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A Grave Assertion That Byron Had Horns

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An eutire ncw solutinn of the Byron mysicry is furuishrd by writer in the Madras Mail, wlio fays that "his fatlier luid it froin'ono oi' Lord Byron'a most ptimata friends.;' Accordins to tliis lively correspondent, wbese story wo fiud in tho Echo, 'Lord Byrpn wa in a scnsi-, a devil, ' Itaorediblo as the thinsr may seem to tho thoughtless, tliu lnindsomast man in Enjland had asaall tai!, a pair oí rudimeoiary horns, and short, ; equab fcet divided forward from tho ini step uto two parts, in.stead ol being fuinislied with toes. 15cfore he aas born his mothcr had been once greatly terriüed by seeing, when in a very dei:Oüte state of health, tho oelebrnted pioture of Sütan Spurncd, in the gaÜery at La Hayo, and the rysnlt had been the fashioning of her child to pome extent yfter tho monstrous forui of which the sight eaused lier alarm, iiud of whieh the contiuuous reoollection could not hu eff;iced by any raeans known to her physicians. At the time of her confinement it was at first suggested that tho monstrositj' shou'd not be suflFered to live, but the child's body, as a whule, was so perfectly shaped, and its face so oudrousiy beautiful, that the sugifes tion was forthwitb put aside, and Eüg laud was not deprived of what wa3 to become in due time ono of its chiefest ornament?. Poor Lady Byron never reoovered wholly from the shouk eaused by her discovery of what hor husband really was; and partly through exccss of imagination, partly in consequenco of bad advice from persons who shall be camelen, she feit it to be herduty to insist upon her husband subjectiug liim se'f to certaiti painful operations, But this Lord Byron obstinately refufcl to do. He urgcd, and with considerable forcé, that the peculiar miDncr in which bo wore bis abundant curls eilectually bid from view tbo rudimcntary borns ; and tbat, as hc never appeared in public without his boots and trouaers, none would ever suspect the existenoo of his oiher defects, with the exoeption of his valet, in whom he placed impücit ccnfi dence.1'


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