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Kinc; for the beautiful a knell, A k i i e i 1 for the youngand fair, Vho .starts to the sound of litr warriage hl On a Itfe loiij? walk wltb clcspaif, Swing and ring in yopr belfry high, Clantor, 0 bella, to the sunny sky, But your voiees are knells, Anti the pean that swells la oniy i mocklng lic ! Se shönld sfogorjoy, i" toncsmost cli-ar Ye are shouting far to llie lUtenlpg ear, Sold ! soia ! goifi ! Sold for a aullion of ill gotteu goM ! A thoiisdnd oyc:t :;vo agafie to spe The gljltcrlng Bu1 the sweel bride wttlKcth iTearllT, And her cycs tliey aro film, alas ! Hand, Dt lieart, is th gitt sbc brfngs, Duty, not love nía sJie singa, Aml her vlsions are franght, With bankeiind ttipnght A i ! 1 tlireful imaginii Uw IiêAri should bc íig'.it, but its beat is BÏOW, Sobblng and thfobbtug, aad anti low - Sold ! sold ! sol1 ! SoUl for a müüoii ol' glittering gokl ! Oriwge flówers ín her sbining luür, Hdïi conceftled iy gossaVner i i Oh, she is lovely beyoud compare, ■ and sweet ia her g'.rllsli face; Bterry jewj i on hand an Gema of tbe Oriënt, goïd of the West, In glimmering plny ■.!, latighing, to say are the prlee of un r '.' But the sous Is BUDSrftnd the rite isrend The pageant over : the vowa ure said - Bold ! sold ! sold ! So'.d for a million of perlahing gold !


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