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How Congressional Speeches Are Made

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Baya Don Piatt : The Congreasional Globe is a üongressional nuisance. Tt is the printed vauity of stupid mea. If we liad a corps of at'lo reporters, wbo won ld put to record, faithfully, tho speeches and votes of these law-raakers, eo that the people might learn precisely wh:U their servants are doing, it would have some valué. But it ia a dull, tedious lie, by i he sido of which Bancroft's United States growfl in interest. Tho Solons claim und exereise the privilege of correcting, with dull aftertliought, their impromptu stupidity ; aod si, at tho expenso of millions takon from the hord earnings of the peoplo in tho way of heavy taxation, aa opaque afterd inner creation -is perpetuated ia huge volumes that few reoeive and no ore rendí. Tuke, for iustance, tho so-eal!ed debato the otlier evcuiug. Ligb( memberá of tho House ask'.'d aud obtaiuud permission to print, without delivery, their tedioas ossBya thit eome penny alincra wero hired to vvriie. ïlioro is a lot of Bohemiana Lere, who oiake a precarious living by writing these speeches for illiterate Oougressmen. Thcy ■wnte for any party and on either siüe. One told m, lust winter, in great glee, liow h liad preparad a speech for an honorable number, and, i a few dnys after, he was omployed to ansn-er his own argument by a gentleman ip the opposition, iiud lic did it with a decided ucces. And these fellows' brains are wrought info tjpe and publishcd at the expense of the pcoplo. An amusing iilustration of this snrt of rasca lity is a matter of Ghile record A member ui' the House asjked leave to print :n n'retrtl ïproHi, truien grantod. 'A few days after another hunoritblc geutieman olitaincil t!:e same privilege. When the two speeches appeared, ihoy wcre onc apd tho samo. The drunken Bbheinisn had sold the same article to tn-o afffefent mombers. "Nevei miod," a mdbiber to onn fthe aftücted, "Siov are bnried h the nnd no ono will ever know what in nsd yón b'avó made yourself," --. . . - Tho Albany Times niuis tho fbllowwj ing'advertisemect: WUsteajP, my new hat was taken from n r.ack in a bn: á!iop, on ]roail '"■))■, l;ist évcninir, and an dH ooe lift in lts placo; ncw, this is to f c;ivo notice that if rny hat ia not i ed to me, at Uio r.ddiesa pas'cii in it, bcforo Bupdown to diy, v.iili t!:o co this pubtication, 1 wiH forward to tfia wife of the person wdo teek it the letter found conccaled in th: Hoiffw of tbc ojd Ollü


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