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The Pope In Private

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Tho-c who see the Pope in stato can form little idea of the simplicity iu wbich the Pontjff lives. Tho "King of Italy" livcs worse lliaa a denizen of a tliird rate boarding house in .New York The fjirniture of tlio l'itti l'alaco would be dogpifcd by a Canal si reet broker, and a dry-goods' clerk would dietlitin the horrible Milarese cigurs tthich Lis Majesty is eiernally smoking. All of which is not cunerally knowo, and is very com mendable, because it is duno for euouoiny, at.d to suvo the mpoverished exehequer. Yet thero is no reasoa why the Pope 8hould not live jn style becoinmg a king, but Lis own dblike of pomp and naturally simple taska. Leaving tho gilded saioors of' tho show part of iho pulace, you pass through a door care fully guarded by tuo of tlio noble guard with drawn swords. A small passage conducta to iho guards' waiting room, wlitrü orderliea and officers in viaiting uitend. Apother roum ia alloited to tha groom of the cliambers, a prdato n his violet rubos. Tho ni'Xi ia tho antecham ber the 3Iorjsiguori, private cham bcrlains of his tloliness, are in altend anno . Yuti t:ip at the nest door, and it is oponed by another Mousignor, who, assnred of your right of entre?, liíts a sük curtuin, and you aro o the pres eüco. Tlie room strikos you es suigu bjre. Thero is uo carpet oa the j sfonü floor; the atticles of furniture ure few And by no ruöima costly. There ia a Urge book case üllcd with worka moatly bound in parelunont. A prie-Dieu with a velvut cushion, au exqnisite little Madonna by Qauova, in ul.-ibas'.í i-, orJ a bracket, stands over t!ie prie-JJitn, a wili v.-oni, commonly bound book ei hours lies on tho ledge of the pn'e J):ci(, tv er with a ciuciíis and roliquary, arid a ooümun ros.iry. Thero is ;i liitlo ohtfla holy BftWHgpoui at the door; un ffltL'ly üno [:oi-lraii oi'tho l'cjie lianj? the maulle sheJf, on wbich kb ere is timo .iecc of Uie Ijouíh Quuze pi-riod, in Ormplu, and tv.o ttutnottes, of St Jo ;:d tho Gr4x] Shophord. Tlici'iare no cunains to the wimlows, v. ovcr'onk ihü 'atieun [.arden. In tiie centre of tljo ipartmeut ia a laro nri ting desk ntícb a i'tuuls a tho private cabinet of Louis XIV. at Yorsailles.- It hn.s two largo oojnpr(weuti, witu pigeon holes, in wjiioh ara bu:;di(8 of duper;'. A Rificiflï l'oavt'cn these i compartmer.ts, wij'i ihe wounüs nnd agt:,- of the Redcenrar iinely pmtftrt and awfully rcpl. The inkslar'd is n . ';h a 'nr.noi'; box to ina'ii; a 1-.i;i:[.. of .i:lls lic near it, a::d ;i ]ik-ci i ' soili d rair. i, wlijch hav:i beet) VipCiá this ;:];;v a ii iy. i'...v l,,i .V . ;' :iovoti:ri nvo ni so thero. Thcy are ''The Imitstion' Sculpoli's "Spiritual Combat," "Devoliona of St. Francis de S iles," a Breviary, a Bible, llodiguez's "Spiritual Per fectioD," Signori's "Glories of Mary," 'Life of St. Theresa," etc. Tliere is vt pilo óf French journals, the "Ili-vue des Deux Mondes," the "Civilta Cattolica," aud other Italian papers. His Holinesa sita iu an arm-chair not permitting tha title of easy, for it oruelly termiuaie ia the middie of his back( and is rigidly construoted without regard to comfort. Ho is attircd in a imple cassock of white ftannel, wi'h no in.-ignia of ranfc about it cxcept his episcopal liug, Hi head is eovered with a white skull cap. He has been reading, and beside his opea book is a coiDinoi) inetal suufi'box aod - let riot ïny 'ady readers be horriSed- a common red colton h.indkcrchief.- liaving made thu usual rerefencef) on my knees, ha njQioned mo to approach. Am I recall now the effect produced upün rus by that iuterviow, I do ncrt wonder ihat half fan atical young men, fresb . from college, ghould yearn to die in hia defence, as of old tha Christisn panted


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