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The Loved And Lost

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"The lovcd and lost !" why tío wc cali tliem lost. Becanse we miss ihcm from our oUtward road. C4od's unseen angel o'er out' pathway cross1, Lookcil on usall, and loving tbem the most, iilraigliUvay relieved (htm l'rom Hfe's weary load. Thcy are not lost; thcy are witliiii the door Thut shuts out luis and every hurtful tiiiiig- Witli anéela prlgUt, and lovcd ones gone Bi forft In thclr Redeeiaer's presence evermore, And God Hlmsell Uiuir Lord, their Judgc and King. And this ive cali a loss ! O sclllsh sorrow Ofseiash beartsl ü we of llttle falth ! Let us look round, some argument to boi-row, Wliy we in patience sliould a walt the morro w, That surely must succecd this nlght of deatb. Ay, look npon this dreary, desert path, The thorus aiid thisiles wheresoo'er we tni ; What trials and what tears, vrhat wrongs and wrath, t bat Btrnggies and strife the journcy hath! They liavc escaped from these ; and lo ! We mouni. Ask the poor sallor, wli-m the wreek is done, Who with hls treasore strov; tlie shore to réach, W hile with ih.' raging wa ves he battled on ; Wusit not joy, where every joy seemed gone, To sec iiis loved ones landed on tlic beach ? A poor wayfarer, leadlng by thn hand A llttle chiUl, had halted by the welt, To wash A-om off her feet the clinglng sand, Ata teil the tlred boy ofthat brigftt huid Where, tbis long jouruoy past, they louged to dweil. When lo ! the Lord, who inany mansions bad, Drcw near and looked npon the suö'ering twaln, Then pltyVng, spake, "Give Me the little lad ; In atreogth renewed aud glorlous beauty ciad 111 bring liim with Me wiieu I come agaiu." Dkl she makc answer, selflshly and wrong-, "Nay, but tlie wocs I fcel he too must share!" Or, ratber barsting nto grateful song, Slie went her wáy rejoieing, and made strong To struggle on, since he was frcccl from care. Wc will do likcivisc. DeatU hatb made uo brcach In love and sympathy, in hope and trust; No outwani sigh or sound our ears can reach, But ihcre's an iinvard, spiritnal speech That greets us still, tliough mortal toogucsbe dust. It bids us do the work that they laid down, I Tuke op the song where they broke off the strain ; So journeying till we reach the heaveoly town, Where are laid up our treasures and our crown, And our lost iovetl ones will be found agaln.


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