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Beauregard In A New Role

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General O. T. Beaiiregard, whose capturo of Fort Sumpter oponed the re bníJion, having beateu his sword into the figurative plowshure, has lately pnteiitcd a novel apparatusfor propellingearB and oLher vellidos on land, or boats ort canals or rivera, by meaos of overhead wire ropo, op; rated by stationary eng'mes or otlier power placed at iutervals along the route. [lis invention ootnprlsea ingunious clamping devices and spring attachmenís, at.taelied to the car, for engal'mg and disengagin" the propelling ropo n :i mauuer to avoid shocks and jars to lie cars or boats. In a recent letter it aya : 'This imprnvciüent of mino is dcs■ined, I believe, to cretite r. rapid 111 rease in tlso msmber of K'.rcet railways n and tbOHt cities, and of ciuals in t&e ountry, by ni:itcr;;lly dimiaishlbg Ihcir urrent nr sunning oapensBs. Morooer o thenorthern li.titudos, where, ow'mg o tlie ice, c;ma!s icmain din port of the vinter, they wil] o usad ia connection vith tlie stationary engincs and etuHcss wiro ropos of my sysicm, as so nriny aihvays for properly coustructed oara nd boats. Wben these arrivo at a;,y txdtB, they wül enstly I rom one level to the other by a lifline Fátfonn.'í Ncv,' Orlcaaa is using compressed air a drivo stroot-cars. Tiiis is no attempt to hit i. F. Train.


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