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The Deacon And The Wasp

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A worthy deacon !d a town of Maine was remarkablc for the facility with which be quoted scripturo on aa occasion The divine word was ever at hts tongue's eud, and all the trivial as well as important occurrences of life furnish ed occasions for quoting the language of the Bible. What was botter, however, the exemplary man always made hisquotations the standard ot aotion. One hot duy ho nas eugagod in mowïng with bis hired man, who leading off. the deacon following iu his swath, conuing h9 apt quotations, when the man suddenly f prang froin his place, 'leaving the swath just ia time to escape from a wasp's nest. "What is the matter ?" hurriedly inquircd tho deacoo. "Wasps," was the iaconic reply. "Pooh !"said the deacoo, "the wicked flee when no . raan pursueth, but the righteous are bold hs a lion ;" and takiug the workmau's swath, ho moved but a step when a swarra of brisk insocts settled about his cars, and he was forcedto retreat with many a painful sting and great cliseoinfiture. "Ah f shou ed the other, with a chuckle, "the prudent man foreseeth the evil, aiid hideih liitnself, but the simple pass on aud aro punished " The good deacnu had found his equal in luaking applications oi tho sacred writings, and thereafter was not known to repoat soripturo in a tnowing field.


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