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Why The Place Went Down

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I was ridiug past a largo farm a few dnys siiice n a pulilic cunveyance, wheti a man nmiarked, as he looked out : - "Tliis placo seoms to t:ike to red sorrel tbe best of anything. I should rathoi1 have it n red clover." Then followed some conveseation be tweea him and tlie driver with re ird lo tlie nwücr of the property. Once he was offVred eight thousiiiid dollars fur it ; - now it. would not briog half tbe money. The feúcos were all broten down, the boards of the barn wcre swiuging in the wiad, the oíd plovrs'and wagons stood about UDsholtered in the negleeted barnvard. and llio liouso inat nnnnoita reus in keeping witb. all the rest. "The old man 's sons mostly hang around the old place, but don't stom to do niuch at keeping it up. Thoy aro a lazy Int. All three of 'em aro at home uow, living off their father. Hovr thoy live with their families I can't soe. They never have auything to sell off the place." One could rcadily bciiove (hut, when he took a survey of the broad fields, which should have been coverei! with waving graiti, but which instead were red with sorrel. Thore sat tho lazy young ineu lookinr; out on the pass-'ersby, as if they had no otilar bujinos iü life. The old furmer smoked his pipe aud eaw hia valuablo place going to wreek aud ruin, with tho coolest indifferente. The women of 3uch a housohold were well deserving of pity, for on them feil tho principal burden of makiog bricks without s!r;iw. In such a "Slotpy IIüIIüw" atmospheie, the most onergetic would foei a lelhargy creep over the spirits, effectually checking all advancement. Would you like to know the secret of suoh thriftles-ness ? It was a whisky barrel in Ihe cellar.


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