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Editorial Chips And Splinters

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- Senator Chamllcr has glveo $o,000 to the Stauton fünd. - Detroit Tribune. - Simon Camcron is the inau in the Sonate, and the oldcst sinuer. - Mr3. üraut is to recelve every Tuesclay, from 2 to 4 r. M. - Jenkins went iat ecstasies otji the Presldent's New Year'sreccption. - Romeo boasts of doubling her busluess siuce the cars comineueed running. - . The jtutgesare at loggerheads down iu New Urleuns, the same as in New York. - Congress wili oommence grindlnggrlsts for the Globe, again, on Muiulay next. - The internal revenue recelpts for December were $11,402,239, ánd for the last half of the year 1869, $85,987,502. - Ashlcy whiues like a whipped spaniel over liis removal. Not so the people of Montana. - Attorney-General Iloar didn't "recelve" on New Ycar's. Itcason - didn't know that he liad any friends. - "Waiting lor the Train," a new piece of music jast published, don't meau- we hope - George Fraucis. - Gen. Scheuck is the reputcd "Father of the House," which House liad better be in orphan. - Col fax helped Grant ireceive on New Years's. Mrs. Grant was asaistedby several cousins, sster-in-law, etc. - Mrs. Stanton gives up the Revolution, and Anna Dickinson proposes to take a turn at the wheel. - OneDr. Mackay, an Euglishman, has been trylug to write clown Mrs. Stowe, but has mude a sad keït'.c of flsh lor Mis. Leigh. - Beeeher has assumed the cdltorship of the Christian Union. Vi'e hope it is uot a Union of tlie Richardsou-MeFarlnnd type. - Rumor agaiu saysthat tlie President will refuse to witrvdra.v the nominatiou of Hoar. - The poor were barbecued at Syracuse New Year's day. Three beeves were cousumed and 5,000 loaves of bread distributed. - President White has published a letter s;verely aud justly critíclsiug those sectariaas who denouuce Corueü as a godlcss instttution. -The report that Mrs. Lincoln is engaged to marry a small beer Germán Count Ís Índignantly denied. She is'nt to be the "Countess Schneidenbutzeu." lf he liad contributed that small suin to Ihe "," he might be Stanton's successor : just the place he is lit for, - if for any high public "posish." - Kach ntember of the Cablnet, except Robeson, dtspensed wlth liquors at their New Year's receptions. Robesou dispensed liquors. - Shannon, the Adrián abortionist, has been sent up for seven years. May the same rewnrd, yet more ubundantly, be meted out to all liis Imitators. - Hou. lloratio Seymour was ron away wlth on tlie evenlng oi'the 2üth ult., throwi froin his carrlage, and had his shoulde dlslocatcd. - Senator Pratt, of Indiana, havlng be come disgusted wlth his liadlcal asaoclate and associiitioiis at Washington, has re sij;iiu.l ; so report says. A Troy paper spcaksof líate Field ap pearlng before a lecture aodlenceuwrappe inhertlicme, like a pillar of tire." Fie Kate ! put ou a more material wrapper nex time. - The loil usors of loóse Engllsb hav loog dellgbisd in apealftlg of the deceasec Lincoln as the "late lamented," and now comes the Cokhvater JlepiMican and siy "the late lamented ex-Secretary of Wu Stanton." - Dclano pronounces "concealing whis ky" a crime, wliich convertí a largo mini ber of supposed-to-be rcspectable citizen into crimináis - who "conceal" lots of i (lally - in tlieir stomachs. An enterprising Detroit mcrchant i reported as bavlng Inangnrated ihc new year by marklng down liis gooils from 4( to 100 per cent. Well take any gooc goods- regardless of quantity- that hav been marked down that 100 per cent. - Bontwell proposes to sell $5,000,000 o gold in Jauuary and lnvest $0,000,000 h bonds. He can have our bonds tbr the half or toMe of the sum named, ií he wants them - at par. - The '.'ort Hurón Press declares that 'thc Universlty is a State íustitution, and that its doors should be open to all without regard to sex." Which is just aslogíaal :is to say, "the Insane Asylnm is a State Íustitution, and, therefore, oaght tobe open to all editora" - Radical editora, wu mean. - The Kansas delegation la Congrcss wants Hogb Ewlng's head in a charge, and liis fat berth at the llague for gome Radical favorite. Mr. Bwlpg la eharged wlth three sins : Belng Dcmocratically Inclined, not belug a resident of Kansas, and with havIng the habita ofZsch Chandler and Dick Yates, the last sin not compatible with the flrst. Gea. Bhorman siamls by Ewlng. - Mis. l)r. Charlotte 15. Lozier, a wellknown physieian of BTow York, and an active advocate of Woinan's Hights, died on theSdinst. Mrs. Dr. Lozier galned con. Vderable promlnenoe a few weeks ago, by procuring the arrest of a sontherner who atlemptcd to employ her to procure an i abortlon apon a j'onnj lady.


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