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Pere Hyacinthe

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Pere Hyacimho concluded his address in New York City, a few uights 6iccc, os follows : "Iü modern society Celibacy' cxistft for the eako of God; but there are xceptions if you mako a rule ngainst God and nature. Celibacy is cowardico if it does nnt glorify marriage. The aposile bas said marriace is honorable. Marri aq;e is spotle-s before God and man. The great object in view is the reunión of hcaven and earth nud oftho present hfe with the future, and to secute unión on earth, unión in ihe cily, in lbo batios and in humanity, was the tboun;ht ol Jcsiis Chiist. i'lio foundation of your p'eople is tho Bi!)le, the Look tbat ppeaks of God, lbo living word of Jesus Ühr'ut. Thrre is m admirable rüaniftsto frnm your president, Tlicro shiues ihrougb bis works the christian faith A belief in Jesus is at the root of thia Natioo. May .Tesas Cbrist protect your country aud develop roügious and material proa perity, aud when I roturo I eball t. t] Europe that I bave found mero überty asaooiated with christianíty, and havo been amöng a people wljo did not tbiok that to be freo thcy raust be parted from God. A governcss adv'crtising for a sitúation saya that 'v!io is a completo mistress of her own to-.igr.c." An Tii-h absentee ia raid to havo eent this oomfortlng nu-fs;ige to his steward : "Tdl tho ténants that no threststosbool you wift terrify i i


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