. K.VTES OF ADVEBTISING: [12 line or Ies8 consldercd n spaare.] paÓÉÍ "u. ■ '■" ly; ' 1 quare , "Taqu:in-s I UOI 2.501 8.00 OÖ] 8J xqaara I 8.001 B.OUI -.: 17.60 Hio.ob l 16.00 14 colami 0 1 6.00 9.00 1 18.00 1 S0;00 'l-tcolumn ■ U-OP 1 10.0 1-g eolnmn 5 "Yööïnra .0040.00Tg.OO ' ("Milis in DJjEfflOTORT, notto sxeeed fourllncs $4.H0ayc;irA.a8rttoeMtotlieeiitorBqurtef eolnmn nnn fo'-ulvconn-.-.t.v:l!i),MMititloiltoliave tiiclrcardüin Sircctory without extra charge,, Noticcs ten centa por l!:ü' tot the ftrtlneron aml six centa 1 line tol each iiilwqont inserlioni but n notice íiist!'1 for k-ss $1 Spccinl Noticee onro-:iiul-a hilf the rntos ofordlliary silviTtifemoni. Yoarlv aSvertlsera Have the prlvlleic (ifchansing hclr adTetHsement} tliroo times. Additlouul cliungos will be chafged ior. ftr A.hvertliement unMCdiinpaniocl by wrltteB or jorbal dlrecüon wlll bcpublislied thteo montiis.and ;hrged accordingly . ' I,e"al Advcrtisemcutp.flrft lniertlon To mits per lt'o35 ei is por tollo Fot lüic.h sabsoqncnt In hènspotponenen( l4ddéd to an advertlsomenl bewholewillbecliurged the same aefor flrst inserlon. JOB PRINTING. Pamnhleti Posters, llimrt nills, Clrcnlars, Cards, Bill Tickets. LabelB,BlankB, Tiill Heads, and other rarktiesof Plato and Pancj Job Printing, exeented th promptnciis,;ind n the best possiblcstylc. Cuns -We haveaRuggles Rowry C.-ird Press, and' a larje vnrlety of the latest Btyles of Card type which enablep us to irirt Carde of all kinde in the ncatest posaible styl and cheaper than any other Bonse in the City. ftaslneea Cara for men of all avecations and órofeaslons, Hall. Wedding and Visiting eirds.Drinteii on short notice. Cali and seesamiiloe.


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