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Message Of Governor Geary

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Harrisburg, Jan. 5. Gov. Geary's mefsagre was sont n at noon. He congratúlales tlie Lcgiclature on the prosperity of State. The reccipts of the State Trcasury during the year have been 85,242 000', and the the expenditures, 84,850,000, including 8472,090 expended towurd tho reduetion of tbe public debt, loaving a balance in tho Trcasury of $1,400,000. Total amount of State debt 832.X1 4,000. The total reduction of the debt cince Janua ry, 1867, has been $4.889,000. He reconuucnds thu establishment of a borne for disablcd soldiers as a refuge for those now couipelled to leg for a livelihood in tbe etreets of cities. The Avondalc disaster ia referred to and a law íecommoncied eoforcing stringent regulatious to prevent the recurrence of such calamilies. He deprecates the movement niado by free traders to obtain the id troduction of 6teel aod iron freo of duty. He favors the recognition of Cuba, aud says it gcographically belongs to the United States. He advocates the policy of an expansión of curren oy by now r.ational tmuks to be eptablíühed where noDe now exist. A Pittsburg man looked at a Chicago woman with bis opra-glass, and he has been sued for breach of protnise. A red cedar hitching post, set in Plymouih, Oonn., in 1170, is still Bervicwable, and apparently will bo good for twenty r-R more. '


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