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A Point Well Taken

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The Pittsburg (Penutylvania) Commercisi, umoog the ablest of tbe Radical dailics d the interior, does Dot indorse the assaults of Truaibull and Drake upod the CotiRtitution of the United States through the Supreme Court of the Uoited State. A writer ia tliat jouroal luakes a ttrong argument against the two tniquitous propositions uow before the Beiiate He eays : "Suppeee CongreBS fhould pat a bilí of attuiuder or na tx pott faeto law, and a case involving either should c:me before tbe Suprerue Court, would it be said for a inomei.t that ihe Cuurt must ex pound and apply t ? Tbe Cougtitutioo prohibitg the passage of sueh meastires, and it is first the suprerne law of the laod around w hich every other law must reTolte. The judges are sworn to support the OooEtitution, but bow can they Rupport t by giving power to a law that it prohibi's? "But it imy be s'iid tbat my illastration is an uufair iino - (bat Congres vil] iieveï pap a hiw that the Cons'itution pruliibits. Tbat s the veiy questioo. Any power not given by the Coiibtitation iiteiprcssly withheld. lp is not nececry to inquire wbetlitr the CoDstitution rxpresply rohibits a tbinp, but .whethcr it tiTfs the pnwer to do the thiug ; and if tli cur:s bive tho power, as no one will Fe'inusly deny, to pronounee a bilí 'f attainder or tx post facto law contrry to tbe Constitution and void, bccausc Ihey are exprcssly probibited, what reaou is Ihere for contending tbat thcy bave not tbe power to declare unconstitutional a law, to pass whioli the ConstitutioD (;ives Congrese no power? Who is to detcrniiue wliethcr a law is niadi: in pur'iance of tbc Coustitution ? Cnngress? No, Jor it ia investid wilh no judicial powe. The Executive? No, because fcis duty is i-imply to cxecuto the law when madö by Cnngrcss and expounccd the eourts. The power of the general govvrnineul fceing lodgtá iu three biauchcs aud neitlicr of Uiese two pos■wiii tbe power, it lollows that to the tber, the judiciary, belongg tha ] ower li determioe whe'her a law is madu in luruauoc of the Constitution. ':


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