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It May Be Their Turn Next

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The Radicale in Nftw Enland a-o jubilant over iho ovasion af tho righta of the States bjf CVngrcBs, I r.t the prcedente which they aro hulpieg to tvtüblish may yot yicld biucr fn:it to thut scution of the Uuiuu. It raay bo thcir tura npsi to bc iwrndsi nod liavo tliuir Seu:itori:i! , wn. cflnuqt, ü suph i ld tij] ■ !m Constitution as efouriog to lliL'm I rlgh'.. Tiiey have dU'ed thn poww of tli;it Lnatrument, im.l tiaüiifk-d it undcr font in the o;isü of Qepvgiii. 'i'i ejr ba-ra lided iu estu.bUsbing thu i ihut the Ccnstitution í'uruishes a rt-Unaiiia biundary to tho powera of Cuwji-vss, aad oaanotj thercfyrc p!ead tlm instrument :ls furnishiDg lliein [ iMt -o! ion. " Thoc wlio take the word sajl iail bv the swoid.' Tluy cannnt linld ap tho trugments of the UongytutíoD which they Ikivo brokeo, iind diwund tlint it provisiens ebnü bc beyed. - Frea l'resi. Fifty-fire llious:i:;d bogs havo ban killed at Indiauaj iu;th [ncscuc i, wl icli is iioïv abo'ut closlng. Tïiu ]:.■■■ 10 the [Iudepn is Ercaktoj; up. l-'ifiy s-ina!l vr3 !s wero corried down .-tic uu by icc at Ilm!so;i, ff,


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