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The Red River Rebellion

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Chicago, Jan. 5. The Trihune has a special from St. iaul, of tilia date, bieb says : Gov. -MuDoug-ill left to-day, for Cunad, eaviug Mesas. Ilinuhmau índ Denuis ebind. Dciniis culled, tliis afternoon, ou Geu. Baaooek, oomioanding tliat deparluieut, and denounced tbe report Hibliíhed this morning regarding tlie uovemeuts of ihe Sioux Indius upou lio American settlementa in ihe pprmg, and protosting ugainst militar; actiou K-ing taken thereou. Tivo geutlemt'U from Pcmbina also called upon Geueral Haucouk, and plaoed n his huuds documeuts supportiug the KBSertiona of ihe tbreateoed Sioux raid, aud askiug military proteclion, UiíiiL'i'ul Hanoock i'r, '1 fjr copies of he docutnouts to be forwarded to the Var Dcpurtincnt, and said he should iwait instructions, tbough he did not hink auy íuoveiiient of troops this wiu er would bj neeessary. A Pembiaa ltitler from an intelligent and rel'.able Auit-ricau geiitlemau vvho las reiBaincd ü.itiri'ly neutral einoo tho ebelliou begau, sayo he has bccu warued of the threateued rnuvcmout of th rulians to wipe out tho American setlemect, and adds : "This surpusses beief, bul evidc-nce ou this subject 3 aoo .inulating, and I fear we will eee )loody woik as iíoou as sprinj approach■s uuiea ampio pruteotion a iflurded us by our owu goverument. Iu faet, his is so well undur6toud hero tuut the MGpleof St. Joseph areorganizing their 'oices for sclf protaction, and have sent WO of the ínu.-.t influential citizens to liis place to maka urrangements for the o-operation of Pembiua and St. Joseph ettlers agaiast the Sioux Indiaus."


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